Vikings WR Stefon Diggs Starts Following Patriots Players On Instagram Amid Trade Rumors

Though the Patriots are making their way through the 2019 season with a historically good defense, their offense is bruised, battered and not playing up to par.

With Demaryus Thomas traded and Antonio Brown now out of the picture, the Patriots could be looking to add some playmakers around Brady, and there’s one in Minnesota that appears to not only wants out, but wants out to be a Patriot.

Upset at the lack of targets and poor quarterback play from Kirk Cousins, Vikings WR Steffon Diggs is fueling rumors that he wants to be traded. When asked about the talk at a Thursday press conference, Diggs noted “there’s truth to all rumors” before saying he wouldn’t speak on the matter.

Though the Vikings have full rein on where he Diggs lands with him under contract, it appears as if Diggs already has his mind made up on where he’d prefer to play.

Diggs was caught inexplicably following numerous star Patriots players on Instagram.

Going from Cousins to Brady would be quite the upgrade…