Colin Kaepernick Gets Barraged On Social Media For Not Standing During National Anthem

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Let’s be honest, not too many people are fond of Colin Kaepernick right about now.

His decision to not stand during the national anthem citing his absence of pride for a country that oppresses people of color got under the skin of many. With that said, the 49ers QB did not break any league or team rules, and exercised him full right as an American to either stand or not stand during the anthem.

Kaepernick was attacked on social media following the incident, many of which is tough to read.

The QB has since lost thousands of followers on social media. The ironic thing is, the one’s who have been attacking Kaepernick only make his point that much stronger, whether you side with it or not.


        • And your opinion as a white man means nothing to him still. you can’t do anything but whine, and throw a fit. You are nothing but a fly stuck on the butt of a dead horse…

          • I don’t care. Keep your 2 cents. Don’t go to his games, burn his jerseys. Suck a big Black one too.

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            White have people been keeping your species alive for no reason.

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  1. Never followed never will. His people are opposed so bad they make 9 figure salaries and who’s in the white house? The truly opposed are the disabled NOT someone playing a game for millions. Hope you enjoy your AMERICAN money BITCH! Tell joy people to go to school and not commit crime and they won’t be tagged as 3rd class citizens.

    • Uhh, he is speaking of all black people and the word is oppressed. When places like Baltimore exist where it’s basically illegal to be black on a Friday night, black people need people to stand up for their culture. You don’t have to agree with it, but I served in the Army to protect his ability to protest in any way he desires. Quit being a racist idiot.

      • Baltimore is ran by Blacks! Baltimore is 67% Black; ya get that…blacks are the majority. With a black mayor. With a black attorney general. 7 of 9 city counsel members are minority. Fully integrated police. Hell even some of their federal representatives are Black. Only disingenuous people, or complete morons, would continue to blame white people for their actions.

        • You people never tell the whole story…Just the part where you blame black people…

          White Detroiters followed the auto industry out of the city because the good jobs moved there, because land was plentiful in the suburbs, housing and schools were newly built, and because they wanted to get away from their black neighbors and buy homes in the racially segregated suburbs. When overcrowding and an immigration of blacks threatened the racial segregation of Detroit’s neighborhoods, whites picked up and left.

          Government was deeply involved in the racial segregation of the Detroit metropolitan area, as it was in the nation. As early as the 1930’s, the Federal Housing Administration’s underwriting manual instructed mortgage lenders to respect racial covenants, and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board sponsored the development of residential security maps that made most minority neighborhoods off-limits for lending. After World War II, when the G.I. Bill gave subsidized mortgages to millions of veterans, the government’s mortgage lending restrictions effectively excluded blacks. The new homes in the white suburban communities around Detroit were built with G.I. bill money that was denied to most blacks.

          Government was involved at a more micro level as well. I grew up in all-white Grosse Pointe, one block from the Detroit city limit. The “Pointe system,” which awarded points that individuals needed to qualify as buyers based on their race and religion, was enforced by realtors and civic associations, by violence and threats of violence, and by legal covenants against selling to a non-white. The Pointe system kept black people from purchasing homes in any of the five Grosse Pointe municipalities during most of the 20th century. Other suburban communities, including Dearborn, the home of the Ford Motor Co., were populated along racial lines and maintained their racial segregation through notorious whites-only policies, the use of racial covenants, mob violence ignored by the police, and even the participation of the police and fire departments in harassing anyone who tried to break the color line.

          There had been racial tension and confrontations in Detroit since the 1920’s, when the Ku Klux Klan had a powerful presence and “flying squads” of white thugs attacked African American families whenever they bought homes in solidly white neighborhoods. Kevin Boyle’s The Arc of Justice brilliantly describes this period and its violent, tragic racism.

          The first great race riot in Detroit occurred in June 1943, leading to the deaths of 34 people, injuries to more than 400 others, and a military occupation to restore order. An influx of black workers from the South into a city with a desperate housing shortage led to friction with white residents and tensions in the workplace. When blacks were allowed to work alongside whites in a Packard defense plant, 25,000 walked off the job in protest. And when blacks tried to move into newly built housing projects, white mobs burned crosses and formed picket lines to keep them out. The riot lasted three days and ended only after 1800 arrests and the arrival of federal troops with armored cars and automatic weapons.[i]

          The racism of the 1920’s and 1940’s never abated, and when blacks continued to move to Detroit in large numbers after the war, the white population refused to accept them. In 1940, the city’s black population was 150,000, but by 1960 it had more than tripled, to 480,000. Meanwhile, the white population fell by 290,000, and by another 344,000 in the following decade.

          The race riots of 1967 came in the midst of this white out migration and gave it further impetus. The 1967 riots were even more violent and destructive than the 1943 riot, with 43 people killed and massive amounts of looting and arson. Once again, federal troops had to be called in to restore order.

          Since the ’67 riots, white flight from the city has been almost total. The 1970 census showed 838,877 white residents of Detroit. By 2010, only 75,758 remained.

        • oh you gave it? who’s this we you’re talking about? i suspect *we* gave you the coke-zero and the potato chips you’re scarfing down in front of your computer. That we is the tax payer. Enjoy your healthy meals.

    • do you make sentences much? on occasion, do you make intelligible sentences? what is ‘His people are opposed so bad they make 9 figure salaries’ mean? Opposed by someone, perhaps racists? Who is in the white house? do you have a camera? is it a little mouse? are you going to tell us? WELL?!?! WHO’S THERE?!

      This is the worst joke ever. AMERICAN money BITCH! also, what are joy people?

  2. i checked 3 of those twitter accounts, they have year long activity of just attacking celebrities saying racist and sexist comments. Since their is a trend in their activity I am skeptic they belong to real people but rather troll accounts to help the race division narrative like this article.

    • Agreed
      Thats why I don’t get my news from NFL memes
      And frankly you’d have to be a moron to even think that NLF memes is a reliable source of information

  3. poor oppressed rich guy give your salary to help out your less fortunate bros . white or black.
    the article should read Kaepernick was attacked on social media … many of which are tough to read. using the word “is” is nigger speak and bad grammar .

  4. When you are a racist and hate America, your going to bring out detractors and they’re not going to be nice. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  5. When you make a racist and ill informed political statement in front of a National audience. Prepare for equal backlash. Don’t cry about it.

  6. I don’t really like him, but I don’t really like the national anthem either, it’s kind of a dumb song really. I’d much rather hear Grand Old Flag any old day, it’s kind of corny, but it’s much more upbeat and it’s one that everyone can sing in unison, and you don’t need some anus like Cristina Aquilera up there singing it like she’s having a fucking orgasm every other note. Doesn’t that ever get old to anyone? I’m sure someone is now gonna be butthurt over what I just said, and will chime in with the other equally tired drivel about “love it or leave it.” and I say save it, because I’m gonna stay and I’m gonna continue hating it , for the land of the free and the home of the slave.

    • Funny you sound scared to me. You must be a total loser, what happened? Did your dad fondle you and teach you how the hate?

      • Africa had civilizations around 3500 BC. What was going on in Europe around that time? mr.cavanaugh, the truth hurts them. Whenever a brother speaks out, their true colors come out……

    • Because he has done more than you will ever do in your miserable life. you cared enough to post this…You care that’s why you’re mad. Look at what you posted anyway, It’s pointing at you dumbass not him….LMAO!

    • pretty sure he’s getting paid pretty well – certainly better than you – for his no talents. Are you showing off your artwork here? Perhaps that’s why you’re not getting paid like him … not only do you not have much talent, you don’t have a lot of brains to use it with.

  7. Why is that making his point stronger? Because they use the word nigger? Black people call each other nigger everyday and until they stop using the word it’s not going to die.

      • Or the day blacks decide to live on their own and stop being leeches on foreign societies and when africa stop being a shithole.

        Whites almost turned Africa into a better place but once they left the subhumans reverted back to savagery.

        The problem is that you hate whites so much but you can’t live without them. Whites don’t need you, you need whites.

        Remember idiot, Europe was built thousands of years before we came across your species, we had civilizations, we have structure, buildings, sophisticated system of living, poetry, arts… and then we found the missing link.

        • white people is why Africa is in the position it’s in today… Africa was and still is a beautiful country, but with you white people, it’s all about how you can steal, rob, and berate people for THEIR wealth and pride. Black people actually don’t NEED white people, most of you have done nothing but hurt us… you my friend, need blacks more than we need you. Sorry, not sorry

    • Now this, here, folks… well, now, this is called ‘a special kind of stupid’. Say it with me, y’all – S p e a c i a l S t u p i d.

  8. Crybaby racist. NFL already said its his option. You people need to woorry about your mental disorders, sexual predator, pedophilia, theft, racism. Point the finger back at yourselves…

  9. Still Can’t Believe there is NOT One Brave Member of the 49ers, Who would have seen that Disrespect … Walked over to Kraperneck and Knocked this Pussy the Fuck Out!

    Guess the entire 49ers are all Pussies … If they tolerate that Whinny assed Primadonna shit … than they are all punk ass pussies!

  10. He is not even black, he is most likely arab that got rejected by his biological parents and the white people decided to save him.

  11. As a Chiefs fan through and through… Where do I get a Kaepernick jersey! It’s called free speech, if you can call us niggers and say you’re going to put up a wall to keep Mexicans out and you’re going to test people of the Muslim faith then you have no right to balk when someone decides they have had enough.

    The best part is all the people telling him to leave the country. It’s our country too, and soon we won’t be minorities anymore, so… I lost my train of thought.


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