Pictures Of Adrian Peterson’s Son’s Beating Wounds Emerge

The correct way to discipline your child is always a murky and controversial topic. Many people that physically beating a child in regard to punishment is an ill serving and unnecessary way to instill a lesson, and in some cases worthy of jail time. Others who have grown up accustom to physical harm as a means of punishment see no wrong, as it was used on them as a child.
Last week arguably the leagues best player other than a quarterback, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson turned himself in after his four-year-old son indirectly went to the police after being beaten by a “switch” or thin tree branch repeatedly over the lower extremities. This comes after a long line of domestic violence occurrences with many star players around the league and of course in the wake of the tapes of Ray Rice beating his then fiancé to unconsciousness in an Atlantic City elevator earlier this year.
Though deactivated by the Vikings, according to sources Peterson will serve no jail time and could be back with the team as early as this week.



Note these photos were taken four days after the beating occured.
Opinions on the Ray Rice situation dramatically switched when the tape of the incident was released, and these pictures may do the same. What’s your thoughts on whether Peterson took physical punishment of his son too far? Feel free to leave a your opinion in the comment box at the bottom of the page.
(Images via CBS Radio Houston, Houston Police Department)



  1. not even that bad.. i guess all the money Peterson spends on his children isn’t enough.. Baby Mama wanted to cash in while the NFL is under the microscope.. what a shame! Hope AP rips it up this Sunday against the Saints when he will be PLAYING.

    • OK since you think this is ok and everyone else who thinks this is ok, drop your pants and get whipped with a switch by a man way bigger then you, like the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or one of those UFC fighters, and then we will see if you agree with this being done to a 4 year old. Oh and don’t forget you have to get whipped in the scrotum area too, just like he did to his son. 🙂

    • Even if the mother had some want for selfish gain, too bad. Abusing a kid like that is worse than that, and there is a better chance she just was pissed he did that to HER son.

    • money has no value when discussing proper parenting skills, except that it’s inappropriately used as a replacement for real parenting when said parent is too dumb to understand their roles.

  2. What did a 4-year old child do to get whipped where blood was drawn? I’d be fine if he never plays another down again. It’s one thing to spank a child, it’s another to scourge him.

    • Yeah and in africa they burry new born babies under construction sites for good luck do you believe in that too? Listen cock smuggler times have changed this guy doesn’t need to take his anger out on his kid with some crazy tree branch whip this fucking clown can smack his kids butt with his hand if you wana discipline your kid don’t abuse them cuz you’re fucked in the head.

      • can tell you never got a good Switching enough,if any growing up.What language and disrespect 4 others you have….You cant blame it on the Weed…. Man.Hate 2 C what u would be like without it..a serial killer perhaps?

        • Lol? Yeah you’re right I never got a switch cuz my parents aren’t fucked up hill billies i’ll give you a switch then kick your teeth in.

    • Bullshit! This is abuse! Nothing more. Parents should know the difference or not be allowed to have kids.

      I hope you don’t have kids. Clearly u think abuse is acceptable

    • Hey Joe – Some parents believe i taking their young’s virginity. You OKEY-DOKEY with that too since “everyone is raised differently”? If not, where IS the line for you?

  3. A 4 year old child beaten by a grown man with enough force to draw blood. That isn’t discipline folks, that’s flat out child abuse. Rationalize it how you want to but Peterson should stay away from kids.

    • THANK YOU!!!!! He’s 4!!!! All he had to do was yell at him!! This big ass strong football player needs to hit a baby with a stick????!! PLEASE GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL. Enough already.

    • I think we’re forgetting that he turned himself in here. Adrian Peterson knows what he did was wrong, and will probably willingly accept punishment.

      • So what!!!!! Is it somehow magically all better because he turned himself in? He will willing accept punishment! Well how nice of him!! He deserves far more punishment than our courts systems can give him!!!! He should be put into stocks in the middle Dallas or any other major city in the US. Announce where he will be on the national news and sell tickets to anyone who wants to take a Willow switch to his back, butt, and legs. The money going to his sons for the therepy they will need because of his abuse!!!!! He is a great big pro football player who took a switch to a 4 year old baby!!! There is NOTHING a 4 year old could ever do to deserve that kind of a beating. Then we hear this is NOT the first 4 year old he has beaten!! He also has allegedly beat his other 4 year old don leaving a scar on his forehead in June. He did NOT turn himself in for that one. He is a child abuser and deserves to have the same done to him!!!!!!

        • White people always want to hang someone lol. In the south BLACK AND WHITE have a culture of switching their kids. Is it right NO but that is their culture so it’s intent and understanding is much different there.

          • This is not a black or white situation. This has nothing to do with culture. This is a grown man beating his 4 year old son and stuffing leaves in his mouth as he beats him to stop him from screaming. This is about a grown man beating his son so bad that 4 days later the marks are still opened and bruises are all over his back, bottom & legs. No child deserves that.

          • Have you ever played pirates or ninjas as a child with your friends? If
            so, you’ve likely been hit by that switch sword and you would understand
            even the slightest contact to your skin would leave a mark and in other
            cases draw blood. Also, if you’re not from the South you cannot claim
            to know the culture

          • You culture claiming people are hilarious. I’m from the South and I don’t do that crap. If it is the culture, it is the culture of the ignorant sub humans, not of the South. What an imbicilic way of reasoning. Another thing that gets me is, I’m amazed that any black person would use whipping as a means of punishment/discipline since it harkens back to slavery methods. You would think the southern black race, of all people,
            would vow never to beat their own. And another thing, by your statements (Lost and John Dough), are you saying that you apply these same methods to your 4 yo kids (even a little girl)? You actually whip your little girl to teach her a lesson? Niiiiiiice

          • Buffbaiter thank you for the reminder that black people were the only humans on earth to get an ass kicking, hung, degraded as humans, and mentally F…… up due to society ignorance from the South. Whip that ass before the Justice System or the Trigger Finger Police Kills them. Walk a Mile in A Black MAN World or maybe you just prefer to them.

          • Hard ass, wat about the Jewish people, they weren’t tortured???? And by the way my parents used physical punishment on me,my brother, n sister, n it wasn’t considered abuse at that period of time. I remember get hit with belts, wooden spoons, shit, even hangers…lol…. what rice did was down right cowardly! He could of restraint his girl easily. … n Peterson went a little to far… these NFL guys, actually all types of sport figures today, as well as movie stars get treated like premadonnas,,, face it, money talks, if this happened to an average American, they would be locked up….

          • Well, I saw this and just had to reply. My white Christian mother from the Midwest used a switch on me when I had left home and walked down the road. She found me, switched me all the way back up the road and obviously it stayed with me. I was also “switched” as regular punishment. Of course, she wasn’t an NFL football player and that was over 60 years ago.

          • The fact that you may not drink Dr. Pepper with your Moon Pies doesn’t make it any less a part of Southern culture. Shoot, even an Arab thinks pecan logs are too sweet to eat; they’re just a Southern thing.

          • white? white has nothening to do with it, wrong is wrong , this is 2014, no child should be beaten this way I don’t care where you came from,don’t blame some one else or someplace else has nothening to do with where you came from, good grief, except the fact you beat this little boy, we all got good whippings when we were little but this is a beating when blood runs down your legs.

          • It’s an English thing. They were hanging Scots and Welshmen and Irishmen for hundreds of years before they got a chance at Africans. When they got to the Colonies, most of them either transported or fugitive, the Scots-Irish headed for the hills, as quickly as they could. They knew better than to be anywhere that an Englishman easily could find them. It didn’t take the first Africans long, either. Very early on, more than a few of them took, as common law mates, either Scots-Irish or Indians.

        • Relax lady! I’ve had worst wounds trail running. I would like you to tell me what’s right vs wrong. Just to set the stage, I believe striking a kid with a closed fist or striking a kid in the head is wrong, but explain to me what’s wrong with a good swat from wooden spoon or a switch… I dont know if you’ve been out of the house lately but the disrespect from the younger generation is appalling. Your hugs and high fives bullsh*t isn’t working. Parents have to be able to discipline their children. I remember a wooden spoon or a switch to the butt definitely got my attention when I was younger. Do you think we can just all talk it out??? Again, take a walk in the park and let me know if that’s working.

          • You trail run by choice. This was not a wooden spoon smack on the butt. I have NO issue with a child being spanked, but this was no spanking. This was a beating. You make allot of asumptions about my beliefs. I agree that the youth of today have no respect for anyone or thing. But we are talking about a four year old here, that was beaten bloody with leaves stuffed in his mouth to shut him up. If you think this is okay in any way, do the rest of society a favor, don’t have kids! FYI, I have raised three wonderful children to adulthood that have never been in any trouble with the law, are respectful, polite, hardworking working members of society. Yes they got spanked, but not beaten.

          • Not a race issue! If a black man or any man of any race wants to beat a child, well then I am all for a public beating of him!

        • You’re being far too over-dramatic. And that last bit is hilarious since he was disciplined like that as a child, so he already did have the same done to him.

          His way may not work, but your passive attitude doesn’t work either. Kids need to be spanked; It’s how humans learn behaviour, through contact.

          • Really, I am being to dramatic? Well first, I will lay money down that his mother nor his father were strong NFL players. Second, I do not know where you got the idea I was passive. I have no issue with a child being spanked, this was NO spanking, this was a beating that left a four year old bleeding! Why should anything less happen to his strong, fit, abusive father. The fact that you find any of this funny in anyway says something about who you are. Young girls and boys are raped all the time in this country, should they go out and rape other children when they grow up? I mean after all it happened to them. I hope you see how ludicrous your statement was, but I will not hold my breath.

      • if he hadn’t he would have been arrested, no credit there , scum bag, that will effect this child the rest of his life. mo excuse for these pro players

    • I agree. A defenseless 4 year boy is whipped by his father until he bleeds . Another player beats up his fiance and knocks unconscious. The NFL in not the only one to blame. What about the criminal justice system? It is time to start placing these goons
      behind bars.

      • how about the whole sports culture? These prima donnas are coddled from high school on, never held to the same standards as the rest of us, from academics, to criminal behavior; then when they succeed, we have millionaire brats who think they can do no wrong, believe they are frickin’ gods on earth and often get a pass or a slight slap on the wrist in court (see ray lewis) based on their status and we wonder why they act like idiots?

        • You pointed out a good point a lot of people don’t think about. These NFL stars usually get their starts early on in high school and as their sporting talent takes over their lives, they’re rushed through school getting by on just enough to pass and spending the rest of their time on their sport. As they progress through their careers their head is blown up more and more due to their fame and increasing talent and bank account balance. To make things worse, the NFL shelters their players behind their big title and protection. They have liaisons who are hired specifically to help family members should something like this happen. The problem is, when the liaisons are called upon, their one and only line of advice is “DON’T CALL THE POLICE”. The liaisons are basically reputation protection not protection for the families in any way!

          • Whoa whoa. Now both of you are painting with a broad brush. Defiantly a lot of bad apples out there. However the majority of the players in the NFL are good people who made good grades and worked their but off to make it where they did. Having played college football and played with many guys that are in the league – there is no truth that “most” NFL players have been coddled. All of the players that I know in the NFL made great grades because they had a work ethic stronger than 99% of regular people.

            So because the media follows them around and reports every wrong thing they do you group all athletes in one big group.

            If the media followed CEO’s or even regular folks around all of the time the percentage of them committing crimes would be the same. There are a lot of messed up people in this world. For that matter – all of us are a little messed up – just some more than others. The major sports league players just have eye balls on them at all times.

            With that said – there is no excuse of Rice or Peterson or Hardy’s actions They all need some guidance and help.

            I am sure if you search in the mirror long and hard we can all find that we all need some help.

          • That is a fair statement Charlie but we all should recognize that the NFL is inherently violent (as are other “sports.) Contact sports are bad for civilized society. They encourage and celebrate physical violence. If not for a common law exception; the players are violating the law every time they suit up. This isn’t sport. It is the modern gladiator arena where a segment of society celebrates watching grown men permanently injure and disable each other both physically and mentally. We can move on from this as a civilization and we will. This is only the beginning of the end for NFL and other contact “sports”. Mind you; I’m not some bleeding heart liberal. I own guns and served in the military. In fact, a good navy seal friend of mine feels the exact same way. Violence should and always be the last resort. We should never celebrate it or give anyone a pass because they get paid to be violent. It is a sickness and the sooner we all realize that as a society the better.

          • i think you’re just full-of-it, sanchez. Any sport carries with it the risk of injury, so-called “contact” sports, or not. Every point you raised is plain BS! maybe you should stick to playing cards- be careful…you might cut yourself on the sharp edges. lol

          • I agree and disagree at the same time; football is a modern day version of gladiator sports. in fact sports grew out of war in the first place. humans are violent by nature because for most of our evolution we had to be to survive, and while I agree that society would be better off without violence, it is just not who we are as a species. without outlets such as sports, societal ills would be worse, not better. banning sports would be just as disastrous as any other prohibition has been. morality cannot and should not be legislated. sports are something people want and seem to need in their lives and would fight for the freedom to enjoy them every bit as much as you would fight to keep your guns. and they should, and so should you- both are freedoms held sacred in this country. freedom should only end where a victim’s rights begin; willing participants are not victims.
            btw I think Peterson went too far, but a man is much more than the worst thing he’s ever done; I believe our tendency toward punishment over rehabilitation (or giving anyone a pass for any reason) is making violence worse because a lot of times people just need good guidance, not to be treated like a criminal ( or a star in the other extreme). people need to be treated as equals and get the help that they need.

          • Good to see a rational balanced response. Two quick clarifications and one point. I’m not in favor or banning any sport – I believe in freedom; morality can’t truly exist without it; we have to choose to be good eventually or it just doesn’t work – rather I believe as society becomes less violent we will move away from gladiator sports naturally. I agree that it is in our nature and perhaps for now provides an outlet for the less evolved of our society.

            BTW there is a strong argument for the progressive steady decline in violence around the world. Check out this great TED talk:

            Second, the reason I bring up the law is that it shows quite plainly that civil society does not condone physical assault; in fact it has made it illegal – unless you can make billions of dollars a year within a well regulated arena.

            Finally, there is a strong societal benefit in punishing violent offenders. The punishment is more than just the perpetrator; it is signal to everyone that we hold certain values and when our idols break those values they are punished even more due to their influence and prestige in society. Anything less and we would not be sending the correct signals especially to impressionable youth and especially in this instance when the victim is one of the most vulnerable of society.

          • I strongly disagree with the idea of more punishment for those in the public eye; it is unfair to treat anyone differently for ANY reason- the merits of a case alone should determine the sentence. also punishment isn’t the deterrent people seem to think it is. violence often has an emotional component and in the heat of the moment we tend not to stop to think about consequences. I agree that there are some individuals that are beyond rehabilitation and the rest of us need to be protected from those people. however, in many cases if we were take a deeper look we would find that a person is only acting out what they have been taught by their own experience. sending that person into an even more violent atmosphere (ie prison) is not going to teach that person better ways to handle their problems (without violence ); it is more likely they will learn to be even more violent in order to survive. maybe a two tiered system where we offer help and rehabilitation to those who could be helped, and keep the truly dangerous people away from everyone else. after all,most inmates will be getting out we should care about helping them be better people when they do get out more than punishing them. I think it is also worth noting that people often act better when they are trea t I strongly disagree with the idea of more punishment for those in the public eye; it is unfair to treat anyone differently for ANY reason- the merits of a case alone should determine the sentence. also punishment isn’t the deterrent people seem to think it is. violence often has an emotional component and in the heat of the moment we tend not to stop to think about consequences. I agree that there are some individuals that are beyond rehabilitation and the rest of us need to be protected from those people. however, in many cases if we were take a deeper look we would find that a person is only acting out what they have been taught by their own experience. sending that person into an even more violent atmosphere (ie prison) is not going to teach that person better ways to handle their problems (without violence ); it is more likely they will learn to be even more violent in order to survive. maybe a two tiered system where we offer help and rehabilitation to those who could be helped, and keep the truly dangerous people away from everyone else. after all,most inmates will be getting out we should care about helping them be better people when they do get out more than punishing them. I think it is also worth noting that people often act better when they are treated better than than ed better.

          • oops! my keyboard is going haywire!
            when people are treated with dignity and respect they often step up to the plate and act better themselves. we tend to want to pile on the bully picking on the smaller kids, but no one takes a look at the bully’s home life to find out he’s getting beaten at home. if someone takes the time to help that kid instead of punishment alone, he might actually learn better ways to handle things. the bottom line is that we need to care about these violent offenders as much as we care about the victims. unwillingness to forgive is just as damaging as offending in the first place.

          • Regardless of how anyone was treated while growing up, we do know right from wrong and so do they. Many choose to do these horrible things. Therefore, anyone who beats a child or an animal should go to prison. And yes, there are those people who have been warped because of the way the my were treated as children, well, they should be punished and then given mental help. Just because someone was treated badly as a child doesn’t mean they shouldn’t suffer consequences. Look at how many sickos get cut loose just to repeat horrific crimes. And yes, our justice system SUCKS!! No one wants to mention that there have been and are “sickos” who have actually been smart enough to have great careers. There’s many. Personally, I think all child abuser, either physically and especially sexually should be uthanized and not humanely.

          • so you’re “more evolved” because you don’t like football? Pretty arrogant. That arrogance is not what I want deciding who get’s punished how- ESPECIALLY if you decide, say, who gets capital punishment for committing certain crimes so to make examples to society. (Capital punishment is a great example of society’s attempt at general social deterrence). I agree that child abuse is bad but when due process is not enough, then you get into politics- and our (yours vs. mine) politics, our values and our tastes are probably not the same. The NFL is giving in to political correctness- which is insanity, an insanity where the very people who don’t want to be labeled want to turn around and label and stigmatize everyone else that does not condone their values. If our criminal justice system can’t take care of the situation (which I am not saying it has necessarily) then our “evolved civilization” has bigger problems than whether or not we should be crucifying football players and celebs.

          • Men are especially violent by nature – testosterone is a violent hormone. But there sure are plenty of violent women out there now, too. Our whole society is violent and violence has become the accepted way of resolving differences.

          • you have forgotten sports has been around for years beyond this NFL so can’t point finger the blame on NFL or whatever the sports because there are some physical contact sport still maintain professionalism in better manner. Like Charlie say everyone are different from one another.

          • So do you all believe in celebrating the actions of soldiers who have been in combat? People who are paid to commit far more egregious acts of violence. Their actions are celebrated and even promoted to our youth. We do not use war as a last result so I am curious if this falls under the same criteria in your eyes?

          • You’ve got to be a troll. You’re comparing Adrian switching his kid to a soldier killing a terrorist? You’ve lost your mind.

          • Amen!! I dont know what these folks talking about up in here.. i understand where they coming from but like in the bible said “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone”

          • Wow. Woah, woah? Forgiveness & understanding are noble qualities, however, you can’t even spell butt correctly. And where do you get your facts? 99% of regular people & CEO’s & regular people? What do you know of this since you are obviously in the 1%?

      • Yeah sure Rice beat up his fiancé. She starting throwing punches at him in the elevator and in self defense Rice threw one punch at her and fell. If you’re going to argue that because he’s a football player he should have just taken it then you’re ingorant, he had all reason to respond to her.

        • Self defense?? Unless she has a black belt, the only thing she is going
          to hurt on Ray Rice is his feelings. That was still no reason to punch
          and knock her out. Rice is a high profile NFL player. Whether he likes it or not it puts him in the spot light. Pro athletes, movies stars, politicians,
          all have moral obligation. It goes with the territory.

          • She hit him first. I don’t care whether or not he was in physical danger, she doesn’t get to use him as a punching bag.The attacked has a right to defend themselves. Let me put it another way. If a man attacks another man that tops him by 150 pounds and towers a foot or more over his head, what do you think the larger man should do? Just take it? Sorry folks, her sex doesn’t excuse her from the repercussions of bad behavior..

          • Use him as a punching bag??!! Oh give me a break! Look at the size of him and the size of her! There was no excuse for his response. Only men who are as ignorant and violent as Rice would think like you.

          • Lets take the sex out of it. A smaller man comes up to you and hits you. Do you just take because your bigger? Size doesn’t mater nor does their sex. You on the other hand are defending her “right” to attack another person because he’s bigger and she “really” couldn’t hurt him because she’s a “gurl”. So who’s being sexist and ignorant?

          • So you’re OK with a woman abusing a man and you call me an idiot? Sexism is apparently a concept you can’t wrap your brain around. I’d also guess you started drinking before the age of 23. You might want to look up what happens to your frontal lobes when you do that. The brain damage is showing.

          • you need to learn the definition & especially the REALITY of “abuse”….

            what Ray Rice’s wife did to him in the elevator was nothing remotely along the lines of actual harmful abuse, and was NOTHING REMOTELY ALONG THE LINES of warranting or justifying a response like what Ray levied onto his wife, in the elevator.

            the fact that you just cant seem to grasp that, and have argue with several other people here about that issue….. clearly & blatantly shows that you are an i .d .i .o .t on this topic.

          • Spitting on someone’s shoes is a third class assault. The courts actually recognize verbal assault as an excuse to hit someone. When someone hits you, woman or man you as the victim of the assault have a free shot. He knocked her out. I hope she learned her lesson and won’t let her mouth and fists get her into a fight she had no chance of winning. We obviously aren’t going to agree on the issue or win the other over to our viewpoint. Have a good one.

          • Debate isn’t your strong suit nor any sort of cognitive thinking as far as I can tell. In case you’ve missed the last 50 years using sex as an reason for doing or not doing something is sexist and against the law. Apparently you missed the discussion. Since you’re only going to say the same thing again. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I won’t be replying.

          • ya, i’m going to say the same thing AGAIN…..

            because your new post further proves…..
            that you ARE STILL an i .d .i .o .t & f .o .o .l. – LOL

            “she hit him first” …. waaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah

            “I don’t care whether or not he was in physical danger” ….
            how fricking absurd & mindless.

          • If a male Little Person stepped up and gave you a shot in the testicles, you’d lay his ass out. He’d be insulted if you didn’t, unless he was also a punk. Can’t say that I would have hit Janay, myself, but women’s advocates should’ve shut their yaps. Equal rights is equal rights, not special ones.

        • dude, you’re AFU! the guy decked her with a solid punch. unless, she came at him with a knife, he was totally out of line. i’ve never hit a woman and never will, unless i’m in grave danger.

          • The worst part is you think you’re admirable for stating that you’d never hit a woman. You enable bad female behaviour; You’re not an outstanding individual because you’re a sexist (positive sexism is still sexism; I bet you’d hit a man for hitting you).

          • I think you need some classes in reading comprehension. What I said implied that I wouldn’t hit a woman in most situations, e.g., just for mouthing-off. If it became necessary for self-defense, I would.
            Figures a misogynist like yourself would seek to justify unwarranted violence against women.
            (PS- good avatar….it shows us where your head is located)

          • Because he stands up for a woman who was wrongfully punched that makes him a sexiest? That’s like saying I’m a racist because I don’t like Obama…

        • Dude are you serious, Rice caught her with a serious punch, he could of restraint her easily!!!! Hes a straight coward…period

  4. my wife smacked the front of my oldest son’s leg one time. She was aiming for his ass, but kids wriggle and it was dark. It stung and you could see a hand print, but that was honestly the last time he acted up enough to deserve a spanking. Now my other two??? They push us at times, but we try our best to refrain. It’s been a long time since they’ve been spanked. These days, when pushed hard, the threat of the spanking is enough. We do time-outs for the most part, and they still adhere (kids are now 4-6-8) The pictures above are another story. That looks like some rapid-fire, lengthy swats – with intent. Bad situation all around.

    • Striking your son teaches your son to strike others. When he gives you an excuse for why he hits his girlfriend – “‘cuz it was dark and I…and I…” you remember you’r fucked up reasoning and justification here, OK? Remember – you tell him you and your wife love him….and it’s OK to hit the one you love for the “right reasons” – WOW! THINK ABOUT HOW FUCKED UP THAT IS!!!!!

      • With all due respect, that’s baloney. I was spanked with a belt when I was a kid, and it didn’t teach me to hit people, it taught me not to talk back to my mother or push her after she warned me to knock something off. I grew up to be a nice, responsible, respectful, happy and well-rounded person but my own child was spoiled rotten because I was not a strict disciplinarian like my parents. In the long run, they were righter than I was.

        • kwachie – do you hit your wife so you can have a better relationship too?

          Would you like it if I hit you across your dumbass face so you could be a better man? Hell, become a man first!

        • bout 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse. 5
          In at least one study, about 80% of 21 year olds that were abused as children met criteria for at least one psychological disorder.
          children whose parents abuse alcohol and other drugs were three times more likely to be abused and more than four times more likely to be neglected than children from non-abusing families. 11
          As many as two-thirds of the people in treatment for drug abuse reported being abused or neglected as children. 9
          More than a third of adolescents with a report of abuse or neglect will have a substance use disorder before their 18th birthday, three times as likely as those without a report of abuse or neglect.12
          you are a dumbfuck, kwachie

        • You claim you’re a “respectful and well-rounded” person?

          Yet you stand up for a grown man who struck his four year old son’s SCROTUM with a switch?

          Good luck in your “respectful, well-rounded” life!!!!

        • How do you “responsibly” defend a father striking a four year old on his scrotum for “cussing at his sibling”? How does such an upstanding and respectful person tell his own son that AP is to be admired and not looked down upon for striking his son on his scrotum with a tree branch.

          Just how does that conversation go, oh respectful one?

        • Do you like the way AP takes this so seriously? Take a look at his SMILE upon booking for injring his son:

          What a nice guy! I bet his son realizes that being struck on his scrotum with a tree branch is really something to smile about! What’s everyone so worked up about, huh kwachie?

          Hell. strike your kids and get a good laugh in the process! Yeah, you turned out really well! Defending a man who strikes his son’s scrotum with a tree branch – you’re SOOOOOOOO responsible and respectful!

          Excuse me while I vomit.

        • We have three and guess what? they use WORDS to settle disputes and resolve problems instead of hitting and causing injury to others. If you feel you need to hit in order to parent – to get your kids to understand what to do and what not to do through reasoning – you’re simply not a good parent, period.

          • If you think like a two-year old you’re sure going to sound like one. And you do sound and think like a two year old.

            How about this, shitforbrains? If a kid takes another’s toy instead of whipping him like your hero Adrian – first, yes, send him to a time out IF he cannot process with words why he took the toy. If he needs some time to cool down from the interaction you go back when he can process. You get him to perhaps remember a time when someone took one of his toys…and how did that make him fee? You see, you fucking moron, a parent attempts to instill a certain amount of insight and compassion for others through experiences they may have had or witnessed happening to another person. This builds a socially competent child. unlike your failure of a mommy and daddy who raised a person who defends beating a four year old on his nuts. You are a certifiable jackass! And if foul language upsets you, go beat yourself in your cunt with a branch – it’ll feel like you’re learning something, according to your ignorant comments.

          • wow – so well stated. very articulate. I think it’s so incredible you weaved shitforbrains, jackass and cunt into such an eloquent statement. well done.

          • And I tip my hat to you as well. To weave physically assaulting a child, inflicting physical pain, inflicting emotional pain and teaching that violence is the way love and concern is conveyed into a defense of a child abuser is nothing to sneeze at!

            . ……. you are quite talented indeed!

            BTW, shitforbrains is quite appropriate for someone who admits to physically assaulting their child and defends it as a healthy way of parenting. It’s like sexual predator, they tell you all the time the victim really wanted it and how much they showed their love for the child. And they have no clue what a shitforbrtains they are!

            The truly clueless are never willing to learn. I’ve worked with too many parents like you who ask the professionals to “fix their kid” and have no idea it’s their environment they provided that allowed the behavior problem in the first place.

            Go read Piaget and follow some bibliography notes if you want to find out what a fucked up individual you are. Something tells me you think you know it all right now! The dumbest ones are always the ones afraid to look into their own behavior.

            Go ahead and focus on foul language, it’s a nice diversion from looking at YOUR BEHAVIOR – beating your children so they “behave”. And thinking there is absolutely no other way to discipline and educate your children. Now THAT is shitforbrtains!

          • physically assaulting? Beating my children??? wow. So, by that token, if you ever spanked your partner on the bosom during a romp in the sack you should consider yourself guilty of sexual assault. …and I would re-read your posts, really focus on your tone and underlying sentiment – you can “work” with parents and never get anywhere, but they may not be the problem. Like you said “The dumbest ones are always the ones afraid to look into their own behavior.” – you may just be referring to yourself

          • Only a fuckhead like you would equate sex with your wife to beating your kids. You’re about as fucking dumb and mentally ill as they get.

            You are nothing but a child beater and child beaters are nothing but trash and filth.

          • If you equate something you do between consenting adults during intercourse with beating your kids with a stick – you are one sick and disgusting piece of filth, pal!

            What an extremely small mind you have.

          • Hmmm, so do you threaten your wife with your “pow-wow” stick?

            NO? Why? Oh yeah, she’d file domestic abuse charges against you and rightfully so.

            But I guess pulling the same stunt on children whose brains and bodies are not fully developed, and can be injured very easily, you’re A-OK with it!

            Go hit your wife with a stick – or threaten to beat her like you do your kids. Ahhh, you’re too much of a pussy.

          • What you do between consenting adults is quite a bit different than beating your kids with your “pow-wow” stick.

            Are you seriously this stupid?

        • It’s a weird thing, to wanna beat your kid. Kids are small and helpless, and are your own flesh and blood. You’d think the LAST person on earth to hit a child would be that child’s own parent, and yet here we are. Beating kids is so common that it’s practically a comedic mainstay at this point, from Eddie Murphy’s mom throwing a shoe at him to Bill Cosby talking about his dad’s fearsome belt.

          Corporal punishment is a failure. It’s a complete breakdown of communication between parent and child. Children are unpredictable, reckless, and occasionally violent. They can drive otherwise rational humans into fits of rage.

          That’s an easy way for parents to justify it: “You forced me to do this, child.”

          Spanking and beating your kid teaches your kid to talk with violence. It validates hitting as a legitimate form of communication. Everything is modeled.

          It takes an endless amount of patience to handle a demanding child, and lots of people don’t have that patience. We also happen to live in an age of instant gratification, so the idea of spending 10 full minutes getting a child to calm down is agony. People are hurried, stressed, and selfish. If they try beating a kid and it “works,” they’ll go right to that well the second the kid acts up. Beating a kid is fast and easy, which is what makes it so terrifying. And no parent ever thinks of him- or herself as a child abuser, no matter how bad the abuse gets. There’s also a strange political bent to all this … a “Don’t tell me how to raise my kids!” attitude, whereby people demand the freedom to punish their kids however they like, but their kids are not allowed any freedom FROM that discipline.

          If you find you don’t have what it takes to be a parent – give your kids up for adoption instead of hitting them. Hitting your child damages trust between parent and children and that it can lead to increased aggression.

          If you really think you’re a good parent, look up and read some studies done by this woman:

          Somehow I feel you’re going to tell me that nobody has the right to tell you how to parent…..those are exactly the ones, we in the field of child abuse, key in on as the next perpetrators of adult on child violence.

          And somehow I think you’re gong to tell me you know more than a PhD who has dedicated her professional life to this issue.

          Everyone like you is “so smart” – but our country is full of abused children who grow up to be violent people.

          • Just like the majority of this dumbass country thinks peace can be achieved by endless war. it’s working out well in the middle east, isn’t it? The USA, incorporated is loved and respected worldwide … right up there with north korea, Pakistan, etc.

          • Quote from a child abuser:

            “I used a pow-pow stick – only had to do it once to my oldest, then he spread the word to the others. Now on the rare occasion I have to mention pow-pow stick, order is quickly restored.”

            WOW! You sure are a big man, aren’t you?! you must feel so powerful that you get your kids to behave through threat of physical violence and physical pain. You’re so fucking smart!

            I bet they can’t wait to take care of you in your golden years…most likely, they’ll let you rot in a state home for the criminally insane! Better yet, maybe they can use your “pow-wow” stick when you pee and shit your pants!

            You’re one fucked up individual.

          • again – you don’t have kids, you don’t have a clue. But thanks for berating a stranger – it’s always fun, isn’t it?

          • Oh! OK! I guess you know if we have kids or not. So I should defer to you – a person who defends a child abuser. Your credibility is outstanding!

            BTW, ever study Piaget or Erikson? Do you have any background in childhood development? Any education in RET? Cognitive behavioral approaches to behavior modification?

            We should be discussing your vast knowledge in this arena. Since your admission that you use your “pow-wow” stick to make your kids conform to your wishes I bet you have a ton of great ideas for parenting to share with others who are physically and violently inclined!

            Please, tell us more about the healthy effects of using physical violence to demonstrate your love for your children. We are all missing your very insightful experience of how to make your children feel that you are acting out of love when you threaten to pull out your pow-wow stick and inflict physical pain as well as emotional pain…….. It sounds very exciting!

          • you obviously can read, but comprehension is another matter. What child abuser am I defending? AP? No. Don’t condone it; that was extreme. Neither I nor my wife are child abusers, nor are we “violently inclined” (but that is a great album title for a heavy metal band) ….and you may have read some books, studied the “greats”, but you’re not a parent – that’s obvious. If you ever get there we can chat again

          • You have admitted that you threaten your kids with violence and physical pain in order to get them to “behave” – you’re an asshole, period.

            I’ve done more than “read a few books” – I have a graduate degree in Child Psychology. Only assholes threaten little kids with physical and emotional pain inflicted intentionally for any reason – you’re an asshole!

            You strike your kids with an object – you’re damn fucking right you’re violent!

          • the only thing violent is your assault on the English language. Graduate degree in Psychology, and a PHD in foul language. You are a gem

          • Do you think saying the word “fuck” is actually worse than threatening your kids with violence?

            I bet your fucked-up mind does!

          • Coming from someone who beats their kids with a stick – it’s a compliment. If you think swearing is worse than threatening your kids with violence – I can see why you live in Texas with the rest of the country’s rejects and misfits and filth.

          • I swear – you threaten – then beat – defenseless children – your own flesh and blood.

            I’ll take my road and you take yours, Mr Child Abuser.

          • And your area of expertise is what? Threatening to use a stick on your kids? How hilarious that foul language bothers you but hitting your kids with a stick – and then further threatening them with using it again – doesn’t bother your pussy Texan ass a bit, huh little bitch?

            Texas – a bunch of fucking morons who threaten to secede but are too big of a bunch of pussies to do it. But not too big of a pussy to beat kids!

            Go beat your kids you little bitch.

      • Right! Teach them to use their intellect to deal with life’s problems and they use that tool for the rest of their lives. Teach them violence is the answer to life’s problems and they solve nothing – only create more problems. We learn by example and subsequently take that knowledge and lead by example.

    • oh sure putting a child in timeout is such a good punishment yeah right so what the kid gets a little bored in a corner they don’t learn anything. now i do agree that Adrian Peterson went a little to far, i do think allot of people are over reacting. its like this if the kid doesn’t want to get a spanking then hell remember not to do it agian the next time

      • Would you care to feel what it feels like to ahve those injuries FOUR days after the beating? Would you even have the fucking balls to take the first hit? I doubt it, tinyballed shitface.


        • My kids are respectful adults now and they were punished not beaten. They learned respect by example from my husband and I, they learned to love by example, the ones that have kids have very well raised, good kids who arent beaten.You dont have to beat the hell out of a child to make them behave.

  5. First of all any time you use a switch it is going to draw blood or make a huge welt. The hits with a switch do not even have to be hard to cause blood or welts. It is just want happens. Second of all the definition of abuse is loss or the threat of loss of life, limb or bodily organ. That does not apply here. This barely meets the definition of inappropriate discipline since it was on his legs not on his face, head or chest. Thirdly, it would seem to me that all of society that complains about undisciplined, disrespectful and unruly children would be pleased that someone is stepping up, taking responsibility and disciplining his child(ren). It is so much easier to look away and just let your kids go than draw a line of expectation(s) and hold your children accountable. I have heard many, many children curse out and threaten their parents, then say “what are you going to do about it, I am a minor.” Good for Mr. Peterson that he drew the line early because by the time kids are 12 it is too late. And finally, it was never intended for parents to lose their rights to discipline their children unless it was abuse (see above). Mr. Peterson needs to fight this and every “good” parent needs to support him to the fullest. And to those that don’t, well when your child slaps you in the face, steals from you, gets drunk and kills a bunch of folks and says “It’s my parents’ fault because they did not discipline me, runs away, lies on you, is still living with you when they are 30 because they do not have the discipline to live alone . . Good Luck!

    • Thank you! I agree fully with everythong you posted. Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything and children need discipline, maybe if more parents took initiative we would not have half of the number of children in juvenile halls.

        • When I was growing up, kids got spanked. My dad spanked the hell out of me when I was being bad. It hurt like hell but I am better for it today. Now even spanking is viewed as inappropriate to some. I think tough love is better than no love. A switch is better than nothing, which so many parents today are guilty of.. doing nothing. He didn’t mean to hurt him and yes he probably took it too far, but at least he loved his kid enough to punish him.

          • Well good for you because majority of abused people grow up depressed with low self-esteem and anger issues. Interesting form of love.

          • The key was having loving parents that too the time to explain why you were punished. I don’t think being sent to my room and yelled at would have been a very sensible punishment for hitting my brother in the head with a rock.

          • So hitting his kid with a switch is a loving parent? You explain to the 4 year old that you Don’t throw rocks and you can hurt someone. You would be surprised what kids can understand. They are much smarter than you give them credit for.

          • As I stated above, I think he took it too far with the switch. My nephew doesn’t get spanked for anything. He hits kids at school. My sister takes away his toys and punishes him. He still hits kids at school. He is 6. I never hit anyone with a rock after that. I think a lot of it has to do with my parents talking to me after and giving me the love and attention.. but I have to say how they raised me was very effective.

          • Yes I agree with you, loving and caring parents are much more effective and your children have much happier childhoods.

          • I wonder why it occurred to you to hit your brother in the head with a rock. My kids learned very early that violence was not an acceptable way to express anger. I never hit them, and they didn’t hit each other after they were 3 or 4 years old.

          • I did not do it in anger. I tried to throw it close to him but not to hit him. I never used violence in anger. To this day I have never punched anyone. I never once got detention in school. I’m glad your kids are well behaved. There are effective ways to raise kids with and without physical punishment. As long as it is done correctly and with love.

          • If you’re hitting your siblings in the head with rocks, you’ve got some serious issues yourself. Perhaps that violent environment you grew up in was the cause of your emotional shortcomings. This is why adults beating up on kids is acceptable in your twisted world.

          • Yes. My issue was that I was 6, and didn’t realize the damage it could do. I apologize for being 6 at the time. On top of that, I was trying to throw the rock at a dirt pile that was near my brother. Never intended on hitting him.
            You will be happy to know that in my “twisted world” I never hit another person with a rock, I have never punched someone or been in a fight, I never once got detention, I was an honor role student, I volunteer and give back to my community.
            You nailed it spot on, I am a bad person with lots of issues. I am glad there are perfect people in this world like you that can point this out to me.

          • You create a false dichotomy. The options aren’t “beat the child until he bleeds” or “do nothing.” There are many effective ways to teach and correct children that do not involve hitting them.

          • Are you just trolling? Read everything I said above. Show me where you are quoting from.
            You are either a troll or an idiot. – there is your false dichotomy.

          • These posts are ridiculous. There is absolutely no circumstances when a beating on bare skin that draws blood is appropriate. This is definitely not love it is over aggression f rom an athlete who spends most of his waking day training to be borderline animal on he field

          • When I was a kid … blah, blah, blah, doesn’t mean shit. When I was a kid, my stepfather beat us with belts and sometimes boards, for the tiniest infractions, leaving bruises often. My drunken mother was negligent, preferring to protect the old bastard’s paycheck over her own kids. I left home with my confidence shattered, and so desperate for escape to forget my childhood that I got messed up on drugs and alcohol for many years, before turning things around with a load of counseling and self-awakening. At age 40 I finally started working toward a productive future for myself. My brother drank himself to death; we lost him at age 56. My sister suffers from lifelong depression, fights off frequent suicide thoughts and refused to have any children because she refuses to trust her kids to the whims of a man.
            The beatings worked really well for us. Beatings seem to work better on farm animals than on humans. Humans are generally of a higher intellect than farm animals. Perhaps that’s why it worked so well on you, Jplow-horse?

          • I am very sorry to hear that you have a terrible childhood and life.
            My parents disciplined me out of love. Your stepfather disciplined you out of anger. Those are two completely different things.
            I hope you continue to make progress getting over your childhood. I see you are still not past name-calling.
            I wish you the best.

        • Used Switches on both mine…..Now both r Doctors and Very loving and Honest…Have grandchildren and they no what the Switch feels like also..GREAT kids….Look around,we that were raised that way are mostly honest,respect others and would give a Stranger the shirt off our backs..SO YES we do reproduce…if not This World will not last much longer 4 sure.

          • Yeah – beating kids turns them into great people. Bullshit! Tell you what. Treat them with respect and reason and they will turn out happier, more loving and respectful of others. You reap what you sow. Beat kids and you create another generation of child beaters.

          • I disagree completely . Got a lovely whiping with a belt one or two times myslef. And what my parents reaped was a college educated daughter who moved across the country to live near them and take care of them as they get older because I RESPECT them. They also have another daughter do the same thing as well. There must be alot of mentally “undeveloped” as you mentioned in previous comments, adults in my age group because I don’t know a SINGLE one who didn’t get a shoe, wooden spoon, belt, switch , soap or palm of the hand applied to the rear end a few times. You can raise your children as you see fit sir but don’t make generalizations about those of us who got more than a talking too when we needed it.
            As far as Peterson, excessive because of the childs age and the amount of lashes. Did he steal a car? Burn down the house? 4 year olds don’t have the mental capacity to formulate a violation of the parents’ rules so devious as to warrant a lashing like that.

          • So you’re saying they turned out ok in spite of the way their father treated them? And, frankly, I’m doubting your credibility, because I SINCERELY doubt that a doctor would do that to a 4 year old, much less both of your “doctors”. Sounds fishy to me…………

      • Disgusting. And all the research shows that many of the kids in juvenile halls were raised by parents who did often think that they needed good whoopins.

        • From parents that used a tv as a babysitter, used violence to punish their kids and never took the time to sit down and talk to them. It is a whole different thing when the parent takes time to talk to their kid about why they were punished and let them know they did it out of love and not anger.

      • Seriously? That child is 4 years old. Discipline should be age appropriate and the punishment should fit the crime. There are lots of forms of discipline that are very effective which do not involve beating your child with a stick.

    • “The hits with a switch do not even have to be hard to cause blood or welts. It is just what happens”

      What if he uses a hammer next time? Is a fractured skull “JUST WHAT HAPPENS?”. You’re a lunatic! and should likely be investigated for abuse yourself!

      • my grandparents used to use switches when my siblings and I misbehaved. It does leave a good mark and it hurts like hell. I learned my lesson more quickly through switches. #switchpower

        • How often did you get whipped in the scrotum? How much broken skin and blood was there? Welts are one thing, and broken skin and blood is another. Plus, it is primitive and backwards to use something that creates that much damage.

          • Yep, broken skin and welts are the issue. So long as intense pain is given without the welts and broken skin, everything is great. A probe implanted directly into the pain receptors in the child’s brain is the way to go. Won’t leave a single mark and you can make the pain so intense that they pass out. But no mark, so no problem!

        • No you didn’t. You simply learned what not to do in order to get whipped. You didn’t actually learn that you SHOULDN’T do something because it’s wrong, only that you shouldn’t do it because someone bigger would physically hurt you. There was nothing stopping you from doing that same wrong thing once you were way too old (or large) to be physically harmed. This implication that there was less crime 50 years ago than there is now is just stupid.

          My parents didn’t beat me and guess what? I’m not disrespectful or unruly.

          Furthermore, beating your kids like this is not good parenting, it’s nothing more than hazing. Something terrible was done to you and you survived and persevered, so you want to put someone else through the same ordeal. It’s takes a small person to embrace this idea.

          On top of all of this, it’s downright laughable that Adrian Peterson of all people is playing the “I’m being a good father” card. He’s still finding out about kids he never even knew about. Just a couple of years ago he found out that a child of his, murdered via child abuse by a stepparent, was his. How many kids does he have with how many different mothers in how many different states? He gets to be with these kids for just a few days at a time, they barely even see him. And instead of being happy to see their dad, they’re terrified because he finds a reason to beat them. This isn’t a father, this is a sadistic nutjob. If he can even name all his kids I’d be impressed.

          • Do you know Peterson personally????????? Then how the hell do you know his kids are scared of him. You are perfect so why dont you write a book and teach everyone else

          • Finally someone with some common sense what he did was wrong we all agree with that but you people are acting as if he is a rapist or a murderer we point fingers and cast judgement so easily but when do we take a long hard look at our selves if you want to fix something in this world fix yourself I hope he seeks to improve himself after this wake up call i am sure he is still a better father then a good portion of us we should all be thankful its not our mistakes that are out there for everyone to cast judgement on us!

          • While I was growing up the whole point of the spanking with a switch was to enforce the fact that “the thing” I did was wrong…your opening statement doesn’t make sense. So I guess you have done no wrong…and its because you didn’t get spanked?

          • Child abusers were most likely abused themselves. He needs to man up and get help or else this will follow him the rest of his life.

          • Maybe because you are raise differently. It is a totally different culture when you are raise up with so much negative things around you.

        • How much more would you have learned the lesson if you had a probe implanted into the pain receptors in your brain and then had it activated every time you got out of line? You probably would’ve been a much better person than you are now. Your problem is that you didn’t experience enough pain as a child.

        • This is abuse!!! Physical abuse, not discipline! Get it right people, if he is beating this child, I can only imagine how he abuses him verbally also. If people cannot love and care for their children the way GOD intended then please do not have children!!! CPS take this child away from this situation! This man should serve prison time!!! After these physical scars have healed this little boy will be dealing with emotional scars for MANY years to come!!! WAKE UP!!!!

          • A Bible written by abusive men, then. The Bible taught in parables. Beating people does not help them be better people. It gives inside anger that may last a lifetime. Hitting a child until he is bloody will not make this child a better human being. It might make him a blood-thirsty, Bible thumping child abuser like Peterson, though–like his prison father. I hope Peterson goes to prison for beating that child like that.

          • so when the son grows up to be a “bible thumping child abuser” because it is what he learned as a kid should we throw him away to rot in prison as well?? where does the cycle end?? where is the compassion ?? yes being beaten with a switch is a bad thing- all I ever got out of it , fear and angernd, gee, it made me want to lash out too! so where exactly do you think Peterson got the idaea in the firstirst place??

            damn this site bugs out my keypad!! corrections:

            …got out of it was fear and anger and gee,…
            …in the first place???

        • my little butt “tasted leather” more than once as a kid. no problem. i was outside playing 2 minutes later. the Real horrible punishment was having my allowance suspended for weeks. after a week, i forgot why i was being punished. all it did was cause resentment that lingered. i’ll take a quick spanking any day! you can take all your New Age psychologist-approved PC crap and shove it!

        • switches were used back in the day. we as a society have grown away from the things we feel are not in the best interest of our people. Like we have more or less stopped using hateful words to describe others. there is a sense of growth we need to remember here. we have come too far to let someone from the “oldschool” take us back. disciplining a 7-9yr old is far different than a four year old. what could a 4yr old do to deserve the “beating” he got from a grown ass professional athlete. did AP not just lose a child to the hands of another man? shouldn’t he have a heightened sensitivity towards abuse to his kids? don’t understand.

          • You are straight crazy if you think this is OK. At 4 years old, kids do things but nothing on the level of being beat like this child.

          • Yes, I have a 29 year old son. I did not get the nick name ” Mean moma ” for nothing. He had his share of ass beatings . Today, he is an intelligent , successful , well adjusted young man with no children of his own. I take the credit for the man he is today, cause I was a no nonsense mother who did not take any crap, and when he needed a beaten , he got one. Note, These were not daily spankings, or weekly spankings. I took the wooden spoon out and cracked his ass when he needed it. Some of the kids with the ‘ Time out ” parents – They were trouble with a capital T when they became teenagers . Unruly – The one kid I knew, burned his girl friends house down , and spent time in prison, and I remember that kid being a real brat , and in fact I remembering saying to myself back than – That kid needs a foot up his ass ” His parents were lovely people. That kid needed a beaten and he never got it. Not all children need to be spanked. But there are some that do, and the ones that do, should get it. The spoon or switch – For me it was the spoon.

          • you need to distinguish between a “spanking” and a “beating.” they are Not the same. the first is punishment, the second abuse.

          • I have a four year old in my home and he can communicate and listen. He has as much right to be safe as the adults in the house without fear of a “real good ass beating”. There are other ways to reach a little one without instilling fear or breaking a childs spirit or trust in the adult(s) that are in charge of the discipline. Come on, a “punch to the scrotum” is considered to be proper procedure in discipline? What planet do you come from?

          • Have you ever taken a good look at the youngsters on spring break – They were all once little sweet 4 year olds. Four year olds are very smart. They can manipulate , they can be cruel, they can be mean, they can be sneaky , they can lie, they can steal – they can be unruly They can be selfish – I can go on and on – All of this is normal They do not come to us as little saints as many would like to believe – They need discipline and they want discipline – I do not advocate punching a child in the scrotum – come on – What I am saying is children need to be disciplined – and sometimes that includes an ” ass beating ” A good crack in the ass does NOT mean it is child abuse. It’s ruling with an iron hand and that is what I did, and my son 29 years old and a well adjusted – very successful , well respected honorable young man, and as a teenager never gave me one once of trouble, and that is what I base my case on.

          • That’s how a child should be raised Amy–thank you for commenting. No child should be beaten until he’s bloody. I guess Peterson rapes his girl children to teach them to be more compliant women. Peterson should not have any more children that he doesn’t know how to raise.

          • Yes, but that’s probably due to the very poor upbringing on the part of the parent(s). They’re too young to learn bad things by themselves. They’re not even school age yet.

          • Obviously I’m older than you (and wiser). Are you a child beater? If you really think that a person should “beat” their child at the age of 4 years old, then you’re sick – for a lack of a better term. At such a young age, the child simply mimics what they see and hear. It’s up to the parents to teach them better, but certainly not by beating them. All that causes is anger and resentment. Don’t let Child Protective Services find out about you idiot.

          • Way to late for the Child Protective Services – My son is 29 years old and long sense moved out – Today he lives in NY City – successful – well adjusted – well respected and an honorable young man. Some children need more discipline than others. It goes back to nature or nurture. Some children are born with a good nurture, that is just the way they are born. ( Innately good ) Some children are more challenging. My son was a very smart little bugger, he was very manipulative , selfish – he could be rotten to other children, which I did not tolerate. My husband and I did not teach him those behaviors, nor did we role model those behaviors. My husband – his father role modeled an incredible work ethic – generosity to other and good character – I role modeled take no nonsense – I am proud of the man he is today – Strong in character – integrity and always has a calm cool composure , even in heated debates – With that said – I feel compelled to give you some well meaning advise, sense I am a lot older than you and my son is raised and out on his own for some time now.. When you are having a debate or conversation or discussion NEVER let your child or children hear and see you using words like IDIOT or any other disparaging names – You will only role model to your children that It is OK to revert to name calling when you are angry – Never let your child listen to adult conversations – Never let them be privy to gossip or ill feelings towards any family members – Allow them to have their own experience with that person

          • Save all of the jargon. And don’t try and divert the main point here or try and justify that you beat your child and now all is well, blah, blah, blah. Listening to your comments, your child turned out perfectly due to being beaten at a very tender age. NO child should be beaten! And certainly NOT a 4 year old. Discipline – yes. Beaten – no. There is no debate.

          • ” Blah – Blah – Blah ” you say ? My Blah – Blah – Blah was in the context of your pervious comment ” A child simply mimics what they see and hear ” I sense your hostility – My intent was for you to see and ponder your own words – about a child mincing what they see and hear – Pointing out for you that a child will also mimic a parent’s choice in words they use when disagreeing with someone else’s point of view. I would like to leave with you one more bit of unsolicited advise – When you receive some reasonable advise – it is always wise to consider it – even if you do not like the source in which it is coming from. I am just putting that out there for you. I will end by say – I wish you all the best in life, and may your precious child or children grow to be wonderful adults

          • No you don’t get off that easy. Your points were not taken well at all. It was all jargon and sounded like someone who had a guilt complex and was trying to justify it. …. “ponder your own words – about a child mincing what they see and hear” Note: I never used the word, ‘mince.” What the heck is, “mince?” I said, “mimics” = copying others. I’m not a child and haven’t been one for years. Therefore do not fool yourself into thinking that you’re schooling me. You should NEVER Beat a child. TEACH them. HELP them. GUIIDE them. Once they become adults and are out of the house, it’s then up to them. BTW you have yet to give ANY reasonable advice. Maybe in your mind, but certainly not in mine (nor many others for that matter). FYI – my son is an Adult, successful and lives on his own……….NOT BEATEN.

          • ” Someone with a guilt complex and trying to justify it ” I am just wondering where you received your medical degree in Psychiatry ?
            Why so hostel ? – I beat my son’s ass – When he needed it, and I have no regrets – He turned out to be a wonderful and very successful man – any parent would be proud of. I did not TEACH – I role modeled and I NEVER called people names like ” IDIOT ” or any other disparaging names – I do not understand the anger you have , nor will I try to psycho analyze you – because I am NOT a psychiatrist , I can only guess perhaps – you are not a happy person. By the way – I was NOT trying to get off easy = It’s called – CLASS – I wish you well !

          • Don’t try and go off topic here. It’s about “beating a 4 year old.” It’s more than obvious that you’re beyond ignorant and lack education. FYI – I don’t possess a degree in Psychiatry, but rather in Psychology (similar, but not the same thing). Berkeley, Class of ’85.’ I won’t attempt to decipher the two as I’m almost certain that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. … “Why so hostel ?” The term you are ‘trying’ to refer to is, ‘hostile.” FYI – a hostel is an establishment that provides inexpensive lodging and food for those on a very low income/spending limits (something you probably know quite a lot about). …. ” – I beat my son’s ass…” Are you proud of yourself now? ” I role modeled…” Yeah, sure you did – you don’t have me convinced. Keep telling yourself that. Stop lying and saying things like, “I wish you well.” I don’t have anger, I use common sense and logic. The beginning of liking oneself is appreciating what you have (being thankful), accepting yourself, having a good relationship, comfortable income, etc. all of which I have. Never assume that because someone corrects you that they are unhappy. Some of us enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions with others. You mentioned, “CLASS” – well I have LOTS of it and I wear it well. I will not say that I wish you well because I would be lying. I believe in Karma.

          • So, you have a degree in Psychology – I have to say I am surprised by that , and I will tell you why ? I’ll take it from the top. – According to you – children at a young age are to young to do bad things on their own. Anyone with a degree in Psychology – knows that is simply – NOT TRUE – Second – ” You have to TEACH and GUIDE them ” YES – But – I am sure with your Psychology degree – One would think you would be aware that you can teach, teach and guide them until the cows come, and the best teaching is role modeling – My son had two good role models – and if you feel by my taken a wooden spoon to my son’s ” BUTTOCK ” I am a bad mother – That is your opinion. It’s NOT about you correcting me. That is ignorance, that I needed a correction. There is no correction here – It’s all about opinion – Maybe your EGO is running the show here. Third – With your Psychology degree – I would think you would know that there are some who need to convince themselves they are happy, but when behavior is contrary to that – It’s only obvious it is ( lip service) , and Your comments speak loudly to that fact….
            It’s my experience people who generally espouse their own happiness , usually do not believe it themselves , that is why they are always trying to get others to believe it. A happy person doesn’t think someone is disingenuous when they give them well wishes. They accept them graciously , and do not call them ” liars ” – Honestly – I can’t imagine anyone with class doing that. Happy intelligent people with a good self- esteem needs not to put someone down just to make themselves feel superior .
            Don’t assume that a person who believes in a spanking with a wooden spoon lives in a trailer park or a person using a wooden spoon to discipline their child and has a few computer typo’s uneducated – Your very rude and condescending comments – only solidifies for me you anger, and hostility , and unhappiness – Being that you have a Psychology degree – I am sure you know anger, and ill will, hostility are all negative and toxic to your health. Sure – It’s easy to be nasty and angry , and ugly – But I do not want to become something – I do not like – Your opinion of me wether – Vile, sick, stupid , ignorant , lacking education disgusting – it’s your opinion – FINE – That’s totally OK with me. My son was a rough kid. Time out would not have cut it for him. Your comment ” They are to young to learn bad thing by themselves ” That is NOT true – My son use to spit on playmates, he learned that on his own? I don’t think so – We did not go around spitting on each other – He would steal – We did not steal – All of this was at the age of four – When I spoke with him about his bad behavior , he’d hold his ears and begin to sing so he would not hear me speak. The only thing my son heard was the wooden spoon. You disagree – That’s OK – I base my opinion from my experience with my son. Call me a child beater , that’s fine, that’s your opinion – But that is just what it is – an opinion – As far as you thinking Karma will get me…. well I sure hope so, because after my son went off to college, and moved out… I had nothing to do… I was a stay at home mom because we had the means that I could do so – No low income here- My work was done and my son was off to do his life – My RN – license was expired cause I never renewed it in all those years and did not want to back to school – So I dedicated my years in volunteer work – Sunday School – 6 th graders for a few years – working with persons with disabilities , and now with cancer patients – – Because of our blessing, good fortune – I give back in volunteer work – So yeah – I’ll wait for KARMA – I know myself well, I know my heart – But wether you do, or do not – nor will not believe my well wishes , they are sincere. I am done with this subject ….. It is starting to give me a headache –

          • My overall (free) assessment: You are a very disturbed, insecure and disgruntled person, with very little education. If your claims were actually true, you would not have utilized so much of your time being so defensive, while trying to convince all of us here why you did the things that you did. In fact, maybe (psychologically) you were trying to justify what you have done while trying to seek approval for your actions. Your way of thinking disgusts me. Therefore, I was wrong in allowing you to utilize any of my valuable time. I really tried to help you. I generally charge ‘top dollar’ for discussions such as this. Our conversation has ended.

          • ” Help me ” ” Teach Me ” ” Guide me ” – As a top paid psychologist as you claim to be – Is it your practice to call your clients disparaging names like ” IDIOT ” and ” LIAR ” and being insulting – That was your way of trying to succeed in helping me ? If so, I have two words for you – Seek ” HELP ” As a psychologist – You MUST know people who demean others have low self esteem. They HAVE to put others down to feel better about themselves , to feel superior, and intelligent.. They boast about themselves. They simply cannot have anyone thinking anything other of them being perfect. As educated , having class, money, self acceptance, being thankful – Anyone with any kind of intelligence and self esteem would not need to demean others. ANY psychologist must less a top paying one – would know there isn’t anyone in this crazy world who has it all together as you tried to portray to me – as you had it all wrapped up in a perfectly little bundle for a happy life – As if I would think – ” OH she must be happy ‘
            I have to say – You really did believe I was stupid – As a top paid psychologist – or anyone with any class would not say to someone ” I don’t wish you well, cause I would be lying ” There are four physicians in my family – including my son. I just can’t imagine them as a physician and being well educated, demeaning anyone. He is way to intelligent put anyone down, much less be on a site on the computer arguing . If I told him or my husband or another member in my family I was on any computer site going back and fourth sharing comments and discussions, with someone so rude as yourself – I would feel a shamed , and my son would most likely roll his eyes at me. You being a top paid psychologist – What the heck are you doing on this site going back and fourth with me for days. I would think you would be much to busy and intelligent to be arguing on a computer site assessing a complete stranger on a computer , and moreover being so ignorant . This is not WEB – MD Something is very wrong with this picture – Perhaps you are the disgruntle psychologist – having the need to try to FIX someone who has long since raised a child. I would bet you have borderline personally disorder, with your rude, crude , demeaning comments,. Shame on as psychologist.. Than claiming I was trying to convince EVERYBODY that I was justifying me spanking my son 25 years ago. HOW ridiculous !! You claim to be a psychologist . Than I sure hope for your sake you , the little clients you may have – do not see this site – You might not have any of them left when they see the lack of your professionalism. Again,you should be ashamed of yourself , but I doubt you are – An addition to your possible borderline personally disorder … You have no class and a lack of breeding.

          • Geesh! You are a nut case. get some help. He told you the conversation was ended and you’re still flapping your gums. I’m not a psych major, but I know crazy when I see it. You really trying to prove your innocence here. STFU already nut-case.

          • So…One poster attempts to end the discussion more than once, the 2nd replies anyway and everything’s fine and dandy…The second poster ends the discussion but #1 replies is a “nut case” for it?

            Bias sure does make people stupid.

          • Ill tell you this Guest, you are as nutty as a fruitcake, is your 29 year old married? or he he too afraid of women from beat with a spoon by one? If you were my mother (who never hit me nor did my dad) I would have taken that wooden spoon and went upside your empty head with it. You are a real head case whose well adjusted 29 year old hopefully chooses not to have kids, because that wooden spoon mentality carries on for generations….

          • so, you’re berating Guest for the “wooden spoon” stuff, but you would smack her in the side of the head with it(possibly a fatal blow). Nice hypocrisy.

          • Quit changing the subject…..hostel/hostile? That has nothing to do with the topic at hand. So , you are the proud recipient of a Psychology degree from Bezerkley. Why am I not surprised?

          • a former girlfriend had an out-of-control 7 y.o. boy. she absolutely refused to do any sort of physical punishment; “go to your room” was it.
            she told me he almost burned the house down while she was asleep- deliberately! on a visit one time, the kid, laughing, picked up a heavy glass ashtray and threw it directly at my head for no reason. i had to restrain myself from giving him a proper correction. it was plain to see that he’d be doing life-without-parole before he was 20.

          • We have come so far.. in the wrong direction. I will openly say my generation sucks, and it’s probably because of the lack of discipline. This society could use some backpedaling in a lot of ways.

          • switches are still possibly good today, on the right person, but a 4yr old? really? what could that four year old do to deserve the “whooping” put on him by a professional athlete. theres a way to “teach” a child right from wrong. Beating him with a stick, teaches him violence is ok. It really just continues the violent cycle.

        • Your an Idiot…God said “Spare the Rod spoil the Child” You calling God out? Teach them early or have them put u n a nursing home as soon as they have the chance..No respect 4 others and No morals..Like my Granny said “This world is going 2 Hell n a handbasket”

          • Beating kids does not instil respect or morality. It instils fear. Studies show kids who are spanked do suffer incomplete brain development.

          • Really? Because I was spanked and never had any repercussions…my brain is just fine. Not agreeing with what was done but also not agreeing with that statement! You don’t give any specifics on what studies, when, or by whom to support your argument.

          • I’m sorry your situation went wrong! I can’t speak for your situation but there is a difference between spanking and abuse. They are not the same.

          • I’ve had a 4.3 gpa throughout high school. Now i’m in college. Lol. Sucks for your study. Apparently we don’t use that part of our brains.

          • I don’t think any stats say one is 100% sure to have difficulties after being abused. I’m hoping you’re not too shy to understand that many people do. Perhaps you have some compassion – somewhere in your being – that can accept that perhaps you escaped a bad situation better than some? Try to figure out that the world really does not revolve around you and your experiences. It revolves around ALL of our experiences.

            And that includes little boys being beaten on their balls with a tree branch.

          • As a matter of fact, incarceration numbers reflect that our “changes in behavioral correction methodologies” (i.e appropriate spanking versus today’s more current methods) have resulted in fewer lasting behavioral adjustments and higher incarceration. While there is to a balance between the kind of discipline methods used and the amount used, the overall and most important objective is the future of the one being disciplined. Course correction earlier (modification of behavioral habits that are not in the best interest of the future of the discipline) usually yields a less corrected (incarceration) adult. Look at the numbers. Remember, science measures something against something…. past behavior, discipline methods & results against current behavior, discipline methods, and results. Just saying!

          • Seriously? Dude, I was spanked (even with a switch sometimes, but never, EVER on bare skin) and now have multiple degrees and have carried a 4.0 throughout each one….. let’s not mix pseudoscience mumbo-jumbo with facts please. The fact is (as has been mentioned) this is a case where a professional athlete – who is in top notch physical shape – took his momentary anger out on a 4 year old child rather than being an adult and walking away.
            As a parent, I attest this is difficult to do; however, this child was 4… not 14. Walk the hell away and then come back and discuss the behavior with the child. Period.
            I firmly believe that spanking has a place in child-rearing, but abuse (and using a switch on a 4 year old’s bare skin is exactly that) should not be tolerated. This man makes millions of dollars a year entertaining people (a totally different rant there!) – one would think he would understand there would be more than a little outrage at his rage.

          • So when your child misbehaves you simply “walk away” and let them continue doing it? Please, continue to enthrall us with your heightened sense of knowledge. I hardly think abusing is the best term here either. You’d think with all those degrees, and an outstanding GPA throughout all of them, you’d be able to google the legal definition of child abuse.

          • God also says that if the kid doesn’t learn after this then you should stone him to death. Your daughter get raped? Thats ok because her rapist just has to marry her and its all settled. By the way, if you’re wearing blended fabrics right now or if you eat shrimp you’re going to burn in hell. Your silly book of lies has no place here, sheep.

            So yes, I am calling out your imaginary friend. Grow up and think for yourself, idiot.

          • No sounds to me like he has actually read the thing. If you only listen to the man standing in the front, you miss all the rest. Everything he said is in the book. But to expand, if you eat any creature from the sea that does not have scales it is a sin, not just the shrimp. If the man who raped your daughter she also must be stoned, the blended fabrics right from the bible, it is actually been expanded to me any un natural fabrics as well, so polyester is out! The book was written by men to try to control others that were of a lesser standing within the community. To control them to take away their freedom, to take their prosperity. To make them subservient . The bottom line is he went to far. I had a switch used on me and it never looked like that. You would never use a switch on bare skin. He was mad and then punished his son without calming down first. The anger he had was then taken out on his son. This us a recipe for abuse. A parenting class needs to be taken here. It is and was abuse in this case.

          • Lol yes it’s very clear you both are of the group that has gotten all their bible education straight Fromm the internet.

          • Have you actually read the bible, nit just gone to church, but read the bible cover to coverI have over a dozen times and have a degree in religious studies from a christian university. The internet has some good and some bad and some very bad information. I think getting the information directly from the source is the best way to do it. Read the bible, it is the only way to know exactly what it says. That is what it actually command you to do. Also you may some day realize there are many passages from the bible and books that were left out on purpose. Study then come back and tell me about the internet. I bet all you do is go to church once a week, listen to what a man says and then forgets it the minute you leave. Do you go to Bible study? What are you basing your comment on. Mine are on the facts of what is written in the bible. Are yours actually the ones from the internet. Please learn what a sin is according to the bible, you may very well be committing a mortal sin and not even know it by eating shell fish or pork, or to be more accurate the meat of a rooting animal.

          • It’s not what goes into the mouth that causes one to sin, it’s what comes out of the mouth. Food, after digested is released out of the body!! But, what comes out of the mouth can do a lot of harm.

            Woman with a spiritual conection to God!!!!

          • U preach what u really do not understand. Read the bible new and old. Then get back to me.. and yes I have if you where wondering. Bible studies 3 years.

          • All u people on here are unbelievable yall act like yall are perfect and never got a ass whooping with a switch when yall were younger or yall never wiped your childs with one its called discipline ever Child needs it know and again . just because adrain plays for the NFL yall think he is a bad guy? Realky grow the hell up and act like a adult the man should still be aloud to play football. He is actually a good guy I have met him in his home town of Palestine texas rite up the road from my town.

          • Paul, in the new testament explains why its now ok to eat pork. Given that swine are known for caring parasites and they could not test for them easily then, the consequence of the ‘sin’ would have been your own demise.

          • Actually the start of not eating pork is in the old testament. The jewish bible ! The jewish people do nit believe in the new testament, they do not believe it is of God. The sin is eating the meat of a rooting animal. If we actually ate other animals that rooted that too would be a sin, nit just swine.

          • Actually the Jewish people do believe in God. They do not believe in Jesus as being a Messiah. Instead they think of him as being more of a philosopher i.e. smooth talker, etc.

          • No one said jewish don’t believe in God, they actually believe in the same God as christians. The jewish bible is the old testament, the do nit read the new testament or consider it to be part of their “Bible” you need to deside which it is that you want the jewish people to believe was he a philosopher or a smooth talker etc. They quite frankly believed the latter, to them he was a smooth talker a con man, he was not the son of God. I believe this came up when someone stated that eat pork was ok now as it was explained in the new testament . That the reason it was not ok in the old testament was because of parasites and they could nit be tested for. Well guess what they could not test for parasites when the new testament was written either. It had nothing to do with parasites. It was because you could not eat a rooting animal, pig or anything else. You see people who only want to follow the parts of the bible they believe in will try to change it to say what they want so they suddenly are no longer the sinner. It is all or nothing with religion, either you believe or you don’t, you DO NOT get to pick and chose . You want that start your own religion.

          • Thank you sir, you have my respect. People rely on the bible , the entire bible to be correct. Unfortunately, the fact is it was written by men, and even if you believe that God told them what to write we are still relying that they git it right. The infoulability of man will always be there. And the view of other religions that Jesus was nothing more than a opportunist, who took advantage of people and their vulnerabilities. The major problem I see in most religions is when they add additional character to the mix. They need Jesus, Mohamed, a profit in Brigham Young, someone anyone to keep it new and continue to attract new believers. It is needed because of the nature of human beings. In Christianity we still have the second coming, something to look forward to to keep us interested. I know this will offend many, but, it us needed to keep religion as it has evolved alive.

          • Although I gave your comments a thumbs up. Please note that I’m female 🙂 Thanks for your input, “sir.” 🙂

          • funny, seems to me that most of Jesus’ followers, and those that started the first church, were all Jews. they accepted him for the Christ. those that didn’t were expecting the Messiah to be a great warrior king riding in on a white stallion. Jesus was the Prince of Peace who rode in on a donkey.

          • Is you bible only the new testament? I thought it was the whole bible that counts, old and new. If you want to just follow the new, realize you my not get into the kingdom of heaven if you willfully ignore the old testament.

          • Actually 13 years in catholic school. I’ve read that book several times. It was a great book as long as you left out all the parts that you dont agree with at the time. Sounds like that’s where you obtained your biblical knowledge.

          • Sean Hurt? More like butt hurt. Pretty hypocritical of you to call this person a sheep and to think for himself when obviously you are throwing out every stereotype there is about the Bible that can be found on the internet. Very original *sarcasm*. And very untrue if you’ve actually read the damn thing.

          • Yes I see you do a lot of thinking for yourself Sean and probably because you’re Hurt, and you even have a really bright young disciple below Grmpyii, hopefully he will take notes I know I certainly have taken notes of things I’ve learned from / about you in this short time. 1. have a nice camera 2. promote opportunities to get little boys in restrooms with little girls (not sure how the camera relates to this but I trust you know what you are doing). 3. look for opportunities to appear caring, especially if you can manage to drag a God you don’t believe in into your passionate display of contempt for all things sound, reason, and just. Good plan. Carry on, just know you’re not as invisible as you think people think you are.

          • You probably meant to say “You’re….” but as we move on…..are you usually this adept at taking Biblical quotes out of context, and misunderstand that some are metaphorical? When the SAME Bible says to “take the LOG out of your own eye before you take the speck out of the eye of your neighbor”, what do YOU think that means? To those of us who know the Scripture and know the Author, some of your comments are pathetically sad…………

          • God didn’t say spare the rod spoil the child..solomon did…proverbs was written by solomon…a man not God…ya genius…

          • God wrote the entire Bible. All scripture is God breathed 2 Timothy 3:16.
            Every word is the very word of God According to the Bible.

          • God did not say that.

            Solomon said “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes”. Solomon also burned children in a fiery oven to Moloch.

          • Bill … It’s beating them that will cause them to leave you in the dirtiest, cheapest, nastiest “nursing home” they can find when you are older. They aren’t ever going to visit either.

          • First of all, if you are going to call someone else an “idiot,” try learning the difference between “your” and “you’re”

            second of all “God” did not “say” anything. And the expression “spare the rod and spoil the child” is from a poem written in the 1600s by Samuel Butler.

            You ignorant “religious” types are ruining this country.

          • The Bible actually says..”Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.”
            Proverbs 13:24

          • “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is CAREFUL to discipline them.” Also, my question is, how do we know what, “spares” meant in biblical times? Did it mean NOT to use it or did it mean the opposite? That’s why I don’t count on the bible. I just practice common sense and think for myself.

          • The rod was used by shepherds to keep
            sheep in line…shepherds didn’t beat their sheep with a rod. Beating kids with a tree BRANCH is WRONG and God will tell you it is.

          • The “rod” in question was a reference to the rod used by shepherds to keep sheep in line…shepherds didn’t beat their sheep with a rod, they corralled and controlled them, keeping them from going astray.

            Discipline IS important, but it doesn’t mean beating a kid bloody.

          • Violence against children is the main cause of violence in the world. Treat children with love, respect, and care, and that is how they will treat others. This is what all the statistics show, and what pediatricians and the vast majority of psychologists will tell you.

            Regarding your quote from the Old Testament, those were savage times. Did you know that there were no laws against child abuse? And that the Isrealites not only practiced Genocide, including killing babies and children, but would spare the virgins of their enemies and rape them-also force them into marriage, a contiual rape.

            I don’t believe for a moment that it was God who said to hurt, abuse and kill children. It takes human beings to do that.

          • I don’t believe that a 4 year old should be punished this way. Also, “Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child” can be interpreted in 2 ways:
            Spare The Rod (don’t use it)
            Spoil The Child (spoil the kid)
            Spare The Rod (don’t spare the rod)
            Spoil The Child (you won’t spoil the kid)
            Who knows? I guess it depends on who’s interpreting it.

          • I’ll call your God out…Here I am you imaginary psychopath, come and get me.

            Ohhh…no lightning bolts, maybe he’s busy not existing.

          • God did NOT mean beat kids with a TREE BRANCH. If you think God meant to abuse kids then you better read the bible and UNDERSTAND it . You are misinterpret it. How can anyone with a heart do this to a child???? Oh but vick fighting dogs is wrong hu? Bet you ignore how God talks about dogs in the bible! He compares them to things that are disgusting.

        • Really? So I’m abusing my kids if I use a flip flop? Oh wait…if I use a wet noodle? Do you even realize how ridiculous that statement is?!?

          • No, you’re just admitting that you didn’t do the job when the concerns were small enough that you didn’t have to beat on them or hurt them. If you do something wrong at work, is your boss allowed to beat you?

          • I’m sure he is not but please let me interject here….The police WILL kick your *** if you do not comply with the orders “instructions” they give you!… just sayin.

          • Hahaha…an expected and still absurd answer. For someone who claims to “know the Bible” and it’s Author, I would think you would have a better answer and higher standards for your family. And we wonder why our society is the way it is yet we fail to discipline our children. In no way am I condoning what AP did…but that does not mean we shouldn’t discipline our kids…every child needs discipline and if you’re going to tell me otherwise, you’re part of the problem of this world. As you know the Bible so well, we’ll be held responsible for what we did with what He gave us one day.

          • Why hit them at all? What’s wrong with your parenting skills that you can’t teach them to behave without resorting to violence? I have two sons, ages 6 and 10. I have never hit either one of them in their entire lives. I have treated them with love and respect,and they are polite, respectful, and well-behaved.

          • That’s great for you…I don’t think you can really judge my parenting skills just because I choose to spank. And because I spank doesn’t mean I abuse my kids. Everyone seems to be missing the point about spanking…when done correctly and with love, not out of anger, it works. Someone who really loves their kids will discipline. If you choose not to spank, that’s your prerogative. I understand not everyone can handle it and if that’s the case, then I fully agree, don’t do it if you can’t control yourself. My kids are some of the happiest, joyful, peaceful, loving, kind, gracious, respectful, God-loving kids around, and anyone will tell you that.

          • or for defending yourself when some undisciplined child matures and is release in a society without discipline and hasn’t learned that he/she can’t just take your money… or your stuff… or your ________ fill in the blank.

        • WRONG! you should NOT use your hand! it carries a lot of force and can really do some damage. if you must spank a kid, use something that stings momentarily and won’t cause any real damage. if your aim is to truly harm the child, That is abuse.

      • Dude, you’re an idiot if you think the guy would use a hammer. At least use something more along the lines of a belt or something like that. He’s not an abuser, I had a switch used on me and it hurt but I don’t think my parents abused me, if it were an extension cord then maybe we can start saying he’s an abuser!

        • Good – he’s not an abuser – so when can I drop by to hit you on your balls with a tree branch. Remember – if it’s OK to do to a 4 year old, your tiny balls should be OK in a day or two, huh?

          Oooops, sorry, you have a slit in your pants, not a pair of balls, never mind……

          • Joe Mckenzie, do you feel better now that you called me a woman! I hope it did because you too are a dumb ass! I never said it was ok that he used a switch however as someone who has had a switch used on them I think I would no first hand what it is to be hit with one. He disciplined his son the way he was disciplined when he was growing up but he went a little further than he should’ve when he hit his private! That was wrong however disciplining his son once like that doesn’t make him a child abuser. Again, if he didn’t hit him in his private I wouldn’t have had as big a problem with it. So read and understand what I’m saying before you decide to come on here and attack who I am like a little school girl, what he did was wrong, but it’s far from what should be classified as abuse. The boy didn’t have to go to the hospital and be stitched up, have broken bones, bloody lip of black eyes or any thing of that nature! Hopefully this clears up things for you!!!

          • You are a ball-less wonder. If you identify with a woman, so be it. Knock yourself out! You think that the number of times a grown man whips a four year old with a switch? I understood you perfectly, you tiny little piece of sht. AP drew blood from multiple places on a four year old body….as long as his scrotum isn’t touched you’re OK with it. So yeah, I understand that you condone child abuse you little bitch.

            You can call me a school girl if you want. I’d rather be a schoolgirl than a little turd that condones hitting a four year old boy multiple times, drawing blood and requiring medical attention.

            I understand just what a little fucking cunt you are.

          • A man doesn’t degrade females as weak in a sorry attempt to refute someone else’s opinion on the internet. To call such a person as yourself a woman would be an insult to my gender, but if you think making such comments is somehow manly your parents failed you by not raising you to be socially fit.

          • Your definition of “civilized” does not concern me one bit, bitch!

            Thanks for standing up for what Hector Cruz said, you’re a real piece of shit yourself! I guess you feel using a switch ins’t child abuse. So I don’t care if you do have a cunt in your pants or not. you’re a fucking asshole for defending child abuse, BITCH! Now, go wash those maggots out of your infected cunt!

          • I’m stupid because you say so. Well the stupid person must be you since you have a vocabulary so small that you have to reside to vulgar language and put downs to try and make your point. If you feel like acting like a garbage mouth loser who needs to spew that language then go for it!!! Guess what loser, you can act like a big bad ass behind a computer but I guarantee that you wouldn’t say it to my face but it’s ok keep acting like a big bad dude. I’m not going to continue to argue with you. I will tell you one last time, see if you can get this thru your head, which hopefully you can comprehend since I just explained to you that your vocabulary is small!!! I said, now read this carefully, read it twice if you don’t understand what I’m saying, I don’t condone child abuse, but a child can get disciplined if they do something wrong and having been hit with a switch I know what it can do and he went to far when he hit him with out his clothes on but I don’t think that AP is a child abuser!!! I’m sure that HE wouldn’t kill a son after just having lost one!!!! Did I make it perfectly clear now or do I need to go slower. Child abuse is not ok but disciplining a kid is ok but it needs to be done with out causing that kind of damage to a child!!! Chew on that and see if you can manage to not bother me with any more of your poor vocabulary.
            Yes a switch is not abuse as is an electrical cord, or a pan, or something else that would kill a kid or break bones. I’m done talking and explaining myself to you. Have a good day!

          • You little shitball! A switch IS abuse – fuckhead! Why else is Peterson indefinitely suspended? Why is it you are so fucking stupid?

          • You are a fucking moron who condones child abuse with switched – and yes, I’d say it to your fucking pussy ass face any day =- fucking moron!

            When Peterson is convicted of Child Abuse your fucking pussy ass won’t be anywhere to be found – will lit cunt?

          • You’re to funny! I wish you would say it to my face so I could laugh at you because I wouldn’t waste my time or take the chance of getting charges brought on me for putting you in the hospital! And if you don’t understand English then your vocabulary isn’t the only thing that is lacking, so is your comprehension, so let me make it clear. I don’t condone child abuse, or I should probably say it two ways, it’s not okay with me for a man OR a woman to abuse a child in anyway! He was raised getting hit with a switch instead of a belt so if he used that then that’s what he did and I’m not okay with the way he left those marks on his son. Now please stop messaging me back unless you have to have the last word, which it sounds like you are the type of person that does so I’m pretty sure you’ll come back with a foul language laced response because that’s the only way you know how to interact with people. Anyways, have a splendid day!

          • First, it would be “You’re TOO funny” – please, learn English, OK?

            Second, simply b/c AP was raised a certain way, him repeating it does not make it right. If a person were sexually abused as a child and then had a boy and fondled him, by your reasoning, he wouldn’t be a sex offender. It’s the same lame excuse EVERY child abuser uses.

            Third, “Anyways” is not a word. Please learn the English language.

            Fourth, if that is scrawny little you in your avatar, I’ve got about 50 lbs on you and I’d say what I’ve said and a whole lot more if I ever had the displeasure of meeting a child abuse defender. And yes, he is a child abuser and yes, you’re defending his actions by what his father did to him.

            Fifth, you’re an idiot posing as someone with original thought. Proof? You still don’t know the difference between to, too and two.

            Sixth, filthy language is a choice, your stupidity is what and who you are.


            Peterson grabbed a tree branch (which he referred to as a “switch”), removed the leaves and struck the child repeatedly with the stick.

            The beating allegedly resulted in numerous injuries to the child, including cuts and bruises to the child’s back, buttocks, ankles, legs and ****scrotum****, along with defensive wounds to the child’s hands.

            Peterson sent a text message to the boy’s mother, saying that one wound in particular would make her “mad at me about his leg. I got kinda good wit the tail end of the switch.”


            Peterson said via text message to the child’s mother that he “felt bad after the fact when I notice the switch was wrapping around hitting I (sic) thigh”

            Peterson said via text message “Got him in nuts once I noticed. But I felt so bad, n I’m all tearing that butt up when needed! I start putting them in timeout. N save the whooping for needed memories!”


            Peterson said via text message “Never do I go overboard! But all my kids will know, hey daddy has the biggie heart but don’t play no games when it comes to acting right.”

            The child said “Daddy Peterson hit me on my face.”


            The child expressed worry that Peterson would punch him in the face if the child reported the incident to authorities.


            The child said that he had been hit by a belt and that “there are a lot of belts in Daddy’s closet.”


            The child said that Peterson put leaves in his mouth when he was being hit with the switch while his pants were down.


            The child told his mother that Peterson “likes belts and switches” and “has a whooping room.”


            Peterson, admitted to the police that he had “whooped” his son on the backside with a switch as a form of punishment.

            Peterson also admitted to the police that he administered two different “whoopings” to his son.



      • You’re absolutely right!, what would happen if he used a snickers bar to hit him, his hunger might have been satisfied, HOW AWFUL!!! Your jump from switch to hammer is stupid, I mean come on.

      • man….a hammer? youre the lunatic. try to jump back to traditions and upbringings. MANY……MAANNNNY families used switches, flip flops, belts, telephone cords……we were brought up that way. at first i saw it in the news and thought wtf…..time for jail. then i saw details. HE WASNT ABUSING HIS SON, he got in a few licks before it was “a lot”. it just takes a moment for welts to pop up. by the time youre done getting your ass whooped with a switch you honestly look like a zebra.
        so his son indirectly tells a cop. Adrian then goes “damn, i better step up”. the bad parent tries to hide it instead of grow with his son and allow his son to learn from it. the bad parent finishes the job WITH A HAMMER simply so he wont be televised and throw his NFL career away. Peterson put his face, his career on the line to show you ‘look its an ass whooping. i got it when i was young, and now im an NFL RB’, my son got his and it got out TO PEOPLE ALL OVER WHO THINK DIFFERNTLY OF ASS WHOOPINGS.’
        you see? once its in THEIR hands its all fucked up, but if no one knew, and Peterson raised a smiling, happy son who became successful after learning from his mistakes, everyone wouldve said “you did a fine job Adrian”

        • Had thieves in my store, shoplifting. Their “excuse” to the cops? “Well, that’s how our parents used to make extra money when we were kids. They stole stuff and sold it at flea markets.” So – that’s what these two “learned as kids” – so I’m now supposed to say, Oh, OK, well, as long as you learned it from your parents, I guess it’s alright! Yeah.

      • He didn’t use a hammer. He used a switch.

        I didn’t beat my kids often… maybe a handfull of times. But One time in particular my daughter got her ass beat pretty good – to the point she had welts. She found and brought several bullets to school. How else are you going to make sure they don’t repeat the act unless they know what happens when you do the wrong thing.

        She is 22 now and in the Navy. Ask her if she was abused by her dad. When growing up it was common for my mom or dad ( or my neighbors mom and dad ) to use a switch on us.

        I didn’t like it at the time, but I got the message.

      • Funny you choose to ignore the sentence after that where he clearly defines what abuse is, in which case a hammer obviously would fall under that category?

      • so you think the same parent that whips with a switch will next time whip with a hammer? there may be some undealt with abuse issues in your comments…

      • SMan…I’m 54…both my parents were “spanked” with a leather belt and or a switch from a tree. My Mom also said they leave welts with not much effort. She spanked us with a wooden spoon until she it her hand with it…then decided her hand was best. WE as a society are too quick to judge. You may not spank your children and think what he did was wrong…and in today’s society we feel like we have the right to judge everyone else…we don’t. So let the facts come out and the chips fall…it might look much worse than it is…I’m not a Viking Fan; and I’d be happy as a Packer Fan if he didn’t come back to play. However, I think he is a nice man…and people make mistakes…there are men out their and women who have done far worse to a child and we do nothing as a society. I’m sure he will be the first person to find another way to discipline his child.

      • What if he uses a gun next time? Is dead “JUST WHAT HAPPENS?” You Sman are an idiot and make EXTREME connections where there are none lol. If you’ve never been hit by a branch/stick/whatever than how can you give your misguided opinions and believe them to be reality?

      • The only lunatic is you using the slippery slope fallacy, and making a loaded statement (fallacy = “what if he uses a hammer next time”, implying that he’s going to go for deadlier means, loaded statement = “investigated for abuse yourself” implying guilt of abuse with no substantial evidence to support your claim).

    • Try looking up the definition of “child abuse”, state by state. This is the internet, it’s easy to do. For Texas, it states, “physical injury that results in substantial harm to the child or the genuine threat of substantial harm from physical injury to the child, including an injury that is at variance with the history or explanation given and excluding an accident or reasonable discipline by a parent, guardian, or conservator that does not expose the child to a substantial risk of harm.” Look at the pics. If you don’t see “substantial harm” there, you’re blind. The law enforcement agency where he was indicted said that what he did exceeded the local standards for discipline. Clearly he abused his child, by law, this big, strong, muscled pro football player. He can’t even claim it was an accident, after how may whips drew blood? Sorry that it appears you did a lousy job parenting yourself, but it wasn’t because you didn’t beat him with a stick when he was four. It’s probably just because you were a lousy parent. And for the rest of you that say “bravo” to this bully, I hope none of you have kids, and if you do, I hope your posts here are monitored.


        Other forms of deliberate assault that may be physically abusive include burning, scalding,biting, kicking, cutting, poking, twisting a child’s limbs, deliberately withholding food, binding, gagging, choking, or hitting the child with a closed fist or other instrument. Any form of corporal punishment may be abusive if it results in injury.

        physical injuries resulting from child abuse can run the gamut from bruises, burns, and lacerations, to head injuries, broken bones, broken teeth, and damage to internal organs. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, internal or external bleeding, impaired mobility, delayed development, malnutrition, convulsions, coma, or even death.

        • Please. This child has had a switch applied to the back of his legs. I don’t envy him, but not so long ago a whole bunch of us now adult, decent citizens were punished in the very same way. We don’t need you to recite all of the barbaric ways to abuse children and giving any of the sub-human parents new ideas. I will never know where common sense escaped to. Adrian Peterson may have stepped over the line. I don’t agree with what he did to his child. BUT! He is NOT a Child Abuser. He was simply following the example that his parents raised him with.

          • Have you seen the pictures? Back and front of his legs, his arms, his hands in the defensive position (guarding his face) his scrotum – you like all that? On a FOUR YEAR OLD kid? What horrible thing are we guessing he did to deserve that from a professional football player that could kill someone with his bare hands?

          • No. The only pictures I saw were of welts and blood on the back of the child’s legs. I must say that I DO NOT agree in physical punishment on any level. The photos I DID see turned my stomach, but I wasn’t ready to rush to the conclusion that he was a child abuser. Defensive wounds on his arms and injuries to his scrotum would ENTIRELY negate my previous comment.

          • Guarding his face? Where is that information? I remember trying to cover my rear, and getting more punishment for trying to avoid the original punishment, but I don’t recall anywhere reading that he hit the child’s face.

          • A grown man hits his son in his scrotum and you’re debating whether the kid tried to protect himself?


          • Look at all of the rapists and murderers in prison. They were also beaten with switches, so I’d say it’s safe to assume that beating a child with a switch has no impact on their conduct in adulthood, it only serves as an outlet of frustration for parents who are incapable of disciplining their children

          • Sorry. ALL of YOU have reminded me that it is not MY place to judge Parents. Apparently it is the PARENTS jobs to judge each other’s parenting abilities. Saying really mean things to me must have cut a little of your time from loving Junior and reading him a bedtime story. For this I apologize.

      • Not sure what Texas law sees as substantial harm. I couldn’t get a clear definition from any website, but in MN for there to be substantial bodily harm there needs to be a temporary disfigurement or loss of function such as a broken bone. Could be different in Texas on what substaital bodily harm means but idk. Just because you look at it and think it’s substantial doesn’t mean that the law sees it that way.

      • He who has no sin cast the first stone. People we are judging. No one knows this man true intent, or what’s in his heart. Anyone from old school knows what a switch is, and yes it’s a tree branch, and it leaves marks, but call it what it really is and stop blowing this out if purportion. To bad for Adrian Peterson, and to bad for his son, hope this dosen’t create a block between father and son. Because there’s not enough father’s around to discipline their sons as it is. And maybe that switch will help keep his son out of prison, gangs, or dead. I’m with old school, I don’t think should whip a four year old like that but I don’t know what his thouhts were, and everyone is different. Give the man a chance before we convict him and throw him away, because we all have made and still make mistakes

      • I definitely am NOT saying “Bravo,” but I do understand the injuries. My blessed 85 lb mother, was able to give me similar injuries with welts and cuts with a switch. Its sort of the nature of that instrument and not the strength of the person wielding it. Part of this might be a cultural thing, where it looks awful to some and reasonable to others. I think the true test will come with time. True abusers will go back to abusing, when parents trying their best will alter their methods. It sucks there is no other way to measure it, and for the child’s sake I hope it is a one off mistake.

    • Hopefully you don’t have children! You are no better than him… Discipline is not beating your child with an object causing bruising and bleeding all over his/her body, shoving leaves in his mouth as he does it….what child deserves that! He pushed a sibling (what all siblings do) so that warrants a lashing….disgusting….YOU are too!

    • That is not the definition of abuse. No support for abuse. And no support for enablers of abuse, like you who enable first, and are slow to act. I am sure chopping off fingers is okay discipline too right? How about you draw a line of expectations, for parents!

      The reality is, and I know this from being a kid who was raised in a whipping household, you don’t turn around a defend yourself during a whoopin. If you do, something is so bad you have lost the ability to care about any future consequences. Sheer fear keeps you in place. This was not discipline. There are defensive marks to the arms and genitals. This is bad parenting and abuse. And the kid mentions how his dad hits him in the face too.

      • You sound like a horribly angry, judgemental, and irrationale human being. To throw names around and even demand such harsh action against anyone for any reason makes you far more undeserving of oxygen than any of the people spoken about in any news article.

    • This is coming from someone who ended up with PTSD from childhood abuse and raised a good son who only experienced one spanking when he was 5. Your statements are moronic at best. It is the child that feels threatened with the loss of life that matters and not the abuser! It was only after I was dx’d with PTSD that the elephant in the room was finally resolved for as to why my brother committed suicide at 26 and why my sister died before her fiftieth. Both were alcoholics and drug addicts. Our “dear” father was a cop who held out your beliefs on punishment and what a F-ing mess my father made of his family!

    • I agree with some of what you said. Especially the part about the number of kids who are disrespecting their parents, and the parents who don’t discipline enough or at all their kids when they are younger. However, what Mr. Peterson did was reprehensible. While it is true that switches often result in drawn blood when it strikes the human skin, judging from the pictures, what Mr. Peterson did was not “too hard”, in speaking of the magnitude of the hits, but was too much. No 4 year old deserves to be hit that many times period. I am speaking as a former victim of child abuse, but as someone who absolutely condones reasonable corporate punishment; the operative word is “reasonable”. What Mr. Peterson did to his son was NOT reasonable, even if that was how his parents “disciplined” him. If this was how Mr. Peterson was disciplined, then it too was unreasonable, and thus abusive.

    • You are a twisted and sad individual. If this was done to a convicted murderer in prison, people would be saying it is cruel and unusual punishment. I have 2 kids who I never “took a switch” to. The child is 4. There are plenty of effective ways to discipline children that don’t involve child abuse. People who condone or actively discipline in this manner are raising the next generation of wife beaters and violent offenders. I hope he goes to jail for a long time and get what he deserves.

      • Ok look at these you are a Correction Officer an a inmate come up to you and punch you and step back with his hands behind his/her back an say I give up what would you do?? I got my but whip and I’m not a wife beater or violent offenders.

    • ummm…sorry j hammersley but as an educated sports die hard i can assure you your definition of abuse is a wee bit wrong. the definition of abuse does include the threat or loss of life…but if you leave a mark on a child and get caught, it’s child abuse. if the child is fearful for their own safety, that is abuse. Sorry it’s the 21st century and my 12+ years of post graduate school say he inflicted harm/injury and i’m sure that child was scared to death. peterson has a prior history with another child and his wife…he’s pathetic.

    • Are you serious!! Thankful you aren’t my parent. Maybe we should take a switch to you and see how it feels. Your a total a$$hole.

    • You are a complete idiot!!!! The kid is 4…… moron. Good parenting…….make your kid afraid of you. That makes for a healthy relationship with your Dad. So…..I guess you think Ray Rice was just putting his bitch in her place also. I want to know why you think any kid should be hit with a stick or anything. What possibly could a 4 year old do that he deserves to be beaten. He must have spilled his Cheerios. Better get a stick. You suck!!!!

    • I disciplined my children. I never hit them. They are now kind, law-abiding university students who ask for my advice about many things. Refraining from physical violence does not mean refraining from appropriate discipline.

    • INCORRECT! The second you DRAW BLOOD you are implicated in bodily harm or in a bodily harm injury- In this day and age there is NO excuse for hitting in this manner IT is child abuse and if you condone this you are an abuser yourself!

    • It is sad to see someone defend a so called man. A very talented so called man. As a Viking fan it disgusts me to see that they would put the teams interest over the health and welfare of a minor. As a father of three very active and crazy kids I remain under control even when the disobey. There are other ways to discipline your children. Smarter ways to handle children. They are just children and by nature will be disobedient at time. To beat them I to shape is just ridiculous. Adrien needs some help. His career will end but he will be a father for the rest of his life. Be an adult control your temper and treat your children with the same respect you receive on the football field.

    • Just imagine your 4 yr old coming home from the babysitter looking like that. I doubt any parent would write it off as “oh well, I’m sure he deserved it”

    • People have different forms of discipline and here in the south growing up it, was a popular way of disciplining a child. It has faded in recent years but it is nothing to go crazy over. Someone said a switch this time a hammer the next? Whoa bud. That is like saying the many that first take a drink of alcohol will inevitably becoming an alcoholic. That’s a huge step. Calm yourselves.

    • Amen! I believe in discipline too. and I had to pick a switch from a crabapple tree. I got ten and if I looked back couple more. We as a country are getting week and to PC. I turned out pretty dang good and I thank my dad for being a dad! I have respect for women and people in general. At the time of the switches not somuch. This woman is disgruntled and want a big payout. Family is family and needs to stay out of TV. She is running those kids through the left media gountlet. What if he used a belt? Would they say he used a “WWF” belt? Like the “TREE BRANCH” he beat him with. Such BS.

    • I was whip with a switch before an it made me think twice before I did that again. That is the problem with kids today, their is no discipline. I seen it from working in the Department of Correction and other events I’m in dealing with kids from age5-18yrs old. When you hear of a kid talking back, fighting and even kill their parents, first thing come to your mind where was the discipline. When you see those kids in the stores falling out , crying and even cursing them cause they want by them what they want what should they do??? Abuse is one thing but whipping is total fine cause we all need some discipline. “Spare the rod spoil the child”

    • I bet half of you who are replying don’t even have children .Kids today are a lot more advanced than yesterday and know just about every curse word available and will curse you under the table.This society is so crazy,everyone wants to tell us how to and not to discipline our children,but nothing is said or done when the police,and prison guards stomp and kick us all about our privates until we piss blood.If you really love your kids ,whoop that ass!

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! I have raised 7 children, not one of them have cursed me out, raised their hand to hit me, or are living out on the streets on drugs ( or with me). I have raised wonderful caring, children who are very wonderful additions to the society we live in, and I have never drawn blood with a switch, and yes I used them. Having been divorced twice while my children were growing up, I was a single mother for most of those years. I took my children to church, and I taught them examples of Christ-likeness by mercy and not trying to beat the devil out of them. It takes love and patience to raise a loving productive individual. You never, never, never, never, never spank or whip your child in anger. You punish them for what they’ve done to help them discipline themselves in the future. If you discipline them in anger then yes, you will probably get carried away and abuse your child. Ask some of the inmates in jails if they were beaten and abused. I’m sure you will find out that a lot of them were.

    • Are you serious, the kid is 4 years old what could he have done to diserve this.In Sweden we dont have long jailtime but for this the public in Sweden would have wanted life (14 years). I have à 4 year old at home and and i have never laid à hand on him There are other ways to dicipline youre children then beating them you Know.
      AP is a f***** ahole just lost à son and Know does this… And saying that he was raised like this is not an excuse.

    • So, when young adults act in very inappropriate ways the parents are blamed, but when parents discipline their kids to teach them right from wrong they are demonized. Which way do we want it? Let kids do whatever they want and grow up to have no boundaries, or teach them rules, laws and responsibility? To decry Adrian Peterson for his parenting is appalling when there are more important issues to deal with in our society. Like for example the fact that probably at least half of those upset with Adrian are those who defend the President and his handling of Benghazi. Four men died and the Left wants to protect, no lie, to distract us from the truth. The hypocrisy of our society today is so disturbing because it’s all about personal agendas instead of what Adrian is promoting: discipline and personal responsibility. Before you all cast stones, look in your own closet. I was switched when I was a kid and it hurt like hell, but I learned the lesson. You who are so angry with his actions ought to take a peek at the corruption in our government–if you want that kind of deceit to continue then keep pushing discipline out the window. I for one will defend law and order, but reject political correctness and deceptive spin. Do the right thing.

    • Nope. “So long as you don’t kill ’em it’s OK” is NOT the legal definition of abuse. It wasn’t even the legal definition of abuse 50 years ago.

    • I’ll bet I know why the story doesn’t bother you…..if you don’t have any balls – you never worry about them being hit with a tree branch. Come back when you have grown a pair, OK?

    • Main Entry: 1abuse
      Pronunciation: ə-ˈbyüs
      Function: noun
      Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French abus, from Latin abusus, from abuti to consume, from ab- + uti to use
      Date: 15th century
      1 : a corrupt practice or custom 2 : improper or excessive use or treatment : misuse 3 obsolete : a deceitful act : deception 4 : language that condemns or vilifies usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily 5 : physical maltreatment

    • ur fucken sick. do u have children? i hope not. i can discipline my child with a simple spanking – beating to the point of blood a FOUR YEAR OLD CHILD is sickening. i’ve NEVER hit my rowdy, strong willed son like this – and we have had some incidents. He does not steal, slap me in the face or kill people. That’s an excuse.

    • Sorry for you. I have raised 4 respectable and successful adults. You do not have to beat a child like a dumb animal to teach and raise them. If this sorry fool had beaten his dog like this he would be under more fire. Kids who are beaten are more likely to end up in prison. A fact.The sense of self esteem and self worth are diminished (clue: an adult who says the “beatings were good for me.”) Children are easily made to feel responsible for the abuse or Heaven forbid made to feel they “needed” it. The cycle then continues. The “belief in” abuse is a social ill that contributes to many more social ills. Not everything they did in the old days was better. You are not an authority on child development. You simply hit a limit quickly and run out of brain power. You know how to hit a kid-wow. No wisdom there, buddy. Best keep it to yourself.

    • jus because you got yo ass beat with a switch hard enough to draw blood every time u got urban ass beat as a child doesn’t mean everyone’s parents are as sorry as your…TRUTH!!!!that child didn’t deserve. that but obviously you do dumbass!!!!!

    • yes kids need discipline but my kid knows when she is in trouble all I have to do is a lite tap and she know I can tap her harder playing around and she thinks its funny but when she is bad at 1/2 what I do playing and she knows. if you need to use any thing besides your hand you are a punk ass pussy and to leave marks and blood but its ok because it is not the face some one needs to

    • The pictures say it all. It was ABUSE. Plain and simple. A spanking is one thing. Time out is another. This little child was BEATEN and the pictures say it all…Maybe YOU think it’s “okay” to hurt a little one such as this but I do not. SHAMEFUL.

    • Nothing stops “unruly children” like lots and lots of pain, eh? The more pain the better, so long as we don’t cause “permanent damage”. How about hooking them up to a shock collar and giving them an extremely painful shock every time they step out of line? Or maybe implanting a probe into the pain receptors in their brain and then activating it until they pass out will teach them a lesson. Won’t even leave a mark!

    • Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation”; or

      “An act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.”


      Your definition is invalid.

      Being whipped with a stick multiple times and drawing blood is going to some physical harm and probably some serious emotional harm.

      No excuse to whip a child.

    • I agree. It on his leg and butt. I’m sure he’s sorry after but your children need to learn early that when dad says stop or go or clean up after your self, “do it and don’t talk back.
      The man is just doing the hard part of parenting so you don’t have to worry about this kid acting out in school disrupting your student or bulling your kid because he know he will get in trouble.
      Have you ever seen a kid that has had no spanking? They grow up and become real problems for others until they are about 26 if they are lucky. If not they keep behaving badly and end up in jail for crimes against people like you or someone we love. Then we pay taxes while they are in jail learning from other people that also lack discipline. Look up the word discipline and you will see Mr Peterson was doing what he thought was right.

    • you clearly have your own issues going on here. There are many many other ways to discipline a child that does not require to be hit with a stick/switch. and if your kid comes back at you and runs his mouth with whatever, you did not do your job as a parent, but that still does not have anything to do with hitting your child. how about just saying NO and punishing. Or re-directing the child before you lose it in anger. there are far too many children today who do not respect their parents because no boundaries were ever given to the child. still does not condone this type of hitting. He just lost it and needs more than parenting classes. These kids don’t come with “how to do it books” and we all need help with our kids. this is so old school like telling your child “wait until your father gets home” the child no longer knows what he is being punished for and its not fair to the parent coming home. No excuse no excuse no excuse. Just because it was done to him doesn’t make it ok to keep doing it to his son. People grow and evolve and he didn’t.

    • You are a complete idiot. My Parents never abused me. They had the common sense and the intellect to communicate what’s right from wrong before I did something wrong. You must be a fricking martian. An alien from a different planet. It’s 2014! Maybe if you need to hit a kid in order for you to get your point across YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE KIDS! I’m numb to your comments and sick to my stomach. You have no idea what abuse is… You need counseling. I hope you don’t have kids and never procreate or we are all in trouble. Idiot.

    • Wow. Talk about unevolved. People beat their children because the children mirror thing they hate in themselves.I spanked my youngest son twice. Both times he put himself in a dangerous position where hecould have really hurt hhimself. Both times I waited till I was calmed down. Don’t do it when you’re angry cuz then you’re you’re just venting your emotions on a defenseless person. That’s an act of a small insecure person. And don’t do it on a regular basis. Cuz then the kid just won’t care. I know I was smacked around on a regular basis, and I just got good at keeping the adults ignorant about what I was up to. He didn’t punish the 4 year old. He tore yhat ass up. A.P.s own words. He was mad and beat a child to release the stress of anger. What a small scared man he appears to be. At least to us that are evolved.

    • i agree with you generally on the point of discipline. but, in Peterson’s case, he was excessive. one or two moderate hits on the child’s bottom would’ve been sufficient, and he should have used an implement with less striking force, like a light belt, etc.
      these New Age idiots that think just “punishment” is depriving the kid of cookies with their milk are nuts.

    • You are a PIECE OF SHIT. He uses a tree limb he shoved leaves down the FOUR year old mout YOU piece of shit. I bet you want mike vick hung tho ,right??? but beat a CHILD and YOUR SORRY ASS is okay with that.SMH

    • I think your DOG need his blood drawn ,that will teach him a lesson. Now watch all the F tards get crazy over a God dann dog getting beat but perfectly fine to beat a kid you piece of SHIT

  6. Yes it seems extreme. So does this mean ever time a father or mother spanks their child should lose their job? This nation has become overreactive to so many situations. No child or wonam should ever be abused. Growing up in the seventies children got “the belt” or whatever was deemed necessary by the parent, back when kids played outside and ate dirt. Put yourself in his position do you think you shpuld lose your job for discipling you child?

    • The sad thing is that these posts are right underneath the PICTURES OF THE WELTS AND BLOOD! Why do you ask if a parent “spanks” their child, should they lose their job? Does one action (spanking) equal the other (whipping with a tree branch)? Jesus, think before you type shit.

  7. Horrible,,,,,,I guess Peterson is more valuable a player to his team than Rice is…!! I don’t condone either one of these actions, but apparently it is ok to beat your kid, but not your wife,,,Minnesota, should put him on suspension pending Peterson completing a course on how to raise a child…..

  8. No child should have marks on their body.

    This is abuse. Nothing more.

    Specialist all will tell you causing physical pain does not teach kids anything but fear and to inflict pain.

    Watch Jo Frost (Super Nanny). She teaches dicipline that does not involve physical pain. That is what I use and my child is so well behaved people often ask what I do.

    There is no excuse and this is not about people’s choices as parents.

    Kids have no choices or rights? Sorry bullshit.

    Kids deserve a home with love and happiness.

    It’s not a right to privacy if you beat your child.



    • Does it rain money in your world!!! Like some have said on this board not all punishments work the same on all kids some kids need a whooping plain and simple

  9. I think he should be suspended from playing football, put on probation so he can’t leave the state, have supervised visits with is children, and most importantly he needs parenting and anger management help. Going to prison wouldn’t help him or his children. Also him, his ex-wife, her husband/boyfriend, and his children need to go to therapy to learn how to deal with this and go on from there. He needs help so as long as he admits he needs help and proves that he is getting help, then I see no reason why he can’t play football. The other alternative or in addition to what I already said is to have him strip down to his underwear and have a man bigger then him give him a whipping with a switch. That way he will know how his 4 year old son felt.

    • Best post I’ve read here! He and Rice can learn and grow. They can go to shelters and work with men who’ve been abusers, or come from an abusive background – and women and children who have been abused. Help to bring awareness to this epidemic in our country and really do something positive with their respective situations.

      I worked with abused homeless children for years….and the reasons and excuses are always the same from their parents. AP is the broken record I’ve heard too many times. The same with those here who support him and justify beating children with objects until it leaves marks and draws blood. Those here who support his actions would cry like babies with one of those strikes of a switch….but they’re all “big men’ now! Striking a FOUR YEAR OLD with a tree branch is NEVER, EVER OK.

      • Yep let everyone who thinks this is ok drop their pants and get whipped with a switch by a man way bigger then them, like the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or one of those UFC fighters, and then we will see if they agree with this being done to a 4 year old. Oh and don’t forget they have to get whipped in the scrotum area too, just like he did to his son. 🙂

    • Yea that will solve the problem 4 sure..Send the Kids 2 to Therapy….then they will REALLY feel insecure…Therapy starts at Home with the belt or switch…that teaches respect and Honesty…You Sheep need to follows what GOD says not the Law.Spare the rod spoil the child he has INSTRUCTED us….You will not have elbow room in Hell Linda

      • Really? You sound like you have had a good education. Throwing quotes like you are are religious and that you believe that God thinks that it is ok for a huge strong man to whip a 4 year old about 10 times with a switch. Since you think it is no big deal you should stand in your underwear and have a friend bigger and stronger than you whip you with a switch and then you can tell me it’s no big deal. I thought being whipped with a switch was what they did in the past as punishment, I had no idea people still did that. Hopefully since you are so smart you do know what a switch is and that they use to whip slaves with switches and to me that is horrible but I guess to you it’s no big deal. Oh well I am glad Mr. Peterson regrets what he has done and is getting help. Hopefully he will use his anger and aggression just on the football field from now on and not on his kids.

  10. Seriously people, there is a fine line between discipline and child abuse. I think that he has crossed the line. This is child abuse. I don’t care how you grew up. Last I checked in todays society you leave any marks ,scrapes, bruises, or welts on a child, your parental rights need to be questioned. This A** clown should be fined, parental rights removed and removed from the field. I get that @bilcosby:disqus thinks its OK to beat your child senseless, This is 2014 not 1890. There is a way to discipline your child to respect elders and others, I have no problem correcting my kids.. What the F*** is your excuse.. Oh, that’s right you beat them with a switch… What a JACKHOLE

    • Everything is about the intent. Do people think that Adrian Peterson intended to do more than discipline his kids? Does Adrian Peterson have any history of abusing anyone other than the grown men who try to tackle him on the football field? If your answer is “i’m not sure, or I don’t know’ then stop trying to be the judge on this man’s character. Some parents need to be questioned. Others are doing the best they can. If every parent who disciplined their child and left a mark were prosecuted, there would be a bunch of foster kids.

      • I will judge the character of any “man” who believes in drawing blood to get a four year old to behave. I will judge his judgement, his character, as well as his right to be a parent anymore.

        • You people are amazing. Your own words are “I will judge any man who believes in drawing blood….” This is what I’m saying. If that was his intent, then yeah, you have a point. I don’t believe it was his intent to draw blood. That’s where people like you don’t have the right to question his right to NEVER be a parent anymore. The man said he felt bad after the incident, and I believe him. AP has been a stand up citizen and role model in the NFL who has done amazing things. I don’t know you so I’ll leave this alone. But you don’t have a right to judge him. Good luck to you and anything you do in life.

          • So according to you, as long as he has good intentions it’s ok? No as they say, ” the road to hell is paved in good intentions”. His intention was to BEAT a four year old boy with a stick. So, yes…. I call his judgment into question and sure as heck draw his character as well. He said he “felt bad” but he was also unapologetic until he got suspended. I suppose your ok with Ray Rice also? He was just depending himself and didn’t “intend” to knock her out. Intent, geeez, where I come from a man is responsible for his actions plain and simple…intent is just used to justify a very, very poor choice. Geez officer, I just intended to get home to my family, sorry I drove drunk and injured someone. You would have to be a MORON to bloody a child and not know your breaking he law and your intent is irrelevant.

          • not sure how one could say he is a stand up citizen and a role model. Why? Because he can run with the ball? not sure how you can tell a is a stand up citizen by the way he plays a sport.
            Last I heard, he has a few kids with different women, doesn’t take care of all of them. Didn’t he just lose a child to the hands of that child’s mother’s boyfriend. Great citizens take that stuff to heart and are usually ultra sensitive to the issue at hand. AP of all people should be extra aware of “disciplining your child” and what it can cause.
            last I heard, he was and is a deadbeat father to “some” of his kids. Great role model… pick and chose which of YOUR kids to take care of.

          • A real father can protect his kids from the evils of the world, teach them respect, and not bloody them. Apparently, he injured another of his kids. But according to you, he is a stand up guy and it’s all good as long as he has goooooood intentions!!

          • Mr Brown, What do you think AP’s intent was? Looks like he intended to bully and brutalize a 4 year old child. Lets play the respect card athletes love to do that don’t diss me. What type of respect did that child get or learn? Lets be blunt,2014 a black man whipped his son. Does anyone see anything wrong with that? When does the cycle of abuse end? Is anyone outraged? If you need a switch to get a point across to a 4 year old child YOU need help!! Plenty of ways to discipline a 4 year old. That isn’t on the list.

          • Nelson you are a dumbass. You speak of intent, but what about common sense. What do you think is going to happen when you take a tree branch and whip a small boy with it. You will draw blood. He knew it because he said it was how he was whipped as a boy. So obviously his intent was to draw blood.

  11. He did no spank his son. He whipped his son and the toddler felt to do this to a child. I hope Peterson is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    • This is a touchy subject for a lot of people and people answer with a lot of passion. I am a firm believer that a parent has the right to discipline their children how they see fit as long as they are using sound judgement and do not injure their children.

      I was spanked as a child and clear into my teen years and I can honestly say that about 95% of them were warranted. My Father left welts on my butt and legs at times. My Mother, Grandparents and even an Aunt all whopped my butt a time or two when needed, No man could love his parents more than I do and I am so thankful that they loved me enough to spank me when needed.

      I am the father of 8 children and every one of them got spankings at one time or another, Not one of them has ever seen the inside of a jail, all are well respected in their communities and most of them were / are either honor roll students or very close to it.

      I know several people who frowned on us for spanking our children, I told them all the same thing, come see me 20 years for now and we will compare our children, I dare say not one of them would condemn me now.

      That said, I believe in the “Spare the rod, spoil the child” however a 4 year old does not yet have the complete understanding that would warrant a severe spanking such as this nor would I under any circumstance use a tree branch that obviously would or could have the potential to wrap around and hit a child anywhere other than their bottom.

      I believe parents should have the right to spank their kids without the world condemning them however it should be done in Love and never and I mean never in anger! and with the intent of training them. I am a huge Peterson fan but I just cannot bring myself to condone this, spanking yes but for a video game? a tree branch? nope. I don’t think his intent was ever to do this to his child but Adrian better do some real soul searching and realize that this was over the top and that if he can’t use better judgement than this he should not ever spank his kids again.

      Spanking is an invaluable tool and in my opinion is not used enough! look around people, would kids even think about disrespecting their parents 50 years ago? did you have to worry about walking down the street in your neighborhood then? nope, there is a direct correlation of violence and when spanking became taboo, spanking was taken out of schools and parents were threatened with having their kids taken away from them if they were even suspected of abuse. Common sense and love people.

      • totally agree. Like I said, it’s all about the intent. AP was only doing what he felt was right. I’m trying to understand why this came out 5 months later.

        • If I may add to my lengthy diatribe, I will never forget as long as I live the lesson I learned after getting one of the worst whippings of my life, I do not remember what I did to get the whipping but after my dad had given me several whacks with a very skinny white belt that left some pretty memorable marks I jumped up and said ” you just love to beat me dont you”, with that my father with more compassion than I can ever remember seeing in his eyes handed me the belt and said ” Son, if that is what you really believe, then here you go ahead and beat me until you feel satisfied” as I stood there with the same belt in my hand, 14 years old and as mad as I had ever been at my dad, the realization of just how hard it is to inflict pain on someone that you love really hit me,I just stood there, I said I’m sorry Dad, I handed him the belt and that was the last spanking I ever got because I didn’t want to put my Dad through that ever again. I had never looked at it through his eyes before. If a man truly loves his children, he does not let them go without discipline. Maybe for some, time outs work, I personally don’t think they do. What I do know is that for me, spanking is what I understood. Discipline without love, without the correct intent can without question turn into child abuse. Common sense and love every time.

  12. I can’t believe that some people are actually trying to justify what this guy did. I mean…we are talking about a 4 year old here…just 4 years into the world and already learning what a scary place it can be. AP is a disgrace and should be fired from both jobs–football player and dad!

    • He’s smiling cause he can’t believe how f’d up the world is today when you can’t punish your kid for doing wrong. You were one of the kids who were unrulely & needed a good asswhoopin

      • So Ray Rice can’t hit a grown woman, (which of course I agree with) but it’s ok to belt a four year old and call it punishment?

        Just how fucked up is the world when a pussy defends a grown man beating a four year old and calls it parenting?

        He is smiling because he believes he’s invincible. You’re cunt because you were not given balls as a man.

  13. some kids need it im sorry i know some lil kids who are wild dont listen,curse at parents and hit them so some need it and trust it will help them because it helped me i was beat with leather belts and punched in the chest and that made me act right and by the way this generation is crazy its alot of over emotional ass people i tell you this

    • I think drawing blood and leaving bruises is too much and abusive to a child, the wrong thing to do. I think psychological discipline is better. Remove privileges from a child; toys, Ipods, a bike, grounding for a day or a week to make them think and feel about what they did wrong. A beating instills fear, causes a revenge at some-point in that child’s future towards the parent and brings about a way to treat other people. Striking a child seems wrong to me, I won’t do it, never will, never have. Children can’t defend themselves. Peterson was wrong to beat his son that way. I do know though, adults have way more strength than a child and in the heat of discipline, even a spanking could be too hard with adrenaline surging in the parent while they inflict a physical beating so it could get out of control and abuse that child, very very quickly. I err on the side of psychological stuff, make that kid remember what they did wrong through focus, not fear and consequences that are lasting.

  14. Joe Mckenzie you are a dumbass and you must live in Neverland. Probably never got your ass whooped as a kid. I bet you’re a big ol’ pussy too. I used to pick out my own switches for my parents to whoop my ass. Growing up you could always tell who got ass whippings and who didn’t. They would always ague with their parents and disobey their rules.

  15. For you clowns talking about times have change thats the reason the world is the way it is now. You can’t pray in public, y ou can’t discipline your kids, and you can’t have an honest opinion without getting crucified for it. Yeah he may have went a little overboard but that doesn’t make him an abuser. You would be having a totally different opinion if his children were breaking in your house.

      • LMFAO!

        If you think “not aloud” is the same as “not allowed” it is 100% obvious to all with a working brain that you’re the dumbest mother fucker on this board!

        Christ, you little bitch! That is fourth grade spelling class!

        You can’t even spell at a fourth grade level but you think you’re smart, don’t you, cunt?

  16. A hammer really let’s be rational here people. Oh that’s right you budisky types want to interfere w/ a man trying to show discipline to his child. A good old fashion whipping never hurt anyone except the person being punished, but it sounds like quite a few of you were failed by your parents on good sound discipline. This is why my beloved country is sliding into the toilet. You “do gooders” keep on interfering soon we will all be speaking Chinese!!!!!!

  17. From a woman’s point of view, this is a cry for help for Mr. Peterson. He is not emotionally stable. He can perform in his normal activities but this action is someone under alot of stress. There is no reason for anyone to beat a 4 year old child. No reason whatsoever, no matter what this 4 year old has done. The best recovery for this child is to help his father.

  18. I can’t see a 4 year old deserving anything more than a spanking w/ your hand. The problem is this is learned behavior. I assume the problem is Peterson looks back on his childhood fondly when he was beat w/ a switch & thinks it helped him.
    That said there’s some 13 to 17 year old marauding thugs who could probably use a good caning.

  19. You soft ass parents sound stupid!!! Time outs don’t work that’s why these kids are so pathetic now a days. They have no discipline. Once a teenage boy figures out that his parents can’t really force him to do things watch out!! That’s why so many of them are locked up or doing things we wouldn’t ever dream of doing when we were young. Why because we knew a good ass kicking was right around the corner. Parents do your jobs, discipline your kids, and stop letting these idiots make you feel your abusing them. If you don’t they have a nice place in prison for them or even worse. If you do this when there young it will work. Life was a whole lot better when we had control of our kids. People compliment me all the time on how well behaved my 12 year old son is. I’ve only had to whip him 3 or 4 times his whole life! Why? Because he knows DAD DON’T PLAY!!!

    • So you whipped your son 3 to 4 times, ok, did you make him bleed, did you give him bruises, and/or scars? In my post I didn’t say that I was against discipline but there was a line crossed here. I have raised my children with discipline but I never hit them with an object or made them bleed. Me and my husband raised our voice or spanked our children when needed, with our hand and not with full force, more like a warning smack on the butt. Honestly the threat of it was enough for them. My husband was beaten as a child by his mother and he said he would never want our children to experience that. Our children are respectful, teachers love having them in their class, and they get praised by their employers on how well they do. We have raised a 23 year daughter, our son is 18 and in school, and we are still raising our 8 year old daughter. Yes some people don’t discipline their children the right way and also some parents don’t care where their kids are or what they are doing……..that is the problem.

      • As an experiment to this, I took a small limb off a tree in my back yard, took all the leaves off and hit my leg real quick about 3 or four times. Guess what happened. I didn’t really feel it but it did sting a little and after a few minutes, small welts formed. The kind you get if you ever got scratched my your dog. It may appear to be really bad, but it’s not. Try if yourself and see for yourself. The switch bruises really easily but it doesn’t really hurt. This is what AP did. He did it really quick and the bruises popped up later. Nufsaid! It was not his intent to abuse his children.

        • So did you use a switch or a branch? Or do you not know the difference? Switches are from weeping willow trees. The branches are flexible and that is why they were used years ago to whip slaves and even during the days of the Salem whitch trials they used them to torture the so called accused. So what you are saying is that a big built strong man can whip a small child with a switch and that’s ok with you? So all the slaves and wrongly accused from long ago that we’re whipped with these switches is no big deal because they were adults being whipped by adults right, you said it’s no big deal. You cannot whack your self on the leg with a stick and say it’s the same. Find some bigger and stronger then you whip you with an actual switch and don’t forget you have to be in your underwear just like his 4 year old son and you have to be whipped in the scrotum area too just like he did to his son. It also has to be done about ten or more times because that’s about how many he said he did. Then that will be a fair comparison.

  20. my dad used to make me pick a switch off the peach tree to whip me with ! and would use a belt once in a while ! he never beat me like that poor child was beaten ! i raised 3 kids and never hit a one of them ! just because my dad hit me , i didn’t take it out on my children ! if you really love someone , you don’t beat them ! it is lowlife backward thinking , and has no place in a loving family ! the man has a mental problem ,and has no business around children ! im glad we have the right laws in place for these lowlife !

  21. Any sane person seeing these photos and saying it is not abuse needs to have their heads examined. Shame on the NFL and the Vikings for not immediately suspending him!!! The kid was 4 years old just a baby for Gods Sake.

  22. That looks like a light punishment to me. I grew up getting spanked and whipped with whatever was around. I am 35 years old I have a family with 3 girls and 100% debt free with a very good job that I created myself. The point people is discipline is what makes people successful. Being on welfare does not make you successful. I agree with everything Adrain Peterson did and will do in regards to the discipline of his kids if only everyone thought this way we wouldn’t be raising a generation of freeloaders and criminals. That’s my thought

  23. Those pictures are pretty bad, no doubt, but there are still a lot of shades here. My brother and I used to make weapons out of all kinds of crap lying around the house–fishing poles, telephone cords, belts, dowel rods–and go out and see who could beat the other the most senseless. For fun. We liked it! We were crazy, rowdy boys and we beat each other’s a***s on a regular basis. He broke my collar bone once while we were wrestling. I was proud of it; I took it like a champ. As far as discipline, no physical kind would have worked on us if it stopped short of what what we did to each other on a regular basis. Also, our dad is 5’5 and we’re both over 6′. He had to use weapons. Popping us on the butt with his hand wouldn’t have deterred s***. That said, the most effective thing for us growing up was just groundings and loss of privileges and things like that. Plenty of kids are well-disciplined without any corporeal punishment. Others need a bit. This really could go either way, even with those pictures. I can say for myself that my dad has left welts on me with switches and belts before, and I never felt abused or neglected or anything like that. I knew his intent. But not everyone is me. These things are always tough to call.

    That’s called an “Old Fashioned Killing” that every child should have administered once to set them straight on who is in control. This generation has NO FEAR of authority what so ever due to Anti-Spankers rasing weak passive, foul mouthed hard headed, uncontrollable disrespectful little [email protected][email protected]rds.
    This generation has no respect for the Parent, Elders, Teachers, Rule of Law… not even for themselves.

    If the parents can’t whip and beat them,, then the damn Police shouldn’t with metal batons, nite sticks, gun butt stocks and steel toe boots gang up 10 against 1,, beat the hell out of a citizen.

  25. I think drawing blood and leaving bruises is too much and abusive to a child, the wrong thing to do. I think psychological discipline is better. Remove privileges from a child; toys, Ipods, a bike, grounding for a day or a week to make them think and feel about what they did wrong. A beating instills fear, causes a revenge at some-point in that child’s future towards the parent and brings about a way to treat other people. Striking a child seems wrong to me, I won’t do it, never will, never have. Children can’t defend themselves. Peterson was wrong to beat his son that way. I do know though, adults have way more strength than a child and in the heat of discipline, even a spanking could be too hard with adrenaline surging in the parent while they inflict a physical beating so it could get out of control and abuse that child, very very quickly. I err on the side of psychological stuff, make that kid remember what they did wrong through focus, not fear and consequences that are lasting. Thank you.

  26. Child abuse, let’s not forget, we’re talking about a 4-year old child, not 7, not 8, not 10, not … At 4, you’re basically still a baby. Peterson is a bully who can’t control his anger and let’s fly on a child. When you get lashed at such a young age, it starts a potentially uncontrollable wave of violence in that child’s life. Those who condone of this type of punishment on a 4-year old child deserve nothing but a straight ticket to hell.

  27. He claims that is how he was beaten as a child and he of all people knows how much it hurt. That mofo beat the time out of that baby. Violence breeds violence so this poor kid is going to grow up and if he does have kids he will likely continue the cycle.

  28. When one does bodily harm to you by an adult, the person who does it to you is in trouble. Causing bodily harm to a child—- that is child abuse. That is not discipline or even parenting. This man happened to get caught. He should be held liable and should be accountable for his actions. He should be punish by law.

    • i took a small skinny limb from a tree, took the leaves off, and gave my leg 4 quick light smacks. Guess what happened? A few welts popped up a few minutes later and it did sting a little afterwards. Kind of like being scratched by a dog. AP did not intend to do serious harm to his child. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me then maybe, just maybe, you won’t judge him as harshly.

      • Seriously?? You are trying to compare your ‘4 quick light smacks’, to the multiple infected wounds that child had, 4 days after he received his ‘discipline’? Oh, and just how close did you come to your scrotum with that switch? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • Nelson Brown — hurting a child —- that is child abuse! just like a scratch or not causing serious harm. The child remembers that all their life. I am one who remembers every person in my life that beat me when I was a child. You learn to disrespect adults or authority or even parents.

        • Not trying to be argumentative here but do you remember how the american public collectively cringed when Michael Faye got caned for vandalism over in asia? how much would you like to wager that he never does that again? Pain is a very strong reminder to not do whatever it is you did to cause said pain. Now I am not condoning Peterson and I’m not saying it is the same thing because it isn’t but for you to say that you learn disrespect for adults or even parents who spank you is in my opinion simply wrong, I would argue just the opposite.

  29. This is coming from someone who ended up with PTSD from childhood abuse and raised a good son who only experienced one spanking when he was 5. Your statements are moronic at best. It is the child that feels threatened with the loss of life that matters and not the abuser! It was only after I was dx’d with PTSD that the elephant in the room was finally resolved for as to why my brother committed suicide at 26 and why my sister died before her fiftieth. Both were alcoholics and drug addicts. Our “dear” father was a cop who held out your beliefs on punishment and what a F-ing mess my father made of his family!

  30. One hit with the switch might have been discipline. I count at least 10 individual injuries. This is the mark of a man who was enjoying what he was doing waaay too much.

  31. What Adrian Peterson did was not discipline it was sick torture! If i was that child’s mother i would have shown up at Adrian Pertersons house with a switch of my own. There is no justification for what he did to that little boy
    .Im sure that little boy screamed in agony while Adrian Peterson repeated beat him with that switch. He is not a man worthy of playing in the nfl or being any childs idol. He is a monster and should be kicked out for what he did!

  32. if you have never had a “switch” then you do not know ,, this is not. abuse!!! not at all. I rather see a few whelps from a father that loves his son at a early age. Then to see his son grow up being disrespectful and not know right from wrong. It a culture difference that most don’t understand.. and if other parents/guardian would put a “switch” to some of these gang banging, saggy pants, out of control kids, backside/butts our whole society would be so much better. I got several “switches” and I learned how to behave, I’ve given them also and all of my children turned out fine. never have been called to the schools, never been to jail or in trouble.and are very respectful, even now!! in their adult life I still get compliments on how mannerable they are. /Cause they know Daddy/Mama don’t play! My children are a reflection of me.

    • A few whelps? Go back and count them again, and then tell me that was appropriate for a 4 year old child.What could a 4 year old have done to justify this? The only lesson this type of discipline will teach, is how to hate and fear.

      • yes a few whelps, if you know anything about a switch you would know that the tip if it leaves a mark and they last maybe 2 days. no brusing!!!! no marks!!!….in the mean time as a child you learn why you got a whoopen and not to do that again. I’d rather see his father do it while hes 4-5-6 and 18yrs. some kids have more respect. believe it or not. it works!!!

        • oh and your right,,it teaches, I hate a whoopen and if I do it again fear that my dad will whoop his behind again.!!!! in which teaches them NOT to do wrong.

          • believe me my conscience is clear!!! and If I had to do it all over I surely a heart beat. matter fact still do ,grandkids, nephew & nieces. they know how to behave very mannerable, and respectful to all adults.. I’d rather his dad whoop his behind NOW instead of visiting him in jail later, or being killed by someone else. why should he wait till hes a teenager to discipline him?? that’s whats wrong with the “new school” parents they are scared of their kids and have no control of them..i’m old school all day. no saggy pants, no gangs, yes ma”am , yes sir!!! and wont except any thing less.

          • The way things are going, it is going to be the sons that are visiting dad in jail. The beating he gave his other 4 year old son left him with a scar above his eye. Every time he looks in the mirror, he will be reminded of how much his father loves him.

          • be thankful for the scar, they will fade. Everybody knows the media blows things up! and if they dig hard enough they can find stuff on you and I that we should have done different. But if we don’t learn how to let parents raise their kids the best way they know how to… we will be in a world of trouble. then what? everybodys going to jail. for one thing or another. ijs.

          • If you can honestly tell me that you approve of switching children so that they still have infected wounds 4 days later, then I guess I will have to accept that. Parents do need to be able to raise their kids the best way they know how, but there is a line that should not be crossed.

            AP obviously has no idea where that line is. I think he goes into a blind rage, and just lashes out. If that is what he experienced growing up, then I can understand it, but I could never excuse it. As his boys grow older, I’m sure they do worse things than they did as 4 year olds. What will the punishment be then? I shudder to think.

        • You did read the part about these photos being taken 4 days after the beating, and the marks still look that bad? We also didn’t get to see the cuts that are on his scrotum and buttocks, because he was forced to drop his underwear when he was so lovingly disciplined.

          I’m not sure why you are defending this type of abuse, unless it is to try and ease your own guilty conscience.

  33. It is sad that society has made sports more important than human life. If this man was not an athlete he would be in jail and the mother for not protecting her child, from a child abuser. I have vowed to stop watching NFL Games until something is done to protect this child and other victims of abuse from Athletes. Sports Is Never more Important than the Life of a Child or anyone.

  34. What could a 4 year old child do that was so bad that it would justify that kind of beating. What he did is child abuse, plain and simple. If he wasn’t a football player his ass would be sitting in jail and his son would be in foster care. Disgusting.

  35. This is just fine. Let him play. Can’t go without football and NFL can’t go without the $$$. Who cares about the wives & the children? Let them suffer! There is also a 2nd case with his other child whom also has scars on his face. I say make the man MVP give him a trophy and a raise. Should probably give him a good supply of ” The Next Day Pill” for the road whores and no worries he can save $$$ on abortions!

  36. I got switched when i was a child…. mom raised me right. I have other family members with drug teens, who curse and yell at their parents on a regular basis, who have no desire to even enter college or go beyond working at a convenience store. Parenting in America now days = working at McDonald’s demanding to be paid as much as a nurse, feeling entitled to everything, believing life is all about you, being a loser, and voting democrat.

    • Can you honestly say you looked anything like this child, 4 days after you received your switching? The only reason they even took the kid in, is that the wounds were starting to get infected. This is not discipline, this is rage being acted out on a child.

    • I’m with “comecme” on this one. This has nothing to do with politics, but since we’re on the subject, are you implying that in order to get your child to grow up to be a republican, you must beat them into believing?

  37. Collectively harnessing our disdain with the NFL by starting a national movement to strip them of tax exemption status would be a wonderful way for us all to feel like we are doing something, imo.

  38. being only 4 years old, do you really need to hit a child more than 2 or 3 times? This is very abusive. I am not sure why these photos have been released. At least let the man have his day in court, and not in the media an on a social network sight.

  39. Most people only see what they want to see. I wanted to see clear cut evidence of extreme child abuse so that Peterson would be facing expulsion from the league because, Go Pack Go! I did not see it. I was disappointed, but it is what it is. Clearly not even close to child abuse. Undue and overly harsh discipline, yeah probably. But not abuse.

  40. Unfortunately too many black men continued to get beat and abused by their parents and lines were crossed for many. Slavery is over , we don’t need to beat our kids like master in the slave days. Do you tell your kids you love them as much as you beat them. Too many parents take out their demons and anger out on kids. Discipline is different than abuse. But you don’t know this because your parents crossed the line with you. Violence isn’t the only way to show respect, sometimes it’s to dominate and feel good about your self while you tear the soul emotionally from an innocent child who has only been in this world for 4 years. Now you beat your wives, kids And pets and think its ok, and wonder why your favorite running back is a child abuser. He did, it because that’s how he was raised, and if the trend continues his son will beat his kids and not even know why this is his only form of discipline for his kids. Wake up people don’t fool yourselves you have been brained wash, discipline is sometimes a swat to the azz with no marks, might I add and sometimes a stern word or taking away a favorite toy. Several bloody welps that favor a life in the day of a slave for a 4 year old is freKing ridiculous no matter how you slice it. Half of you feel you need to beat the crap out of women And children because your environment told you it was ok, but it’s not. Violence isn’t the answer and only mkakes you look weak! Punk azz “,,,!!,!

  41. He shouldn’t be on the field at all… If I or anyone else beat our 4 yrs old child like that we would be in jail… It’s a joke that he’s treated any different.

  42. it’s unfathomable that a man (and i use that word loosely) of his physical stature and strength with the capacity to inflict obvious physical harm would raise a hand to a child…or anyone. the vikings and the NFL need to take this dead ass and suspend him for an extended period…or dump him completely. It’s despicable. The wounds look horrifying…that poor little guy. I hope he is safe tonight and away from peterson. I agree 100% WminPhoenix…that isn’t discipline. It’s an ass beating.

  43. By the way Nelson Brown —- a 4 year old child is not even under the category of AGE OF REASON” — children that young cannot comprehend why dad is mad or upset. AGE OF REASON — MAN, did you father beat you at the age of 4?

  44. Yes, our parents got this punishment, some gave it to our generation to a lesser degree, BUT we are the generation that were suppose to fix that behavior, as now we KNOW it IS abuse! So you big men gonna hit a 4 year old, or a woman like they are grown men need to be stoned. Like WAY BACK IN THE DAY! (Your excuse for doing what you did.) You know right from wrong. There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE! Go live with the lepers on their own little island like back in the day your using for your defense. We have NO use for you.

  45. Whipping a child doesn’t teach them to behave, it teaches them to be afraid to get hit. Therefore they usually end up growing older to only do bad things with secrecy. I grew up a well rounded kid, the most my parents had to do was smack me on my butt. And I was more afraid of letting them down more than I was actually getting hit. Which is how I believe it should be. This becomes abuse the moment parents are no longer teaching the child a lesson, but instead showing their impatience to properly discipline the child; leaving unnecessary, painful marks.

  46. It’s abuse when you draw blood or bruise a child. After seeing the photos I believe it’s abuse. Consider the age, only 4 years old, then consider the size and strength of his father. I don’t know any 4 year olds that deserve this harsh a punishment. My parents used a switch, a belt, and a wooden spoon. Did I use those methods on my children? No. That was then, this is now. Adrian should attend parenting cl

  47. Man lets be serious… If this is abuse … Then what isn’t … As an adult i appreciate every beating my mother gave me … You clearly can see that the intention was not hateful … Some kids are born angels and some are just mentally destined for evil no matter how they are raised but in my opinion the majority land right in the middle and have to me guided a certain direction in there youth…. Im team AP
    “Teach a kid humility first, and respect will be a breeze”

  48. Looks like the kid got his legs switched. BFD, it only stings when it lands but it reminds you for a few days of what tomfoolery you were up to to have to go “pick yourself a switch”. And if this is just Southern then Bless your heart.

    • waaaaaaaaaaaaa call the waaaaaaaaambulance. I’m an old granny and we all got switched for minor infractions and beat with a belt for major ones, Even in school but in school it was a board with three holes bored in it .

      • And? There are plenty of parents who switched their kids when they were young and are even now admitting it didn’t solve anything. All it teaches is fear and intimidation. A civilized human being has the patience and maturity to fully explain to a child what they did was incorrect. Your logic is full blown fallacious and proves absolutely nothing.

        Besides, I could give two shits about what you think. By law it is illegal to beat your child these days. Oh my the times have changed for the better, cannot wait until you barbaric minded humans are finally eliminated from the earth.

      • By your reasoning, if your dad beat the crap out of your mother, it would be just fine for your husband beat the crap out of you.
        Just because your parents did something DOES NOT make it right. It’s easy & weak to repeat the mistakes your parents made, it takes a loving parent to actually talk & reason with a child & break the cycle of hitting, aka, abuse.

  49. Google “spanking”+”crime.” There is a mountain of research showing children who were spanked are more likely to behave aggressively, use drugs, and serve time in prison.

  50. Yes ap went too far. What bothers me is now the Vikings after losing 30 to 7 decided to reinstate him.. it’s about time the millions held accountable, tired of celebrity justice. These players are suppose to be held to a higher standard. I like what Brady and Rodgers said about being accountable representing

  51. Guess i got abused my whole life. Lol. My mom used to give me bruises that were worse than those and Peterson is a NFL running back. Now i’m in college working on a degree in Biology. Come on people

    • The “I was spanked and look at me now” argument doesn’t hold much merit when many studies conclude that hitting children often hurt the child in the long run.

  52. Why do you think there are laws in place to protect children from idiots like him? How cruel can you be to hit a child ( 4 year) the scrotum ? I am all for discipline but that is abuse any way you look at it, so says DOC and the LAW..

  53. I got my back side welted a few times, and i am way more respectful than the youth of today. I think a good swat to the behind is good for the unparented child of today. Maybe not to this extent, but if this is abuse, than 70% of kids growing up in the 60s 70s and 80s were abused. I think A.P. was a bit too harsh, but not a child abuser.

    • Exactly. I had marks like that and will tell you that I deserved it and made me the respectful person I am today. If it was punching or even switch to the face it be different. You think the child was still while whioped?? Come on, he didn’t intend on hitting him in the scrotum. I have to say, if more children 15 to 20 years ago were disciplined this way we would have best the problems we have with this younger generation.

    • Define child abuse? I grew up a little earlier than the years you mention and suffered because corporate punishment was the order of the day. I don’t consider my character altered any because of the canings and whippings except fearful of stepping out of line. Whatever that meant!

      If you want to defend Peterson’s actions why not dip back into the dark ages where you chop a finger or two? My great great grandad would tell me that he suffered ….. This is 2014 in America (is Texas included?) you don’t whip a 4 year old!!! Wait till he is 9 or 10 then like Logan H you can still remember the ordeal.

      I will be surprised if the Vikings’ owners and management along with the NFL will get off so lightly in the court of public opinion with this slap on the wrist approach. Today’s NFL attitude of encouraging violence (abuse) on the field and ignoring it off the field is coming under immense pressure.

      • I never said what he did was ok. All i said was the punishment of children today is a joke. They have no respect authority these days. I don’t think AP deserves the hate and lawsuits against him, because I’m sure as a child AP got a similar punishment or probably worse. Does that make it right ? No, but we need to educate people and help them realize how they were punished as children may not be acceptable anymore. This way the thinking of punishment changes instead of ruining the mans life. I don’t think he ever had any intent to abuse his child. He was just punishing him the way he was punished. I think he needs counseling not prison and his life ruined. I would have been ruined as a child if my dad would have been imprisoned for putting a belt to my backside. Instead he learned the way he was parented and punished was not right and corrected it. We should let AP do the same.

  54. I as a person that grew up with this type of discipline don’t feel that he meant to personal harm his child even though I don’t use anything on my children for there bad behavior everybody is different and have there on way of discipline but really it’s people out there seriously doing a lot worst to these babies. He might have took it a little to far that’s why its better to let the situation calm down then discipline.

  55. No four year old child deserves to be beaten like that for any reason. Let me ask at which blow did he learn his lesson 10. 12. 15? Adrian Peterson should be behind bars.

  56. One would think that after losing a son (that he had no relationship with), less than a year ago to child abuse, the a-hole would learn that abusing kids isn’t a good idea. The child he does have a relationship with he beats until he bleeds. Horrendous human being, and a sorry excuse for a father.

  57. Someone should beat him like he beat his children! Then he can feel the pain he gave a 4 year old child! There is NO excuse for this

  58. Almost all of you are extremists, there is no excuse to leave that kind of damage on a child but on the flip side you can’t just let your kids be coddled and undisciplined. Spare the rod spoil the child does not mean beat your child with a rod, but without proper punishment you are ruining your childs life. Find a happy medium people.

  59. Hello, I think we have gotten away from disciplining our children. Simply because most of the parents are young parents and do not know how to discipline their children. But a four year old how much discipline do a four year old need, really? I do believe in discipline. But I do feel this is a bit much. I am one that still believes in the things you in still in your children at a young age, they carry for life. You don’t have to hit all the time. Some children you can just point out what they did wrong and explain to them and then hand down a punishment. Why do we hit every issue? This is also traumatic for this child. We need to learn other methods of punishments. Other than hitting. When children are so young. Those who do feel their children need a hit or two don’t use things that are going to scar the child or break the skin. Surely he got hit with a switch when he was younger, but not now please try to find other ways people. This is not going to help anyone the child or the parents. Try very hard not to punish your children when your upset. Sometime we as parents need a timeout. Please be careful when you discipline your children. Don’t strike them out of anger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s so easy to cross the line when your angry even if you don’t mean too.

  60. Yes. Hold Ap accountable and all players. Time for the police, courts and the nfl to hold players accountable. Tired of celebrity justice… this has been going on too long with players getting away with felonies, doing comm service..

  61. so heres where you all are messing up. everyone is dropping the tidbits out of topic…forgetting the big picture. picture this for a moment: you spend as much time as yu can with you 3 children. the quality of time is the best if not quantity. they truly love being with you. they follow your word, they wait for you, ecited, when you say ill be right back, theyre your buddies. you instill so much into them. respect, kindness, honor, perseverance…..youre doing a great job.
    one day child number 2 learns at scool from some rude uncontrollable little brat that if another was in his way, push him over, and walk on through.
    child number 2 brings that home with him, and, eventually, pushes child number three over.
    you, knowing “i didnt teach him this, and he certainly knows better”, decide to make sure this shall NEVER happen again. child number 2 gets his ass whooping with a switch and thinks “daddy had to have been pretty upset. WHAT IVE DONE WAS PROBABLY THAT BAD”.
    child number 2 never lays hands on his siblings again.

    • Madd Milk – a little curdled in your views? I have been trying without success to understand why Adrian Peterson whipped his boy. Did he rape somebody?

  62. I think claiming that beating is teaching respect is a total cop out. Beating someone (especially someone you claim to love) is one of the most disrespectful things someone could do to another human being. Shockingly enough, my parents were able to teach me and my siblings about respect without beating us, and I’ve been able to do the same for my daughter.

  63. The comments about condoning whipping a 4yr. old as the only possible action is Sad. A testament to the severe ignorance that plaugues our Country. I will pray to your Imaginary friend that you Morons are Sterile !! Idiots !!

  64. Also remember these photos are four days after the fact.Imagine what condition this. Four year old child was in when it first happened.Lord have mercy on us all

  65. I am a physcian and treat children. If this child presented to my office with the injuries in the photos I would call the police and DHS. I think in any state in this country today a parent who did this to a 4 year old would lose parental custody for an extended period–for child abuse. Petersons public statements that indicate that this form of discipline with his children is his routine and that he is really not remorseful will be injurious to his ever regaining custody of this child. Peterson’s statements in his text messages are very chilling in that he blames the child for the abuse

    Unfortunately for Peterson these allegations came to light immediately after the Ray Rice episode in which the NFL was pressured into making extremely harsh penalties against players for physical abuse of others off the field. Also in the Rice case the precedence has already been set that a criminal conviction is not required for the NFL to impose these penalties. The NFL regulation of off-field behavior has progressed a long way. In the past there have been several players who have committed vehicular manslaughter and continued to play.

  66. The instrument should not be used on bare skin. That excuse oh that my parents disciplined me this way so I do it. My friends father backhanded her because she sat on his hat. Spanking is ok once or twce. From the wounds he hit this child at least 5 times on bare skin this is abuse. You wouldn’t do that to another adult why is ok to do this to a child.

  67. to j hammerrsly… it is someone like you who truly needs to step up, take responsibility and LEARN how to discipline a child. Using a few of your words, it is so much easier for someone like you to simply react (like a child) to a child’s unruly behavior- instead of doing the real parenting work it takes to guide a child instead of shaming., humiliating and degrading a child’s self worth by beating or whipping him or her. How weak it is for any parent to take these kind of abusive actions (AND YES WHAT ADRAIN DID WAS SEVERE ABUSE– TO SAY IT DOESN’T MEET THE CRITERIA FOR ABUSE BECAUSE IT WAS not on his face, head or chest) … What a naïve and ignorant adult you are. And I assume you have experienced this yourself, since those who abuse were more often than not absused themselves– your comments speak denial of your own childhood. And I guarantee if you look at yourself today as an adult, the abuse has affected you, scarred you, and left you with some deep emotional wounds. My wish for this world is people like you get help, wake up, and LEARN that physical or emotional abuse does noting but make a little child shut down who they are and hide… hide from the shame they falsely carried from their owns parents shameful acts (the parents shame).
    Your not a MAN j hammersly … hitting a powerless innocent child for being a child doesn’t make you a real man (quite the opposite) …. your immoral beliefs do nothing than …. yes a coward to hold onto the notion that ANY physical abuse like Adrian’s child experienced is okay.

  68. At 4-5 years old I was just trying to get thru the day without pissin my pants. Is Adrian an abuser no!!!
    Maybe needs to be brought into the 22nd century with a stearn talk…yeah.
    Hes already admitted to that.

  69. This is waaaaaaay worse than the Ray Rice stuff. She is an adult who on some level has chosen her life. This is a 4 year old who needs a daddy.

  70. this is a 4-year-old.

    Also, parents should raise kids by teaching them bad behavior won’t get them anywhere in real life, but other behaviors will.

    You don’t making them behave out of fear of punishment.

  71. j hammersley defines child abuse the way our government defined torture to try to justify it. It’s a sad, sick world with savages like that in it.

  72. For everyone who thinks this is okay needs to get beat with a switch themselves. Look I have a son which I discipline. Yes ALL parents need to discipline their children but not beat them to the point of the pictures above. Have anyone of you seen the police report that says he got hit in his private parts with the switch. I’ve been hit with a switch and it hurts like hell with just a few hits there is no need to hit your kid this many times. Especially on a 4 year old. Adrian Peterson is a 200 plus pound NFL player who runs over 200 plus pound men on the football field and you beat your 4 year old child that’s 50 lbs or so. It didn’t hurt that not long ago someone KILLED your 2 year old because he was “disciplining” him. Yes discipline your kids but don’t stuff leafs in there mouth beat them to the point where your hurting there private areas that’s abuse not discipline. Discipline is show your kids that what they did was wrong and spank them not beat them like criminal. Kids will be kids we where all kids at one point or another but we love our kids and won’t want to hurt them. Discipline is not abuse.

  73. What a ruthless beating this poor little 4 year old had to endure….What kind of animal beats a 4 year old like this? those wounds are 4 days old!!! just imagine what they looked like the very next day! this fool needs to be FIRED AND LOCKED UP! preferably with the general population inmates…….even the killers in prison have children….. you would be surprised at how they feel about people who hurt children…

  74. For me personally do not see this as abuse – A switch always looks much worse than it really is . It just stings. I do not see this as abuse at all. I used a wooden spoon on my son , and in fact I broke a few across his ass when he needed it. Today he is a 29 year old well adjusted successful young man. It is the children who get ” The Time out ” punishment who are the worst of them all. Adrain Peterson did NOT abuse his son. Allow him to discipline his own son the way he feels fit. Some children just need to be spanked.

        • i don’t know what these people do with their kids when they get out of line, i guess they just talk to them and hope it works lmao

          • That’s what they do; they talk to them, and then when their kids curse them out, they stop talking and try again later.

          • yeah – and I have seen how those kids have turned out – One of them set his girl friends house on fire – and spent 10 years in jail – Oh well, He was just sent back to time out – Ha – ha

          • It is ” TIME OUT ” for those brats – I am a witness to the effects of TIME OUT – A lot of them are doing TIME OUT in the big house – JAIL – It’s the real time out. However, I will say – NOT all kids need to be spanked – Some kids understand , and some kids are innately good. BUT – than there are some that need their asses kicked, and that is the only thing that does the trick.

        • Possibly the sauce reduced the agony? Some families use their kitchen utensils for all sort of purposes. Digging up tomato plants? I wouldn’t bring a wooden spoon to my 5 year old shih-tzu. If I did she would think it was something to eat! But to stay on the important topic, Kim Gloria, was your son 4 years or younger when you attacked his bottom?

          • Gerry, My son is 29 years old now – It was a very long time ago, I had to think for a minute – What I do remember is my son being a real smart little bugger, and a real brat too. I think he might have been four, but I know it was not younger than four. I can recall this one incident very clearly , and in fact he was about four cause it was before kindergarden – He had a little come over for play date, he started mouthing off to this little boy, and he go so angry he spit at the little boy – I was sooo angry with him for doing such a disgusting act as that. I expressed to my son, that he did not deserve to have a friend if that is the way he treat friends , and I firmly explained to him what a despicable and vile thing to do. I kept asking him to look at me when I am speaking with him – He kept telling me ” NO – NO ” The little friend was still there so I told my son I was calling Bobby’s mother to come and pick him up because Chris did not deserve to have a friend over. I washed the face and hands of the little boy, and brought him into the kitchen and gave him a little snack while we waited for his mother. When Bobby’s mother arrived I explained to her what happened , and I apologized. My son was still in his room, and refused to come out of his room to apologize , and was totally ignoring me when I asked to come and apologize … When Bobby and his mother ( Alice ) left – I marched right into his room with the spoon, and I explained again how rude, nasty and vile his behavior was,and he is to look at me when I speak to him or anyone else speaks to him, and his behavior was unacceptable , and I picked him up by the arm, and cracked his ass with that spoon , and when he was done screaming / crying – he was made to call Mrs W to apologize for his behavior. Than he was not allowed to have a friend over until he realized and KNEW how his behavior was more than unacceptable , and if he ever did it again, he ass would be redder than it was before.
            Guess what – He never did it again. Now – May I ask you if it were your child that got spit on – at a friends house – How would you want that parent to handle the situation had it been exactly what my son did and their behavior after the insult – Being fresh – and rude and with not a once of remorse for their action – Time out would NOT have cut it for my son…. He would have done it again. I want to add today my son is a wonderful, caring , sweet, successful, intelligent, funny , well adjusted young man … A son any parent would be proud of. That got an ass kicking when he was young.

          • Gerry – I had to think for a minute I started spanking around four but no younger than that. My son could be a real little brat., and I did not tolerate any unacceptable behaviors . I was very tough. His father role modeled an incredible work ethic -and what it takes to run a business , integrity and fairness , so it was more than getting some ass kicking, from a mother. . I have a son that any parent would be proud of, even with the ass beatings . He has all those attributes of he’s father, and more . People like him, he has such a quick wit that has everybody laughing – He has intelligence and always stays calm cool and collected in the most stressful times, and intense conversations and he never gets insulted or offered he stays composed.. I truly feel my old spoon has played apart in his success .
            But – I will admit although he doesn’t want any children He dose not agree with spanking ….. He has nicked named me ” MEAN MOMA”

  75. since when did every human being in the world become judge jury and executioner??i see nothing wrong with whooping, spanking, popping, whatever you wanna call it, some kids need that, thats part of the reason u got kids bringing guns to school,bullying,being disrespectful, etc… did AP go too far, i believe so, but thats none of my business and my opinion does not matter and neither does any of yours, whatever works for your kids do that but don’t try and tell someone you don’t know what they should or should not do with they kids

    • Got any 4 year old’s who need a welting? I suppose with a pseudonym REALDEALKILLA you wont stop at a switch. A tree trunk perhaps? Listen my friend it is everybody’s business if an adult is laying into a 4 year old. Its a crime! REALDEAL.. may turn a blind eye but that is not the way. I haven’t got the statistics to answer your suggestion that child abuse creates model citizens but I am sure that a large proportion of these gun toting, bullies and disrespectful kids were likely dutifully punished as kids?

      Even the big guy Adrian Peterson admits I am only doing what Dad taught me!!

      • lol i don’t whoop, spank or welting as you say my child, and she will be 5 next month, i don’t know how you people discipline your kids, but talking to them, putting them in timeout, taking things away from them etc… does not always work, so what do you do then? i don’t condone beating a child like he did his son, but i feel like this is none of our business

        • I congratulate you on you’re parenting. Perhaps it takes a young pretty girl to bring some parents to their senses. Unfortunately, from comments made by Adrian Peterson his one year old daughter is in for some misery.

          I appreciate you don’t condone the beating but I cannot agree to turning a ‘blind eye’ to abuse. If you hear screams coming from your neighbor’s wall it is your ‘duty’ to report it. You possibly will save a child’s life and get early counseling to the perpetrator. A win win solution.

      • You guys are conflating two different issues, but RealDeal is right on both of them.

        1.) AP went to far with his spanking. If you are drawing blood, then you are hitting too hard, or your switch is too sharp. By the way, it is possible to hit too hard and still not draw blood.

        2) Children need to be spanked when they misbehave.

        As far as the gun-toting bullies are concerned, most them haven’t got a dad that cares at all, and their mom is too soft. I know several of them. Their parents (almost always mom alone) are FAR more likely to make up excuses and reasons not to whip them then they are to actually spank them.

  76. I have a 3 year old son so I know the struggle and trust me my little man can be hard to deal with sometimes but I do believe that’s all part of being a parent. That being said I don’t think your doing a good job if you can’t punish your child without leaving visible marks.Studies show consistency is better than a strong hand or in this case a branch. That’s just my opinion but I love my son. He is my pride and joy and if I can’t be smart, diligent and crafty enough to discipline him without physically hurting than I’d feel that I have failed as a father.

    P.s. I love my dad to death and thank the lord that he lead by example and not fear.

  77. Man fuck them little scratches, I swear they want us to have soft ass kids. If that’s abuse, well damn i didn’t know I was being abused when I was a child. Shit these type of injuries happened on a good ass whoopin day. That nigga sittin down, so u know that ass whoopin wasn’t that bad.

  78. Doesn’t really look all that bad to me. The kid probably deserved it, like most all of us did when we were kids. My mom’s first choice was “The Wooden Spoon” and I assure you I deserved it every time. I guess the real issue is, unless the kid’s life is in danger, it’s NONE of any of our business how he chooses to discipline his kid. None whatsoever.

  79. I hate this country. Children need to be disciplined a hell of a lot more than they are, and the fact that people whine about it proves why this cesspool of a nation is going downhill. Get over your ‘oh the poor children’ garbage. If you punch a child in the face, it’s abuse. If you spank his ass, it’s not. Period.

  80. And we have total d-bags like Charles “BJ” Barkley passing this off as a part of the tradional way Southerner’s discipline a child. Slavery was also part of the traditional “southern” way of life, you idiot! Chuckie, Chuckie, every time you open your pie hole you show the world your brain is about the size of a grain of sand. The only reason you still have a job in the media is the fear of firing a Black man. One shade lighter and your AZ would be fired and at best you would be sweeping floors at Taco Bell.

  81. I don’t think I’d ever stop crying if I saw my daughter with these wounds. The debate between if spanking is acceptable or not is completely irrelevant to these pictures. That is sheer child abuse. My heart is really feeling for that little boy, the government needs to have a better system when it comes to taking care of the children.

  82. an open-handed swat, or “spanking” is one thing. This was sadistic abuse and over the top and a 4 yr old child can be dealt with in more than one way. Violence begets violence. They tackle 300 lb men on Sundays, Beat the kids on Monday and smack (or punch out) the wife the rest of the week. Bad cycle.

  83. I was whipped as a kid. For lies,acting up in church, throwing a fit. It didn’t cause me any permanent damage. What it did was teach me to not do it again. I’ve seen kids in stores just going crazy. Talking back to there parents,running all over the place, grabbing candy and running, etc. The parents will grab there wrist and say don’t do that. The second they let go, the kids are at it again. I’ve thought to myself if they’d whip that kid, he or she would quit. The sad thing is that if they had,someone would have filmed on there phone and the parent would have went to jail. I remember being told as a kid that the whipping hurt my parents more than me. That’s true. I know Adrian is hurting now and Im sure he didn’t want to do it. The point is that if Adrian was disciplineing his son and he did what he every parent should be willing to do when there child becomes unruly.

  84. I used to be required to find my OWN switch in the 1960’s. And I better find a good one or it would be worse. I got worn out but blood was never drawn. I had some marks on my fanny but this was sustained.

  85. Let’s get something straight—Mr. Peterson did not spank his child. He beat the kid. Any “spanking” that shows this level of injury four days later was WAY over the threshold of abuse. While I applaud Mr. Peterson for being willing to discipline his child (God knows we need more parents who will), he must learn moderation. Any “spanking” that breaks the skin and draws blood or that leaves injuries that are still visible days afterwards is abusive.

  86. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I don’t know exactly how many times this 4 year old boy was hit, but it appears to be more than a dozen. Are you kidding me? This looks more like what happens to an adulteress in Syria. Good grief, to think that little boy shenanigans deserves this kind of truly harmful punishment is out of my realm of consciousness. How ’bout a swat on a covered behind and an hour sitting in a chair in the corner not being able to play with his friends. My gosh, some of the comments below must be from those living in an alternate reality.

  87. Discipline is discipline and I fully believe that discipline is a necessity. Please Lord if I ever leave one of my children in this condition hang me from tree and beat me like a pinata.

  88. In my first post I was speaking more In general& not specifically to the Peterson case. I try not to comment on another man’s household especially when I don’t know all of the facts. It makes you ignorant to the subject. But I will say this: your family was blessed to have good children that didn’t require much hands on punishment so am I but every child& every situation is not the same. From what I understand again not n knowing all the facts Peterson does not live in the same household as the child subsequently he is being raised by his mom. Speaking from experience I have 3 other children that live in a different state, being raised by there mom& my daughter fights with her mom all the time. One day she hit her mom in the head with a trophy knocking her out & could have killed her! My 18 year old son raises up to his mom& she can’t control him as well. There mom believed in those hand spankings you spoke of. Obviously that nonsense didn’t work. This the case most of the time especially when it comes to kids being raised in the inner city. Whole different ball game maam. Our parents back in the day did go too far& that’s why they changed the laws, then all hell broke loose in society. I’m a results guy& things were alot better then. Now I pray Mr. Peterson doesn’t discipline his kids like that all the time for every little thing but you do have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. I will say that we should not go overboard when disciplining our kids but alot of us have gotten simular whippings in the past& we still lived & I think we need to go back to some of the old time discipline just not get too excessive because this generation is a lot more rebellious& things are out of control. Again I’m a results guy & things were alot better in the past when kids were more respectful, when kids weren’t killing there parents as well as each other ect…. I’m just saying….

  89. The term spare the rod and spoil the child came from this man and not from the Bible.
    Meaning: The notion that children will only flourish if chastised, physically or otherwise, for any wrongdoing. Origin: This phrase has quite a long genesis. The coiner of the version that we use in everyday speech was Samuel Butler, in Hudibras, the satirical poem on the factions involved in the English Civil War, which was first published in 1662:

    Love is a Boy,
    by Poets styl’d,
    Then Spare the Rod,
    and spill the Child.

    [by ‘spill’, Butler did mean spoil – that was an alternative spelling at the time]

    The precise words were Butler’s, but the proverbial notion is much older. William Langland’s The vision of William concerning Piers Plowman, 1377, includes this line:

    Who-so spareth ye sprynge, spilleth his children.

    ‘Spilleth’ is used to mean ‘spoils’, as in Butler’s poem. ‘Sprynge’ was commonly used in mediaeval English to mean the verb ‘spring’, that is, ‘rise quickly, at a bound’. It seems that Langland was using here as a synonym for ‘sprig’, that is, rod or offshoot of a plant, although the OED has no other records of ‘sprynge’ being used that way.

    English version of the Bible pre-1377 don’t include the line in the form we now use, but they do contain a similar thought, and this is probably where Butler took it from. In the King James Version, Proverbs 13:24, we find:

    He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

    The verse in Psalms was taken out of context and was meant to mean,
    “Whoever fails to exercise his parental authority hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to instruct and correct him.” It’s a warning to fathers that as the heads of our households it’s our responsibility to instruct and train our children. Our failure to do so is a sign that we don’t love them.

    In summary then, the notion of inflicting physical punishment on children can’t be supported Biblically. Spanking began as a pagan activity steeped in eroticism, and was brought into the church as a punishment for sin during a time when the Church had forgotten that Jesus was punished for our sins. But even then it was related to sin, not behavior that’s arbitrarily labeled by parents as bad, when it’s often only a reflection of their incompetence as teachers. It has done untold emotional and psychological damage and is in direct conflict both Old and New testament doctrine.

    We must be careful in our interpretation of the Bible and pick and choose verses to back up what we are saying. There is many other teachings in the New testament to support Jesus did not teach that kind of discipline.

  90. This is not about the “SWITCH” as much as the force of the hand behind the hits. I’m 53 and was whip with a switch but I wasn’t hit like THAT hell no you can talk to a or put him in time out or better yet a 4 yr old only needs a pat on the backside he’ll get the message what Adrian Peterson inflicted on that child was a nightmare for any mother to see she did the right thing by reporting it! Let me just point out that our black community has been wrong on the IDEA that a beating, whipping etc will the only answer, well its not a cure all what was done in the past wasn’t the right way it was the only TOOL our elders had because it was inflicted on them and their ancestors by the SLAVE MASTER to keep them in line and fearful of them. That’s the TRUTH! So for us to continue that horrible way of discipline is a tragedy and the ignorance of not know why we do what we do is the reason we are here today being outrage by what has taken place even though a few of us have experienced or even participated in such practices don’t make it right! We that a abused person will abuse others the cycle continues, my mother even confessed that she went to far so to say that you agree with Adrian is because of how you may have been raised, I get that, but focus on the consequences of your action in today’s world you have to realize you may face some jail time for child abuse believe it or not! So all you that feel like it’s okay you better think twice because this is not your parents world you are living in! When you know better you do better!

  91. As many of you I have children and I am a tough dad…I require respect and obedience in terms of the things I expect. I am impatient when it comes to getting my children to do things like take a bath, getting dressed and expect these daily routines to be done immediately. But I would NEVER physically hit them, ever…and oh ya…I have a pretty bad temper at times too.

  92. So because an imaginary sky fairy says its okay to beat your kids, that makes it alright? So I guess ISIS beheadings are justified too because THEIR god commands it. What, that seems crazy? Their god is false but the christian god is true? To those enlightened enough to reject medieval superstition, it all seems equally as asinine.

  93. There is a fine line between abuse and discipline. Thing is, disciplining your children these days is a tough thing to do. Especially with children knowing that as a minor, they have protective services as well. If it leaves a mark for more than 24 hours, it is considered abuse. Regardless if it’s a belt, switch, or hand. There are many forms of abuse as well, and verbal isn’t any better than physical. Emotional takes its toll on a person too. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from or how you were raised, abuse is abuse. If you remember having marks on your body, whether in form of a bruise or welt or whatever, caused by something other than your own clumsiness, for more than 24 hours, chances are you were abused. Whether or not you knew it at the time, as a child, you had little say in things, the adults in your life knew what they were doing, and knew right from wrong. From personal experience, I have been abused in many ways, but I came out on top as an adult and I learned that what happened to me as a child was wrong and I will NOT do it to my own child. Yes, I discipline my child, but I don’t abuse him/her.

  94. Mayb some of u need a discipline in Yall lives. Bc obviously the ppl who r commenting never gotten a whipping b4. Mayb he did go a Lil over board but I’m sure he didn’t purposely try an abuse his son anyone who has followed this guy knows he is not some kind of monster actually he’s one of the most religious nd respectable ppl in the NFL. I’ve gotten plenty of whipping that hav left w helps but it’s made me into the man I am now. An I learned that wit every bad action there’s consequence. Wake up ppl an stop tryna make this something big. I dnt hear half of the concern for kids who r being KILLED by police everyday tho?? Smh

  95. My heart breaks. I’ve lost all respect of AP. I’m sorry. I sure got my fair share of spankings (nothing like this)… but I’m sorry Mr. Peterson… This is abuse. Four years old and you are drawing blood? It even hurts more because I’m a new father and would never do something like this to my own son. I am broken to see this.

  96. My Dad used a switch on me as a kid, I had to go get it and when i got spanked i should have, no one is talking about what the kid did, maybe this will make the kid corrected and it will benefit in long run, let the FATHER choose the disciplin he is the FATHER not the media. Let him play

    • You think a 4-year old has the ability to cut his own switch?
      Want to know what the kid did? He pushed another kid away from a video game. I’m not sure a 4 year old can comprehend the concept of his beating.

    • JohnPhoenix5 appears to be fixated on FATHER. If Adrian Peterson chooses to use 16th century punishments then he must suffer under current law. What he did is a CRIME. And punishment will follow. Even fathers cannot resort to child abuse in the name of discipline.

  97. Guys…Gals,

    I don’t know the full research on the studies cited–yet. I do know a whole industry has sprouted when it comes to children who blame parents because those children have failed to meet their own expectations.

    Point being we can’t undo any damage mommy and daddy might have done–no matter what they did.

    Truth is, a lot of people in the industry are victims themselves…I’m a skeptic…Sorry

    Beyond that, in all the talk radio and intent banter I’ve read, I’ve yet to see this addressed yet:

    My mom broke wooden spoons on my ass and wore out a couple belts. I drove the poor woman crazy and every beating was tempered with fifty hugs and positive parenting.

    Never, in the 4-5 years when I was beating eligible 6-11 did any mark show…. She always disciplined me with my clothes on.

    Does it creep any of you out that this 4 year-old was naked?

  98. There’s absolutue NO reason a big 200+ football player would need to “BEAT” his little child with a switch. A simple swat or two across the bottom with his hand would have beenmore than sufficient!!!!

  99. I am suprised there is enough room on the soap box everyone is standing on judging other people when everyone has done something wrong in thier life. Child abuse is horrible and unexceptable but for people to act like they are perfect is laughable at best. People make it seem as if he did this for fun.

  100. I guess Peterson is the only parent in the world that hit their child and the rest of you are perfect little angels. I do not agree with beating a child as I have 3 boys of my own but sometimes “time outs” and talking to your child just not work. Sometimes it takes a good smack to knock sense into someone…he may have gone overboard but to crucify him is ridiculous.

  101. If what ray rice did is abuse then the same goes for adrian or even worst because, there’s no way you should do that to someone you love and for parents out there do not do that to your child or children, adrian needs to be punish

  102. I don’t understand why anyone would try to defend Adrain Peterson’s action?? Because he is a “hero” in the NFL?? Heros are the guys who go to foreign countries to fight to keep this country free. These big, ignorant, entitled, uncivilized brutes don’t think rules apply to them; and the stupid fawning fans perpetuate that idea.

  103. This is child abuse, clear and simple, a big bully hitting a little innocent child because he was treated similarly when he was little and unable to defend himself. In the future we will all agree that all physical so called ‘punishment’ is abuse, and that violence only causes more violence-Peterson being a case in point. He was hit, so he hit his child.

    I don’t think Peterson is at all healed from his propensity to hit-he still thinks it’s okay, and what kind of a person doesn’t realize they are injuring their child? He beat him, clear and simple. Most people do this because it was done to them-and oftentimes it is too painful and hard to feel what they felt then-humiliation, fear, and rage-and too hard to let go of the image of the abusive parent as being ‘all good’.

    Thankfully, we are becoming less and less tolerant of domestic violence. Hope Peterson gets some help so he can truly recover and possibly be a decent Dad, but it sounds doubtful. He’s still defending what he did as being basically okay but he went ‘too far.’ He’s still in denial.

  104. A good ass wipping never hurt anyone I got many and thank my parents for them still because who knows were I might be today in jail or hell what he did was. Not right but I believe kids would be better I given a ass wippen not screaming at them or a time out to thank what more can we do to get in trouble again

    • Well that’s one consolation for baby son Peterson, his dad has ensured he wont be going to jail or hell. But as a 4 year old he definitely went through “hell” to get such a pass. Mr Mer were you showing such criminal tendencies at the age of FOUR? I suppose we should all thank your parents for saving tax payers money in not having you incarcerated but somehow there has to be an alternative to child abuse in the name of discipline. From the sound of your comment you haven’t learned that lesson yet.

      Please for your kids’ sake refrain from “ass wipping”, it hurts!! Secondly it is a crime and after all the thanks your parents got, you certainly don’t want to END UP in jail?!

  105. You just cant do this. a spanking is one thing but he beat a four year old baby badly. I am a Chicago Bears fan but I was also a big Adrian Peterson fan. I loved to watch him play. But this has to stop and can not be overlooked.

  106. I believe sometimes a child needs to get put in his/her place (speaking from father of 3 and took care of 3 others till they were around six) but to be able to leave marks like that…idk what could have happened cause if u love ur kids and show them it hurts there heart a lot more than a swat on the behind! But thats me

  107. One time my mom flicked my forehead when I was being a brat in the car.
    It worked. I was shocked. She flicked me. And I cut it out. you don’t have to be terribly physical to get your point across.

  108. When someone gets hit with a stick. ..the only thing that you learn is to hit others with a stick. …Peterson. .instead of hitting your children with sticks…u should stop the cycle of whipping u r kids…hit them with love….you really need 2 be charged 4 this….hope u go to jail because u deserve it….hope u r kids don’t whoop on u r grandchildren when they get older because that’s the only thing ur teaching them……u lost all my respect. …N.F.L PLEASE DON’T LET HIM PLAY….ITS MAKING YOU LOOK REALLY STUPID…..AS IF U DON’T ALREADY WITH EVERYTHING GOING ON $$$$$$

  109. Brah…. He’s a 4 year old. If Peterson was on my fantasy team, I might have said differently, but there is no reason to hit a 4 year old. Telling his son what is right is probably enough, since his son probably thought Peterson was a hero. I feel bad for that poor baby.

  110. I see a lot of people on here condemning a man that they don’t know and don’t know the circumstances. I didn’t know who Mr. Peterson was until all this hit the news. But, I can say that I was born and raised in the south where it was and still is common to use a “switch” to punish your child. I have had bloody whelps before and yes I did learn my lesson! I learned to respect my elders, do as I was told by my parents, and to respect others. I believe that he may have gone too far but he does not deserve to go to jail because of it. How many of you would want someone else telling you how to discipline your child? I know I wont allow anyone to tell me how to punish my kids when they have done wrong. Sometimes just talking to them doesn’t work, as many of you fellow parents know, and spanking with a hand doesn’t leave a long enough impression. The belt works fine with my kids but I have used a switch a few times too. It just seems to me that way too many people (many of which don’t have kids of their own) are trying to ruin a man’s life when they really don’t know anything about the man other than what they see on tv. My opinion. Take it or leave it.

  111. They should do the same thing they did 2 Ray rice and suspend him 2 that’s not cool a child can’t defend himself it just don’t make sense they suspend Ray rice 4 hitting his fiancee a grown women and they don’t suspend Adrian Peterson 4 beating his son know don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s alright 2 hit his fiancee that’s wrong 2 and he shouldn’t be able 2 come back 2 the nfl period they should do the same with Adrian Peterson

  112. I grew up in the 60s and 70s. My mom believed in whoopings. Yes using a switch, leaves marks. I had enough of them. But I also respected my parents and did not talk back, swear, or just not listen. I learned RESPECT and we feared our parents. Kids today, look at us parents As if we are from another planet,. And PARENTS we now fear our kids and the government just for teaching our kids what our parents us.

  113. Maybe all the advertisers that are pulling their ads as well as canceling their contracts with Mr. Adrian Peterson should use that money to help prevent child abuse. And lets face it the NFL will only answer to their advertisers. SO IF YOU LOVE CHILDREN YOU SHOULD BOYCOTT THE NFL until they get it together and actually have a moral compass. But that is just a dream…

  114. There is a lot to be said about abuse,of all aspects, I do believe that Adrian Peterson will never forget the damage done to both his son and himself, I am so curious after reading of all the comments do any of you do the following …. Do you send your children to school… it’s a documented case that teachers seduce children and have sex with them, So do you put your child on a school bus…. its been documented that some of the highest sex offenders are bus drivers …. Are you children in Organized sports…. some of the most respected coaches of all times have gone years upon years sexually abusing and verbally abusing Children….Do you and your family attend church… it has been going on for MANY years that Priests have Sexually abused boys and covered it up by moving priests around to different parishes to abuse again … do you do drugs or drink alcohol….its been documented that while your on a high or passed out your boyfriend or friends of friends have just raped and sexually abused your children …… how many of you are NOW a Hippocratic??? you are all guilty !! since when did you become GOD, or a Judge or the Jury….. should Adrian be punished absolutely should he be ban from football prior to any court systems conclusion?….. He is a Contracted NFL Football player he gets paid weather he plays or sits on suspension !!! He should Play and when he is convicted then he should be thrown out of his contract and NOT paid a cent for any remaining time . How many CEO’s of Major companies or Parents abuse their children in many worse ways then this ….Many do not make the news, What the media has done with this case is invaded the privacy of a MINOR child you may as well put him on a cross and whipped him yourselves !!! You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves !!! Let the Courts figure this out then comment all you want !!! what about the parents that cause Head trauma to their babies you never hear about the ones that lived only the ones that have died there are thousands of brain dead innocent children some are blind some are deaf some will never know the very things we take for granted ! amazes me that we can all turn our heads in disbelief but have a public sports player loose control and everyone jumps on the band wagon ! the children of today have NO respect everyone fails its a no win situation you do not need to beat them you need to educate them !!! Do you know that we release sex abusers daily from the prison system and they repeat with in 30 days !!! There is no CURE I think everyone should have to take numerous hours of training to be a parent 18 years of it to be exact per child you choose to bring into this world what gives you the right to have children if your not educated on how to raise them…such a sad system we have in the United States !!!!

  115. No 4-year-old should ever be switched. Send the child to his room, calm down, then talk to him. Explain why he did wrong. If he does it again, then I give my support for an open-handed spanking.

  116. “Abuse” is used very loosely here. He’s raising his children the same way his parents raised him, and I personally think they did a pretty damn good job. Guess it’d be too hard for any of you to actually look into the matter a little deeper, or even looking into what kind of person Peterson is. Too easy to jump on the bandwagon and call him a child abuser for disciplining his child. Makes me think some of you should’ve been beaten more as children.

    • I worry what any ISIS children will be doing to their kids. Following in their father’s footsteps?

      Yes Trevor Hogan Peterson’s parents did a pretty damn good job of raising a child beater. Listen to Adrian Peterson on record, his young daughter when she gets past the 1 year old limit her little butt is for the taking. On the field he seems a fine chap but off the field his manner and attitudes are very questionable?!

  117. There is a big big difference between a spanking and a beating!!! A smack on the ass is one thing a beating with a switch is a whole new ballgame…on a 4 year old…OH what a big tough man he is!

  118. and all your kids will probably grow up to blow up schools….continuing the pattern, kids need they butt whipped. Society taking parents rights to discipline is a mistake, and the reason kids are the way they are today, rude, disrespectful, ungrateful, entitled, violent, beating the parents butt, and you call that kids being kids. These are my kids and they are not abused, they are structured, well mannered, polite, and will not step out of line with any adults, I run my house, and because of their good behavior they have EVERYTHING they could ever want, but if they step out of line I will tear their butts up, especially my son, if I don’t keep him in line, he will be out of control like I see the majority of todays kids. who in the world invented time out anyway? For the record I come from abuse, I mean going to school with my face sliced up with a knife by my mother, in the third grade, getting my hand ironed by my mother in the first grade for failing to count money correctly, that my friends is abuse, a whipping (or spanking as most of you call it) for misbehaving is not.

    • That is the exact opposite of what the facts are. The vast majority of prisoners were whipped or beaten as kids. Ask CEO’s, Professors, judges or leaders of industry and you will find that much less were whipped as kids. Most parents whip their kids in anger. This teaches them that it is ok to punish people by inflicting pain. I was spanked as a kid, many times with similar marks as AP son. The only thing I learned was that violence and aggression were acceptable.

  119. Mine were with the hot wheel track, left a few SMALL welts like this BIG DEAL! A SOFT GENERATION WITH SOFT PARENTS AND WE WONDER WHY THEY ARE WORTHLESS

  120. if you cant raise a child without inflicting those types of wounds, you probably should never had children . let alone 7 from 5 different mothers

  121. There are a lot of people on here giving excuses for brutality. This only tells us that they themselves were once brutalized, and in order to protect their illusion of the ‘good parent’ and protect themselves from feeling the pain of that child that was once them, they must defend even something as indefensible as what was done to this innocent little child.

    The idea of children and even babies being ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ is an ancient one. It is the excuse given so that parents could take out their frustrations, fears, feelings of helpless, fears of loss or abandonment, rage-whatever ‘poisonous’ material they were carrying around-on someone little and defenseless.

    Historically this included child murder via sacrifice, sexual abuse, torture-we have only truly begun to treat children with any kind of respect and care during these last 100 years so.

  122. Don’t think it was Not child abuse I think he was just discipline his child like going back to the slave days that’s how they used to discipline I think we forgot how to discipline children that’s why they all are coming Out bad stealing robbing people killing people I myself got discipline with the belt all the time and I turn out to be a good personso we have to stop making it such a big deal that guy was just doing what he was told to dowhen we love a child we discipline them for them to become better people in life

  123. There a lot of idiots who condone this type abuse, saying that keeps their kids from being “soft” and what not. That is BS. Ask any prisoner if they got spankings or beatings from their parents when they were bad. They will all say they did. Ask CEO’s, judges, Doctors and respectable professional people if they got spankings and you will see that many, if not most did not. I got spanked pretty good when I was a kid. Many times with the buckle. It instilled an aggression in me that I still deal with today. I grew up thinking it’s ok to inflict pain on people to teach them a lesson. Until I met my wife, it would be nothing for me to beat someone up cause I thought they deserved to be punished. Now that I have a kids – I fear that I will mess them up the same way. I pray to God I do not pass any of my aggression on to my kids. They deserve better.

  124. He will be fine. You have to disipline your kids. switch belt ,is fine. Better than allowing them to join isis, or shoot up our schools later.

  125. the problem in society of children today not behaving correctly isnt a product of parents not disciplining their kids, but more a product of parents that themselves are drug and alcohol addled pieces of shit. you are a role model for your kids. If your child goes to school and sees other kids whose parents spend time with them and actually show a genunie interst in their lives and than come home and see a parent getting stoned every day and zoning out, they will act out. If you are a piece of shit role model for your child what do you expect. parents are the problem. most parents today should never have had kids.

    • you are only partially correct…. yea drugs and alcohol is a problem but not all the time. the problem is parents not taking an active role in their kids life. your kids business is your business. Many parents just straight neglect their kids. the kids in turn do what they want. you have to be firm with your kids. kids need to be discipline. a good ass spanking if necessary. you people are too quick to judge someone. smh

      • I was beaten as a child with belts, switches etc. I often had no idea why, other than my father had a bad day at work and my mother met him at the door with a list of what she didn’t like about the day. One of them was being a mother. Is this OK too?

  126. I just can’t comprehend this. Do people actually think this is ok? These pictures display a complete lack of self control. Disciplining your child by spanking shouldn’t be something done out of anger, it’s a form of discipline meant to teach the child that “if I touch something hot I’ll get burned” mentality, it’s not meant for the parents to take out all their frustrations and actually physically harm their child. The amount of ligatures on this boys skin show that “dad” obviously couldn’t control his anger. How could someone see that they had drawn blood on their own child and keep going? That is so far beyond discipline and if you don’t think so, maybe you should question your parenting skills and morals.

  127. I have sustained much worse from my great grandmother…give me a break… are you telling me it is “okay” to punch scissors into the back of an infant’s head and suck out their brains but its not okay to discipline a child?

    • How many brains does this infant have? Your great grandmother must have been very thirsty! What part of the world were you brought up?

      • We are allowing this to be blown way out of proportion. Would I do this to a four year old? Never! Will he and should he be held accountable for this? Absolutely.

        But to paint with a wide brush here and say we cannot spank or switch children is idiocy. That is my frustration. Don’t read into what I wrote. And my comparison is still valid. We as a society claim abortion is harmless and necessary and we as a society care not a whit about the pain (and murder) we inflict with abortion… but we say it is brutality to spank a child?

  128. saying that you were beaten as a child so it’s ok for it to happen to other children is like saying if you were sexually abused as a child it’s ok to do it to other children.

      • James, you obviously don’t read many comments. Unfortunately as ridiculous as it may sound these are the arguments put forward by strong arm Adrian Peterson. I am only following my father’s actions. As I suggested in another comment lucky for baby Peterson Adrian’s parents were not ISIS members!!

        Now evaluate that comment?

        • I just think it was a little over the top and in my opinion it is ridiculous (at least as far as I’m concerned) but I respect your right to make it. However, I don’t think the justification in your statement lies in the rationalization of an idiot who took things too far. Beyond that I think it is blanket logic. Not everyone who agrees with this type of punishment follows the thought process you cited. I was switched and spanked growing up but my corporal punishment was never done in anger. I do think there is a place for it today but it has to be implemented without malice. That is not to say parents should be limited to my own view on how they punish their kids.

          And to respond to your first statement, no I didn’t read many comments. Reading too many comments in an internet comment section is enough to drive anyone crazy.

  129. From the text between AP and his mother, AP says he gave the child five more whacks than “normal.” He also states the child didn’t cry so he is going to have to come up with a “system” for him. (

    Obviously this shows that AP does this all the time for punishment. His lack of remorse and matter-of-fact texts show he obviously doesn’t think there was anything wrong with what he was doing.

    So now I’m torn. A child raised as a ____ by their parents is a _____, but not based on their own experiences or beliefs. With enlightenment, they can change their opinions and see they were wrongfully informed/taught. This can be true of attitudes towards gender, drugs, religion, politics and many other aspects of life.

    Look, I was raised by spanking. Made an impression on me for sure. When I had children, I wanted to also use spanking as a punishment. My wife was against this so I read several books on modern parenting and we have never raised a hand to our kids. They are now 10 (twins) and are perfect, leaving me grateful in so many ways that I enlightened myself to think differently. I now understand the difference between having kids behave out of fear and respect.

    Can the same be true with AP? If he was raised by the switch and believes it’s what made him the man he is today – a good man reportedly in most other ways(?) – shouldn’t he be enlightened and given the opportunity to change?

    So, I guess I am willing to change my thinking about AP if he gets real counseling, attends parenting classes and truly changes his thinking towards punishment. Whether he can reconcile with his family is another story and burden he has to live with.

    I’m not for giving him a free pass though, he needs to be punished to make sure he learns his lesson. Ironic, huh?

    • those text mean barely anything. you are entitled to your opinion and how you discipline your kids is your business. he may have gone over a little but this is far from child abuse. go google child abuse and see what you come up with. you act like he punched him in the face and broke out his teeth and broke his arm…. SMH.. not all kids are the same.

  130. Bleeding wounds/welts on a 4 year old is way too aggressive to prove a point. A swat with the hand and talking to a 4 year old would have been a more mature approach. Peterson and so many of these guys don’t recognize their own abusive pasts, so they can do something to stop abuse in the future. I’m glad a message is being sent to stop the cycle of abuse, and for Peterson, he owns the cycle right now.

    The “switch” he used was a stronger wooded branch with little give. Take Peterson’s size, body mass and force when swinging a branch into the body of this child, and you will see blood drawn. It’s easy to figure out the intensity of the blows. This is child abuse and endangerment.

  131. It is not child abuse!!! It is not a beating. It is a switching. A 4 year old is not a baby and needs a spanking or switching as much as older kids.

  132. In this day and age of children basically having the run of the land, and
    discipline of any sort at all being considered abuse, does anyone find it
    disheartening that today’s youth, with their lack of any sort of punishments
    more than a stern look, as well as a full generation before them, has taken
    the US down to the bottom of the top ten in intelligence scores compared
    to other countries, taken a once vibrant economy to the brink of collapse,
    as well as their weight skyrocketing because of parents giving them what
    they want to eat rather than what’s best for them. “Take a time out in the
    corner young man!” Hey! that’s mental abuse you bastard! I’m calling the
    police! “All he got was a slap on the hand”……Yea….but the father that
    did the slapping got ten months.

    How’s about everyone get their asses off of their computers and updating
    their Facebooks, and raise your own kids, and stop trying to raise others.
    I could care less if Adrian Petersen ever played another down of football…..
    I’m not concerned. But then I’m also not concerned about his child either,
    because my guess, is that child will grow up to be a fine young man some
    day…..and will do it withOUT the help of any of you guys. Now get off your
    fat asses, shut that computer down, and go out and play some ball with
    your kid,…..and I DON’T mean on a PS3!

    • i cannot agree anymore. the biggest problem in today’s world imo, take it as you will. A large majority of parents do not take time to be an active participant in your child’s life. you are responsible for your child’s actions and how he / she is raised. not all kid’s are the same, some require more discipline than others. if it comes to it, a good ass beating. Do not be so quick to judge…. you have no idea what was going on that day. yea, he took a little too far. imo, it is far from child abuse. i don’t see cigarette burns, broken teeth, black eye, broken arm / leg, body bruising. he will have his day in court. let the facts come out before you start burning him at the stake.

      • Long Nguyen – you cannot agree ANYMORE or just you cannot agree more? May be in Vietnam there is a different understanding of what is abuse? BTW no pictures of the boy’s head so it is difficult to check for broken teeth and black eyes.

        • Wow. Automatically you want to attack my race. Maybe there is difference in being a dick in your part the US because oh wait I’m a US citizen. Jerk. I said don’t be quick to judge as you are judging me yet you don’t know who I am. Wow. He who casts the first stone… Don’t bother replying asshole.

      • You say you don’t see any of those things in a manner that indicates that what you do see is no big deal. Why then, would ANY of those things perpetrated against an ADULT be cause for filing assault charges? Because that’s what it is, regardless of whether it’s a child or an adult.

  133. This is not discipline, this is abuse and those who cannot recognize it are part of the problem certainly not part of the discussion or on how to prevent child abuse. Beating a 4 year old this way has to be pretty stupid and probably angry at the child’s mother. Especially when the beating was for pushing a brother away from a video game. Please get real on this, it is abuse period.

  134. Have you ever driven through a bush or branches while mowing a lawn? Even that can cause cuts, bleeding, and welts. Discipline is discipline. Sure he could have handled it a little better, may have not gone so far, may have stopped a while before this, but he did what his parents did to him. He disciplined his son the way his parents disciplined him. Yes a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture can also make things look a lot worse than they really are. They can be altered and changed just as speaking it can. If this wasn’t the best running back in the NFL it wouldn’t be nearly as blown out of proportion as it is.

    • “I got beat worse when I was a kid and I turned out ok.” The ol’ abuse excuse. The boundary between discipline and suspected abuse is when any injury is observed. Let the Child Protective Service workers determine if it meets the state definition and go from there.

  135. This is absolutely frightful. Four years old and having to endure an having to endure an actual whipping like this is a real life nightmare. AP belongs under the jail not in it . PERIOD !

  136. What exactly proves these photos are from this kid? Do news reports hold up in court now?

    guilty until proven innocent, I know..I know..

    I like facts and evidence n stuff…call me crazy.

    • He has already admitted his guilt to the police! Possibly wouldn’t have done without all the who-hah. Walt, you’re crazy, laying into a 4 year old in the name of discipline. Come off it. Adrian Peterson should leave his anger, frustration and brute force on the football field there he will receive the ovation of thousands of supporters.

  137. What does a 4 year old child do to get whelps like this? NOTHING!!! You teach kids right from wrong at this age not beat them because they push someone over a toy. Yes, it’s abuse. No one should be beaten! Anyone that beats someone and leaves scars,is an abuser: especially if it’s a 4 year old child.

  138. Maybe the Vikings organization can have a jail built into the new stadium for all the criminals they seem to have on their team.

  139. This is so absurd to me! Yes I believe no woman or child should ever have to be subject to abuse! But if Rice or Peterson wasn’t in the NFL or media period they would not get the punishment of prison time or even losing their jobs! Other people have been beaten and even had broken bones or bruises black eyes or whatever and the cops or cps don’t do anything except a punishment program or a reatraining order! Just because these two are in the media and they have no privacy they get punished to the extreme! They are human too! Their are far more serious cases out their that people just turn their backs too! If you punish one punish all is all I’m saying equal treatment

  140. It’s crazy how they make these situations look its good he whip his son he still alive its tough love he teaching him discipline if he don’t when he get older and get caught doing something he don’t suppose to these cops will beat him are shoot him so it’s a lesson. With ray rice situation no man are woman should never put there hands on each other peo we don’t know what happen earlier that day are night they could of already got into it that day she attacked him first on that elevator and he didn’t punch her he slapped her and her head hit the pole in the elevator thats what knocked her out but people just make it seem like he beat her up if he wouldn’t of hit her she would of messed him up bad they never say nothing about women beating and fighting on men if a woman hit me im going to defend myself don’t care who don’t like it the same thing for women to if you hit a man you childish if he not beating are hitting on you and you get mad about something it doesn’t give you the right to hit him

  141. What does this teach a child? If I spanked any gentle reader here for a perceived infraction, regardless if it caused any injury, I would be arrested and sued. Why should it be different for when it happens to a child?

  142. Spankings and time outs are proper forms of punishment. Drawing blood is NOT. Hope he gets jail time. Famous football player who hurt a child…not gonna fair so well.

  143. I’ve read about this on another site and the kicker for me is that the punishment for the kid greatly exceeded the severity of his “crime”. Push your sibling and then get beaten til you’re bloody. Ridiculous.

  144. He turned himself in Well he really didn’t have any other choose as he was basically “caught out ” where else was he to go being who he is n with the financial backup of the Best Legal Advise I’m certain he had Really He Didn’t Hand himself Like his defences are trying to make it sound as though Oh this is just a big ole misunderstanding He is Innocent see the police didn’t have to go find him n he wasn’t a danger there were no handcuffs being used here Like even the Police can see he wasn’t doing what the law has required them to charge him with All Defence Smoke Screening Adrian Peterson Using the justification n rational that he used the same punishment that his father used upon him on his son Is More tring to wriggle out of the seriousness of what he did and that was plain n simple Adrian Peterson You Lost Your Temper n became Out of Control and Violently Assaulted Your Four Year Child. I don’t even agree with spanking a child and You can see the photos show this was No Spanking Or A Smack to Stop your Child touching the Hot Fire out of fear of the child getting burnt The photos clearly show his Skin is abbrassed cut open This is Abuse and Can You Imagine How Frightened this little boy was and How Much Each of those Assaults Hurt caused His little terrified mind and body pain from the Person he should be Trusting will Care Love Protect keep him safe from such terrors His Father.
    Shame on You Your a Brute Adrian Peterson and to use your own so called treatments of “punishment n statements of how thankful you are to this as your sure these abuses “Helped” you Helped You excuse me All the knowledge at parents hand made readily available all the information about children n what this kind of physical violence Can do that Is Never Helpful to a child’s growth Proves what a liar you are n that you are not at all sorry or concerned about your actions. Any one now Parent Or Non Parent knows that Punishment is not the answer for anything in life ….. When it comes to children You as a father parent are there to teach learn your children rights from wrongs To teach them how to problem solve n Bashing a child does not teach the child they have done the wrong thing

  145. Also 🙂 Adrian Peterson being in the sport he is is quite practice n learned to strategic tactical thinking problem solving all these skills r used in his sport so his speech about after seeing psychologist n being taught their are alternatives (n why is the word alternative being used. As assaulting Bashing a frightened little child causing physical bodily harm damaging the trust the child should have to feel safe protected by such bad things in life by a parent There are No Alternatives ? As thou Bashing is n option There is Only One Very Clear Message here There Is No Cause Reason to Assault Hurt Frighten A Child ) His Speech Is A Lie Adrian Peterson You Know What you did was Wrong Just Like you know it wrong n You’ll answer n quite likely b charged If you Hit one of the Grown Men you play your Sport with! He is a Brute who looses control and looses his temper n this would not be the first time I feel. I certainly hope He is made answerable for his sons sake n that he Is placed into therapy to learn about his self control issues as Reading his tweets about what he has done it is very obvious he is using every excuse to try n make what he has done sound reasonable Including how he was treated as a child this is not someone who feels shame remorse n believes he has done wrong.

  146. so hear is how i feel im a 16 year old boy and i was spanked and beat as a kid and im fine yes my parents have drawn blood and have left brusies so oh well my whole faimile does it my cousun was going down the wrong road and so my uncle beat him with his fist and knocked him out and now he is a good man. so beating is good and my parents are military and all my freinds get BEAT so get over it people its ok to do…

  147. He turned himself in after charges were filed. He did not turn himself in freely after beating his son. He actually stated in a text to his child’s mother he is the toughest of them all. Those pictures were 4 days after the fact. He deserves jail. That is child abuse. A 4 year old had to suffer at the hand of a monster (his own father)….There is nothing a 4 year old can do to deserve such a beating..disgusted by this monster!!

  148. Google

    Wonderful story, reckoned we could combine several unrelated data, nonetheless definitely worth taking a look, whoa did 1 study about Mid East has got much more problerms also.

  149. From what I understand football is a much more violent activity than even most fans realize (as is evidence by how few realized what Tom Brady had been sniffing in his Gatorade cup was smelling salts because all players rely on smelling salts continually throughout a game to deal with the psychological trauma that is routinely sustained from playing professional football–I mean if people really realized how brutal the violence sustained by players in professional football is then this wouldn’t have been news to anybody, which it clearly was) and it is almost impossible to expect that players will not have problems from such trauma off the field. I am sure Peterson began with the best of intentions, because he does seem like a decent guy who just never thought this whole parenthood thing through, and was just using a form of punishment that was used on him; but that at some point he lost control.

    My point here is that this isn´t really about “switching” as much as it is about a man who works in a violent profession where head trauma is a weekly event for half the year and so we shouldn’t be surprised about the violent consequences of the abuse he has been sustaining his whole career. More importantly he shouldn’t be surprised by it either.

    My questions to people who are willing to play professional football is that while you might be okay suffering the consequences of your decision is it alright to impose them on your children. It seems that if we were being honest with ourselves any responsible person would quit playing professional football once they knew they were going to have a child, but by then of course the damage would still have most likely already been done anyway.

  150. No I did not grow up in the south
    I just received your email response. .however..the south..the north.does not make it correct to use a switch..I am a SINGLE MOM IF 5 GIRLS..DAUGHTER’S. .I have NEVER…used a switch or left a mark..I spoke with my kids..Sat then down..yes the had time out..or phones taken away bug as a SINGLE MOM..they are honor roll kids..know right from wrong w no father in the Home Daily n no marks on there skin..It is all about the time you put in verbally, emotionally & PHYSICALLY …POSITIVE. .

  151. No child should have that done to them as punishment. It looks as if he has bad anger issues and if that was my child he would never see him again. Next time the child may be dead.

  152. so he basicly got off, we would be in jail and never see our kids again, 4 yrs old ,he is scum of the earth.I hope another player hits him so hard he never gets up, cocky scum of the earth, he is a nobody but a child abuser,he thinks he is all that, well think again, i hope you get boo’s every where you go. and maby the next time it will be someone your own size that beats the crap out of you, child beater.

  153. Well I got a switch used on me and I remember it stung and red welts . I had a belt used on me left red marks….I do not remember blood …these pictures are disturbing …he cross the line …the dad lost his temper…he needs anger management .kids will love their parents even after this….maybe a father and child therapy .Hope he can continue getting help and become a loving father

  154. the welts on the child’s legs are more severe than they should have been. i feel this is due to two main factors: 1)the choice of “switch”- taken from a tree, it’s likely to have a rough surface and possible small protrusions/irregularities, 2)Peterson is about 6’1″/ 217lbs and a pro athlete. I believe these two factors combined to render injuries worse than they might have been. however, what he did, although excessive, was not wrong in itself. he at least had the sense not to use his hand, which would’ve carried much more force. striking the boy on the legs is curious, as the usual place of focus is the bottom.
    a parent has the right, no, duty, to discipline their child when necessary. How it’s done and with what appropriateness is the real issue.

  155. I sincerely hope that Mr Peterson gets his on the field someday soon. I don’t hope he is seriously injured but if he is,then we can say, “that’s football culture”. What a moronic nation we have become.

  156. I’ve been hit with a belt when I was little. Maybe not enough to have had psychological damage beside low self-esteem. I still don’t think it is necessary. I’ve spanked my kids a couple of times & didn’t like how it felt. When you spank out of anger, it is unhealthy. Time-outs worked amazingly better. I wanted my kids to choose to behave in an appropriate way, even if I wasn’t there. They grew-up to be people I not only love, but genuinely like & am proud of.
    The best thing for Adrian Peterson’s kids would be for him to be a good father, maybe not go 2 jail, just yet. Supervised visits ,for now,. for sure. He definately went too far & should not be given the chance to do this to any of his children.
    Parenting classes were a great help to me & my spouse (we both knew we were carrying issues from our childhoods).
    There is simply a better way than spanking & screaming. Creating a healthy relationship with your kids is very rewarding. I didn’t want to have the same relationship with my kids that I have with my parents.

  157. No, it’s not OK to beat a child but taking way his livelihood isn’t going to make him a better father or husband. He may need parenting classes or not be allowed around children with out someone being present. He may need the nanny on TV on how to raise children! But to say from now on the person isn’t allowed to work or it’s OK to work as a cashier or truck driver but not a football player is a little crazy. Is the law going to have a list of jobs that your allowed to do when you’re brought up on charges or is welfare the only thing allowed?

  158. I think we’re all ignoring the bigger picture here… Is he guilty? I think the evidence stands for itself. OF COURSE HE IS! But we have to realize that Psychologists have definitely found that patterns of abuse are chain-linked to a person’s own past.

    That doesn’t mean we excuse away the offense committed here. I for one, think its absolutely disgusting! What I will say though, is we have to try and look deeper into this. I feel that Adrian Peterson himself may also be a victim. And THIS is why we MUST stop abuse. It gets passed down from generation to generation.

    If it were just a rage of anger followed by Adrian hitting his child with an open fist or some other “instant” retaliation, then I would attribute it to many potential avenues of possibility. But we have to THINK about the “METHODOLOGY” in which he delivered what he THOUGHT discipline looked like. A switch? Gathered from the tree?? There is DEFINITELY a “PATTERNED” historical marking in this act of supposed discipline/abuse.

    I bet we could easily trace Adrian’s own childhood experiences back to such acts of abuse. Its important to remember that no matter how DISGUSTING the act we see committed, that we also ask the tougher “WHY” question behind it. We can’t prevent future cases if we don’t track the events to their origin.

    It is my STRONGEST belief, this act, and its very DISTINCT pattern of gaining a switch out of a tree, is a reenactment of memories of his own childhood experiences……. And if that’s the case, PUNISH the man, but REMEMBER, he too is PROBABLY a victim himself!!

    Keep that in mind as we move forward in this case…

  159. I got popped on the behind more than once as a kid. But never did I get smacked from one end of my body to the other with a switch, belt or anything else. BIG DIFFERENCE. I have always loved watching Peterson play, but using such things on a 4 yr old is something I cant ignore. My opinion of him is forever changed.

  160. I don’t think I ever got a switching that did NOT raise welts. That was the point; and it made it painfully clear what I did wrong to merit it. I did not get switched for just any trivial action – the punishment was commensurate with my actions.
    I do not think anyone can tell the severity of actual injury just from these photographs. But, they do not seem to rise to the level to which Mr. Peterson is being accused. If he was not in the public eye, it probably would never have been commented upon.
    BTW – I NEVER switched my kids, but they did get a swat on the rear on several occasions. For me, it was more to get their attention – and I spent a lot of time talking after swatting.

  161. Depends on what the kid did… He had to of goofed bad to warrant this! All you liberals need to grow a fucking pair of balls, maybe your nut-hugger jeans are too tight.

  162. Just fucking sad how could u do this to your young child. Makes no since some parents just dont deserve to be parents. Real talk fuck u Adrian petterson shit fucked up.

  163. anyone trying to justify this in anyway is wrong, I don’t care if you use the he was brought up that way or we do it in the south, –I CAN COUNT AT LEAST 20 marks on that limb- that is way past discipline.

  164. Violence of this sort against a toddler, teaches the lesson that violence of this sort against a toddler is an appropriate method of punishment. That’s the only lesson it teaches that toddler.

  165. The only thing I have to say is that this fall I went out to pick the last of my cherry tomatoes & regular tomatoes because of possible freezing that night. When I was done & brought in all the tomatoes I noticed a 6 inch scratch on my left arm, which was bleeding, & then I notice I had a another smaller on about 3 inches on my right arm, that was bleeding, and I didn’t even know it…not to mention many scratches all over my arms & even on my lower legs. Now most of these scratches were just scratches that did not bleed, but they were bright red. Now I had these scratches for about one weeks (most of them) and the two that were bleeding on my arms and some other scratches took a lot longer (about 2 weeks) and longer for the two bleeding ones. Now I didn’t even know I had any of these until I came into the house & notices the long bleeding one on my left arm, so I see scratches 4 days old & marks, doesn’t seem that bad? I wish I would of taken picture of my scratches all over my arms. If branches from tomato plants could do that many scratches that I didn’t even know I got them, a switch from a tree makes more marks than a person even feels.

  166. I know what Peterson & other r talking about when they say I was whoop as kid, but as a kid when u were being whoop & could not Indore the pain, y would u as a father who probably don’t get 2 see ur son as often as u would like, get that upset , but I really don’t kno what a 4yr old could have done 2 catch u off guard,as a mother & grandmother they r the funness & pranker, & don’t listen times, u made a mistake & as adult’s, women & men u learn from ur mistake , & not let the world judge who u really r as a person i don’t think he should lose anything that was done in the inside of his home some people r not going 2, understand but so what take care of ur own home , people on the outside will always have an opinion, I think u should go 2 ur son and explain what’s going on ,and just say u ,r sorry until ur son say OK daddy I kno,good luck & god bless .

  167. While I do believe in spanking your child. whipping them is a whole different ball of wax.To those of you that spank your children. Do you leave bruises on them when your done? How many swats is enough. I was going to cut Adrian some slack, but after seeing the pictures of his child and how many bruises and welts he, had I’m not. With that said the NFL is wrong. He beat his kid in May and August the NFL imposes new restrictions after the fact. The NFL is violating the rules of contract law and criminal law to make themselves look good. Can you say lawsuit?

  168. . family shit should never be shown to the public, there should be rules on this. It wasn’t that bad, I’ve gotten the wooden spoon before and that healed right up without people calling my dad an asshole. You know some people can be told “no” and some can’t. I needed someone to discipline me because I didn’t listen to them and it worked. so don’t go around judging people for this shit when you have no idea what actually happened and just because you never hit your kids or whatever. chill out.

  169. I am not against a spanking if a child is rebellious. But this is dangerous abuse. Way, way over the top. He may have received this kind of beating when he was a child and he may not understand the brevity of what he did to his son. He needs some help along with correction to really get a grip and to change his heart and understanding. We often do what our parents did and even if we regret it don’t really know how to change by ourselves without help. Sad thing is real help is hard to find, and often the person who needs it the most is often ashamed to seek it. It is sad that there is a stigma attached to seeking counseling. Yet it is ok to mentored by a coach in sports, taught music by a teacher. or learn mechanics from a mechanics teacher. Why are folks ashamed to seek other kinds of council or help. Parents don’t get a set of instructions when their children are born. you don’t take classes before you get married. It really should be mandatory to take classes on being married and being a parent before you can get a license. Just like before getting a license to drive. Today a lot of churches are doing just that. They won’t marry a couple until they attend classes on marriage. It should also include the challenges of parenting. At least it is a step in the right direction. Also, that sport and a few others are very violent today. It used to be more about skill now it is a lot about violence. These players face another challenge in trying to stay calm in a difficult situation that might arise in marriage or parenting. It is hard to separate your emotions when you are running on adrenaline most of the time. Just a thought….

  170. After seeing these pictures I have to agree, this was way excessive switching. Where was this childs mother while this was taking place??if she saw this she is JUSTas guilty.

  171. I am from the old days where parents whipped their children. Society is so hung up on abuse in the wrong way. These kids need to be spanked. If any of us were truthful and we’re raised with love we would admit that we got spanked and had whips on us like this kid and we’re still alive and better for it. Time out and taking don’t work cause these kids don’t respond to that. I don’t see marks on that kids back or upper body just below the waist where they would be. Yall that are so against him disciplining his kid might need to take a few lessons. I would love to see how your kids turn out with no spankings. The majority will be bad as hell.

    As for the other young man with the fiance. I don’t condone hitting women I’m a woman but she hit and spit on him. She didn’t deserve to be knocked out but she should have been a receiver of some thing.

  172. Also by the way I have two boys that have never hit a female and got spanked with no problems. They are 21 & 17. Are in no gangs and both in school to be doctors. Why cause I’m there mother not their friend . You talk to your friends but you discipline your children.

  173. Im no viking fan but im a mother 3boys and i believe he should be in jail and stop his whinning and justifiable behavior. They should stop his pay and anything else a person as himself does not deserve regardless his awesome recored of running back. He needs to be locked up for along time just as anyone else. I feel that because the nfl is still paying he is only only helping him get away with such crap that is so intolerable. I feel he is a huge pile of crap and whoever has his back should feel so ashamed

  174. This man should be in prison. This is slavery when a child is beaten like this. This man has the mentality of people who owned slaves because this child has no say. If he hates this child or resents that he was born and doesnt want him then he needs to give him up. What a peeg!

  175. One or two whacks YES but he lost control-never spank your child when angry folks but to be honest here more kids need a spanking because they are so disrespectful and I blame the parents. I have 3 respectful children. Yes sir yes man no thank your

  176. I know that Peterson loves his son. I remember a long time ago, we actually had to go and get a tree branch to give our parents to beat us. We were much older like 8 and up. I think Time-out has become a joke with kids because they become class clowns thinking its funny standing in a corner making the whole class laugh at them. Kids are different now. I remember taking my grandson, “4 years-old” to Walmart and he was horrible, I wanted to whip him in the store on the floor! He was crawling all over the place and not listening, climbing under the clothes rack etc. It was horrible. A lady saw me and told me that he is not disciplined and shook her head. Look at the boy on Dr. Phil that slapped his Mother. I say, suspend him for 2 games and let him play.


  178. proverbs 23:13-14
    13.Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die.
    14.if you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol (ESV)

  179. I feel he spanked the child with a switch as many of the older generation had these marks and lived through it. He did not take his fist and beat the child or break bones, etc. He taught a lesson that most likely will not be forgotten because the switch stings, fists break.

  180. My father beat me when I was a child. We haven’t spoke for years. I’m 49 now and a Vetran. Wish he try it now that I could give him what he deserves.

  181. What could a 4 year old boy or girl have done to deserve the kind of beating that would draw blood? It is inexcusable and is flat out child abuse. Adrian Peterson should be behind bars. Society and professional sports have to crack down on this type of violence.

  182. Liberal pussys beat your children so they don’t turn into whiney disrespectful assholes, that’s what’s wrong with America we don’t beat our kids enough anymore because of all this sissy love crap doctors have been spewing I’d like to see these kids grow up in the 50s and 60s.
    The next time your child tells you to F off try a ass whooping , I promise better results than a “oh that’s okay hunny. Your just expressing yourself ”
    Wake up morons

  183. WTF!? I thought that when I finally saw the pictures of the “beating” that I would be shocked and that I would, too, be calling for Peterson’s head. But, no, I’m sorry; AP got a raw deal.

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  185. I’m sorry if no one agrees with what I’m about to say but it’s my opinion me being a mother but Adrain Peterson should be arrested for child abuse and fired from the NFL not only is he a pro football player but he is a full grown man beating a four year old toddler with a stick what in the hell could this baby have done that was so terrible that he had to beat him so bad that he drew blood what if someone beat him like that. And as for Ray Rice him and his fiancé has some serious issues cause if he knocked her ass out like that on a public elevator what will he do to her in the privacy of their own home

  186. He would never have gotten to my child that way. He would of had to kill me first. He must be out of his mind! If he was beaten that way as a child his father was out of his mind. If that was my child, Adrian would never see that child again, unless the child wanted to see him, he gets counseling for anger management, and visits are supervised, until the child is old enough to make his own decision as to whether or not he wants to see that man. Disgusting!

  187. This is so wrong….
    It makes me want to cry for this poor kid.
    What parent thinks this is an acceptable way to teach or punish your child?
    What does this poor kid learn?
    Nothing but fear….
    Poor kid

  188. Jesus when I was a kid I was beat up till I couldnt stand or sit on my ass
    I was bleeding and brusied like crazy
    you pussy ass white people need to stop whining

    when I heard about this I thought he killed him damn so many faggots in the comment section

  189. The 2-year-old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson died Friday in Sioux Falls, S.D., from injuries sustained during an alleged aggravated assault Wednesday, police said.

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