Survey Shows Most Hated NFL Teams In Each State

NFL fans have that one team they just straight up hate.

A Reddit user named ‘kmhokies35‘ conducted a survey of the most hated NFL team in each state, he released a graphic of the fellow reddit users who shared their least favorite team or teams. 

Based on the results, you can see that people in Texas can’t stand the Philadelphia Eagles, people in Michigan and Wisconsin hate the Chicago Bears. As you’d expect, The Pacific Northwest isn’t a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the majority of California and Colorado aren’t a fan of the Seattle Seahawks.


As you see rivalries played a big part in drawing out this graphic.


  1. Whats up with Colorado in black? Is it a Raider thing, the smoke, or do they just hate everyone else but the Broncos? 🙂

    • I dont think thats true as im from iowa and im a niners fan. if iowans hate anyone its either the packers, vikings, or bears because they usually support one of those three teams and they all hate each other lol

      • and there’s a good reason to hate the cowpies as well (can’t call them cowgirls as that would insult actual cowgirls, especially with tony romo at QB). but the team is over-rated, they are mis-labeled as “America’s Team” (that should go to Pittsburgh, speaking as an Eagles fan), and Jerry Jones being the best the state of Texas could offer attm just seems like an insult to otherwise decent people if Texas (only the politicians are worse).

      • The reason why only a couple of states hate the Cowboys the most is because they only have a couple of rivals. I’m a Patriots fan, and I hate the Cowboys, but just not as much as I hate the Jets. I’m guessing most people feel the same way.

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  2. No one hates or cares about the Titans and that’s just fine with me. No one expected anything from us in 1999 either.

  3. The map shows Colorado hates the Raiders. Says nothing about hatred for the Seahawks. Probably more respect than anything else.

  4. Right off the bat this map is a fail. Let me start with Texas; they don’t give a flying f about the Eagles. Yes we hate the Cowgirls. Texas hate the Washington. This just another lazy pixel wasting piece of dog shit website trying to get eye balls. Correction this site doesn’t have balls.

  5. Living in Florida my whole life, we hate the JETS much more than the Patriots. That doesn’t mean we like the Patriots, but we at least sorta respect them (Even though they’re kinda cheaters and ALWAYS getting the calls). AT very least the Patriots are graceful in defeat. The JETS talk before a game, during, and after whether they win or lose. FLORIDA HATES THE JETS


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