Tom Brady going off!


Final play of the game between the Panthers and Patriots. Ends with the referee actually picking up his flag and declaring the game over.

Evidently Tom Brady wasn’t feeling that.





The OTHER Cam is loving it.


      • It’s deemed uncatchable if it’s going out of bounds or the back of the end zone. This was classic refs going into CYA mode. However, if you’re right and the ball is uncatchable and thus not PI, it’s blatant defensive holding/illegal contact downfield which is an extra 5 yards and an automatic first down, which means the pats could have a run a play from the 13

        • There are no such restrictions on how to determine an uncatchable ball. This was demmed uncatchable because it was very short and it was intercepted. You can’t call a ball catchable when there is a second defender with the ball in his hands.

  1. It wasn’t catchable because he was all over him, he grabs him a good second or two before he intercepts it. With Gronk who knows what could of happened if he hadn’t done that. That being said, DAMN BRADY THROW A BETTER BALL. What is up with his throws this year?

  2. Catchable? Maybe not. Then again hard to go for a football when you’re already in a bear hug. At the very least it should have been a holding call. That would have put the Pats ten yards closer and one more play. BOTTOM LINE…ENFORCE the flag or don’t throw it…PERIOD.