Fans Compare Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick Through Their Instagram Accounts

The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers are set to battle this Sunday for the NFC Championship game but fans of both teams have began the battle of trash talk. A Seahawks fan took pictures of both Russell Wilson’s and Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram and drew a comparison of the two QBs and what they do on their free time. WilsonKaepComp

The Seahawks fan protray’s Kaepernick as a self centered and materialistic person while Wilson has a person surrounded around charity work and family. Clearly a Seahawks fan giving the edge to his teams QB the edge while bashing the 49ers stud quarterback.

Shortly after this was made, A 49ers fan took it upon himself to level the playing fields, showing that Colin Kaepernick is someone that does charity work and is based around family and pets.

49erscompNeedless to say, this NFC Championship will be a blood bath on the field but off the field both teams quarterbacks have been great just like they have been on the field.