49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Works Out With A Walrus

Jim Harbaugh is one of the most entertaining coaches in football, from his emotional antics on the field to his off the field shopping at Wal Mart for $8.00 khakis. The 49ers HC recently kicked it up a notch when he found a new work out partner, a Walrus at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California.

According to ABC 7  News in San Fran, he also got a kiss from a sea lion, bottle-fed a tiger and met an elephant. Safe to say Harbaugh is really taking his craziness to a whole new level..

At least coach wasn’t wearing the same khakis and 49ers sweatshirt, it actually shows Jim Harbaugh has other cloths… or maybe he just borrowed some from his brother John. Wouldn’t surprise us!

(H/T ABC 7 News San Francisco)