Arian Foster Acknowledges Fan Who THOUGHT She Took a Photo with Him

During this Sunday, one Texans fan tweeting this photo of her and Texans RB Arian Foster…well kind of. The woman, who ran into the Arian Foster look alike at a Houston bar named ‘Pub Fiction’ last night is apparently the “Texans Number 1 Fan” according to her Twitter bio. Hard to say considering she doesn’t exactly recognize their star RB, whether alcohol was involved or not.

Either way, the real Arian Foster kindheartedly responded to her, saying, “lol I appreciate the love but that’s not me.” Bazard joking sent out a tweet making notion to her mistake and shared a laugh with the twitter world.

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Moral of the story? If someone asks you to take a picture with them believing your one of the NFL’s best players, roll with it. Apparently this guy did.