Detroit Teacher Tries To Break Record For Making Free Throws Blindfolded In A Hour

Sports Illustrated is reporting that a teacher from Frederick Douglass High School in Detroit, Michigan named Paul Sauers managed to make an incredible 483 free throws while being blindfolded, which might be a  Guinness world record.

Sauers had a huge support group around him, he had multiple ball boys helping him, he raised $1,500 during the March 28th event. At the rate he was going, Sauers hit a remarkable eight free throws per minute and it made more amazing is that multiple people were willing to play ball boy and fetch rebounds for a solid hour according to Sports Illustrated’s Ben Sin.

Michael Walters, who was one of the ball boys helping Sauers said:

At the moment he started, it was thrilling. At the moment of hitting the 150-mark … That was exciting. At the end, when he was getting up into the 400’s, those might have been exciting but the rest of the time in between was like watching paint dry.

Regardless if this is an actual record or not, what Paul Sauers did was truly an awesome thing and what made it more awesome was the support group that he had around him.