Navy’s ‘Summer White’ Uniforms Are Awesome

The football programs of the Army, Navy, and Air Force Academies have so much “cool factor” potential with their uniforms, and it looks like theyre finally taking the next stride with some awesome designs.

Navy will take on heavily favorited Ohio State at MT&T Bank stadium this saturday and will unfortunately wear these uniforms exclusively for just this game.

The Academy reached an sponsorship agreement with Under Armour earlier this year, so the company will outfit all 33 of Navy’s varsity teams. With a big game against the Buckeyes this weekend, Under Armour came up with a new “Summer Whites” uniform for the Midshipmen.



The name stems from the Navy’s white uniforms that they wear during the months of summer.df0de1126d4965cd7ec8b2bd422ae9ff_original 20678901328510bce4570d40b80a0ce7_original

A cool feature about the new uni’s are the unique visual ranking system. Each player;s rank will be on both the shoulder and the pants according to as follows:

       Freshman: anchor but no stripes
       Sophomore: anchor with one diagonal stripe
       Junior: anchor with two diagonal stripes
       Senior: anchor with one parallel stripe
       Captain: star and three parallel stripes
59697375d53251e1ec62a2576acc73cf_original                                                                      (h/t Navy, Phil Hecklen)