Eagles Fans Burn DeSean Jackson Jersey’s Prior To Sunday’s Game

The Philadelphia Eagles cut DeSean Jackson last April, ALLOWING the all-pro receiver to sign with any team he would like.  He choose the division-rival, Washington Redskins.

Last Sunday for the first time since the Eagles (by choice) released the receiver, he stepped foot back onto Lincoln Financial Field for the first time wearing burgundy and gold for the Washington Redskins.

As expected, Philadelphia Eagles fans welcomed their former No. 1 receiver with a warm-Philadelphia welcome: booing, cursing at Jackson, along with burning and destroying their Eagles’ Jackson jersey.  Something which they, the fans paid for.

Some fans altered the jersey.


And some fans decided to burn it.  Because after all, it is Philadelphia, the city of “Brotherly Love” right?

The Eagles went on to defeat the Redskins, 37-34 but Jackson did score an 80-yard touchdown which led him to taunt the Philly faithful.  Even though the six-year veteran receiver was released by the team and did not request a trade or hold out for a contract, he was simply cut for reasons that Jackson’s off the field issues led to the team deciding to cut Jackson.

But either way or whatever the reason was, DeSean Jackson was no longer a Philadelphia Eagle because of a team/organization decision, not a choice he made or could have made but don’t tell that to Eagles fans, in their eyes, once you leave the city of Brotherly Love, your jersey will get burned.

Stay Classy, Philadelphia.