This 350 lb High School Running Back Will Beat You In A Footrace

There are plenty of attributes running backs need to succeed in football. However, there are some basic ones that will never change.

Running backs must be fast, have quick feet, the ability to make defenders miss and break tackles when someone gets their hands on them. Usually, RBs with these traits come in smaller packages. Emmitt Smith is considered one of the best tailbacks in NFL history, standing at 5’9″ and weighing 221 pounds.

Some of today’s elite RBs like Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy aren’t any heavier than 215 pounds.

This Hawaiian running back has all the qualities necessary to succeed on the football field, but he’s also a nightmare for opponents because he just so happens to weigh 350 pounds.

I mean, the whole breaking tackles thing is easy to understand. It’s not super hard to shed defensive players when you outweigh them by at least 100 pounds.

What’s impressive is his cutting ability and breakaway speed. Even if he has to catch his breath on the sideline for a minute or two after runs like the ones in the above video, who cares! He can catch his breath while the kicker adds on the extra point. I’ve never seen a player that big run that fast for such a long period of time.

For the players who actually got a hand or two on him, they weren’t exactly the best tacklers. There were some who tried going low to take him down from the legs, but they also had no luck. I would imagine it usually takes three people to wrestle this monster to the ground.

The Unofficial NFL Players Census really helps put this in perspective. The position with the heaviest players are at nose tackle, with an average weight of 322 pounds. This RB has 27 pounds on your run-of-the-mill NFL nose tackle. Also, the average weight for an NFL running back is 215 pounds.

The biggest NFL player this season is Jets defensive tackle T.J. Barnes, who stands 6’4″ and tips the scales at 364 pounds.

Remember when you’d create a player in Madden to play running back that was 400 pounds and ran a 4.4 40-yard dash? That’s this guy in real life. I’d love to see him pull out the hit stick on someone, but he was too busy just blowing by everyone in this highlight video.