Oakland Raiders Interim Coach Tony Sporano Buries Football At Practice


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The Raiders SUCK. Their coach was fired. So their new coach did what any NFL employee in his shoes would do:

He buried the evidence.

“This here football represents everything that’sa bad about this here program, ya see? We don’t want no snitches. Lets this be a lesson to all of yas. You can be in this hole too.” Oh I’m sorry, that’s Tony Soprano. The coach’s name is Tony Sparano. My apologies.

After starting another dismal season, the Oakland Raiders are in shambles once again at 0-4. After surpassingly not losing last week (they had a bye) Sporano’s first major step in as the new head coach was a metaphor that they could use for the rest of the season.

The coach took the team to the side of the practice fields and literally dug a hole, and placed a ball in it which would represent the 0-4 start. He then let the team fill that hole in and hopefully lay to rest the horrid start of this season.





raiders dirt 2

Raiders’ rookie QB Derrick Carr was the first to throw a shovel full of dirt on top of the ball.
Raiders gif 1

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 Here’s the the rest of the league’s reaction to it…

Knowing the Raiders, the practice field will probably look like this at the end of this season…


1235261_10154714160560055_1240682956474232370_n(h/t Okaland Raiders, Bleacher Report) (Meme (2) via Joe Cook)