Patriots Tweet Creates PR Nightmare Beyond Belief

The Pats had good intentions…lets thank our fans by showing them appreciation for helping our Twitter account be the first in the league to reach 1 million followers by offering free personalized jerseys to anyone who RTed it. Well, beyond that it spiraled out of control.

That’s an NFL team sending out a tweet that features the most heinous racial slur available. (Well, technically it features the word “NLGGERS,” but there’s a lower-case L in there.) The team even went so far as to put that racial slur on the back of its jersey, an apparent tacit endorsement of a word that reminds us of the ugliest moments in our nation’s history.

Not one social media person was behind this, but rather a irregular script malfunction that arranged the letters in that way.

patriots.0The tweet was left up before about an hour and then obviously taken down and replaced with a lets say more politically correct version of the previous tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.06.48 PM