Steve Smith Sr. & Kenny Vaccaro Get Into A Skirmish

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith is a nightmare for opposing teams but a dream for his teammates. 

During tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens, Smith Sr., who knows the New Orleans Saints all too well during his playing days with the Carolina Panthers, got into a skirmish with Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro. 

The two got tangled up after Smith made a sideline catch in third quarter, the two then began scuffling on the Ravens sideline. Nobody was ejected but flags were thrown and things did escalate. 

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith isn’t afraid to get overly aggressive with his defenders, and he was at it once again on Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints.

Smith got tangled up with Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro after making a catch in the third quarter, then the two proceeded to scuffle on the Ravens sideline. Everyone eventually settled down, but things got worse before they got better.