Marshawn Lynch Goes BeastMode Watching Kam Chancellor’s Pick-6

Words can not describe Marshawn Lynch. 

Beast Mode watches Kam Chancellor seal the Divsional Round game against the Panthers with a 89-yard pick six like Marshawn Lynch only could. 


      • They also wrote “can not” instead of “cannot” and put “only” in an awkward place. Left out an “i” in “Divisional.” There are quite a few nuances that the literate folks are able to notice, even if you can’t. 😉 Don’t mess with the bull, young man, or you’ll get the horns.

        • “can not” and “cannot” are both acceptable. “only” could have gone before the subject, but it is not incorrect where it is. and don’t act like you’ve never misspelled a word. troll elsewhere

          • yeah, I know I need a fanciful Latin name to accurately point out awkward sentences, but they were all out.

          • “can not” is nonstandard and it smells of a foreigner. the placement of “only” may not be syntactically incorrect, but it is nonstandard as well. note that I didn’t say the phrasing was technically wrong, but enough to sniff out the weasels. and no, I don’t misspell words. and yes, I use sentence fragments colloquially. so let me ask you, DAVE GAROFOLO, did you wake up one day and decide to be the Champion of the Awkward Phrase Users, or are you just a loser? Not that I have to guess with those adorable sunglasses. Did you buy those yourself, or are you renting them from 90’s Movie Cop?

          • too long. don’t care. didn’t read. why are you replying to 2 month old comments? find something better to do with your team buddy.