The Best Fan Reactions To Patriots Game-Winning Interception In Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX lived up to the hype as the New England Patriots sealed the victory with an interception after the Seattle Seahawks drove down the field to win the game.

It was Jermaine Kearse’s somehow catch that setup the Seahawks with a first and goal, where Marshawn Lynch was able to run it down to the one. As the clock continued to tick down, the Seahawks choose to throw the ball instead of giving it to their beast running back. The pass was then intercepted by Malcolm Butler and sealed championship #4 for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. 

Youtuber Max Funke was able to collaborate the best fan reactions from the play and put together a great compilation of reactions from Patriots and Seahawks fan. Some were hilarious, some were heart breaking and some were full of joy.