Seahawks Fans Turns To ‘Madden’ To Prove Marshawn Lynch Could Have Won Super Bowl XLIX

It’ll be a while until the Seattle Seahawks can get over the questionable play call that ended Super Bowl XLIX, but one fan took it upon himself to teach the Seahawks coaching staff how different the outcome could have been if the Seahawks simply just handed the ball off to running back Marshawn Lynch.

Facing a 2nd-and-goal from the Patriots’ 1-yard line in the final minute of the game, the Seahawks decided it would be better to throw the football instead of handing it off to Beast Mode. New England Patriots’ cornerback Malcolm Butler made a spectacular play and intercepted quarterback Russell Wilson’s pass, securing the Patriots victory.

After the game, the questionable call was the main focus as Seahawks fans swear they would have won had Lynch just gotten the opportunity to run the football; all Beast Mode needed was one yard in three attempts.

This Seahawks fan recreated the situation using Madden 15. He gave Lynch the ball a handful of times from the 2-yard line and here’s out things turned out:

He even proved that the Seahawks could have won the game passing the football, to Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was actually covered by Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones,  a clear mismatch that Seahawks completely ignored.

On eight of the 10 attempts, Lynch scored a touchdown.