Jaguars Release Photos Of Their Insane 3-TIERED Practice Field

The Jaguars have been making some noise lately, and while its primarily been off the field, some of it has truly been insane.
After adding pool-side cabanas to their upper deck club sections last offseason, the Jaguars and their billion dollar owner are at it again, first releasing plans to place what will be the largest TV in sports in their stadium (dwarfing the one inside AT&T Stadium, sorry Jerry) and now unveiling plans for more renovations.
This time the Jags are adding beach-like club level sections where fans can walk around and enjoy a drink in the sand, as well as this ridiculous three-tiered practice facility that will be home to three full sized fields as well as other accommodations.
The team has set it sights on revolutionizing aspects of the fan experience and apparently are not stopping at anything in their dreamwork.

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