Boston Residents Will Get Two Free RedSox Tickets If They Shovel Out Fire Hydrants


There’s been a lot of snow that has come down in Boston over the last month in case you didn’t know.

As the city continues to attempt to clear off the roads, it’s continues to pile up on the sidewalks and unfortunately is burying fire hydrants. There were reports that a building in suburban Boston burned down to the ground early Tuesday morning mainly because the firefighters had to dig out the fire hydrants.

As the Boston Red Sox prepare for Spring Training, they have decided to offer the people of Boston a token of their appreciation to help dig out the city’s 13,000+ fire hydrants. Up until Wednesday, any Boston residents who cleaned off at least five fire hydrants would receive two tickets to a Red Sox game.

Now, Bostonians will continue to dig them self out of the snow but first it has to stop snowing in Boston so the Red Sox can actually start digging the snow out of Fenway Park for Opening Day.

Here’s what Fenway Park looks like right now: