Watch 6’5 , 200 Pound 8th Grader’s Megatron Like Tape vs Varsity High Schoolers

It seems these days, the young just keep getting better and brighter, especially in sports. 18 year olds accepting million dollar MLB contracts, high school ballers gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated even before they’re allowed to drive, and a 21 year old tiring Tiger for a Master’s record tournament. This kid on the other hand, takes it even younger.

Blake Hinson is a staggering 6’5″, 200lb. 8th grader from Dayton Beach FL. (No that is not a typo) The stud plays on his school’s variety team and well, makes them look like the 8th graders. He shows a striking resemblance on the field to NFL all-pro Calvin Johnson, who makes his defenders look small and quite honestly silly.