Top NFL Rookies Guess Their Madden 16 Ratings

We’re at that point in the annual, pre-release hype for Madden NFL Football where fans and players await their ratings in the newest version of the game. It’s always fun to see what the rookies think their number should be, with emphasis on should.

Most times they’re either delusional or uninformed about the game. This year’s class had its share of guys who shot way too high with their self-assessment in Madden 16.

Athletes have to think they’re the best, but some of these predictions are on the wild side.


Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, now University of Miami alum, has to have been the most far off of any rookie. Did he say “a 95?” To put that into perspective, not even Megaton or A.J. Green received a 95 as rookies. For his sake, hopefully he just doesn’t play a lot of Madden.

The more feasible guesses came from guys like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Jameis Winston, who said an “84 or an 82,” and the Chicago Bears’ Kevin White who guessed an 85.

Other rookies featured in the video above are the New York Jets’ Devin Smith, Jacksonville Jaguars’ T.J. Yeldon, Oakland Raiders’ Amari Cooper, St. Louis Rams’ Todd Gurley, Cleveland Browns’ Duke Johnson, Atlanta Falcons’ Tevin Coleman, Tennessee Titans’ Marcus Mariota and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Sammie Coates.

Coleman and Johnson were playfully upset about their ratings. Coleman tore the paper with his rating printed on it, and Johnson balled his up and shot it off camera, jump-shot style.

Coates left the room and said he was going to send the bad news to his mother. It was all in fun, but you know the ratings serve as a little bit of motivation for each player.

You can keep track of all the initial ratings and the subsequent updates through the upcoming season at The game will be released August 25. And the Top Rookie ratings are right here.

It’s Madden season.

(via Bleacher Report)