Pete Carroll Gets Laid-Out By Referee Running The Sideline During 103 Yard Punt Return

One would think that a 103-yard kickoff return would stand along on a highlight reel, but thanks to Pete Carroll, we have so much more.
Late Friday night during the preseason Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos game, the 2015 third-round pick, Tyler Lockett, busted a kickoff return loose for a 103-yard touchdown.
Carroll was so focused on what Lockett was doing to the Broncos’ special teams unit that he did not realize he was in the path of the trailing referee. The ref proceeded to blast the 63-year-old Carroll, who was lucky to escape without any serious injuries. Thankfully, the ref appeared to be unharmed as well.
To add insult to injury, Carroll was in fact flagged for his involvement in the play: Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.20.09 PM

(Bleacher Report)