MFL: Marvel Comic Characters Mashed-Up With Every NFL Team’s Helmets


There have been a lot of sweet, made-up NFL helmets recently. There have been Star Wars helmets and even NBA helmets. Now, courtesy of Justin Kozisek, Marvel Comics has gotten the NFL helmet treatment.

The results are AWESOME. Check these out.

(Click images to enlarge)


FoBNUAYElVVmqG rDgiMSV Z2tXWdf DGo3BCU CZar7EQ tUEMJqa t8pzXsg 3045886-slide-s-10-nfl-marvel EXCGDDR DgRGn3C 9hXygQK 9naAq5P 3045886-slide-s-12-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-11-nfl-marvel 0it9uZR H5cJ8K9 t88CqyW SxQj5EI kIF9w6m 4V8tqBV 3045886-slide-s9-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-8-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-7-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-6-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-13-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-5-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-4-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-3-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-s-2-nfl-marvel 3045886-slide-ironmen 3045886-slide-s-1-nfl-marvel

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