RGIII Has Been Cleared By Doctors To Get Hurt Again

As of this corning on the glorious Friday, RGIII has been magically cleared  by doctors to be hurt again this week in the preseason!

Highly touted team doctor MD Geez Herewegoagain released this statement Friday morning around 10:30 am:

“Robert has been medically cleared to get fucked up again behind that turnstile of an offensive line, this Saturday night against the Ravens in Baltimore. I simply asked him a single question during the evaluation: “Are you the best QB in the NFL?” He said no, so I figured he must be ok now.” Big news for the ‘best QB in the game”

The Redskins offensive line is s bad that it may be on the brink of being actually offensive.


The former mistake of a second-overall pick was hit on six of eight dropbacks in the Lions preseason game and was sacked three times before leaving. Reports out there that some of the players on the O-line don’t like him at all. We can tell, check out the highlight video of their work…

Now, the shitty team with an offensive name and it’s full retard offensive line wants RG3 to play on Saturday against the Ravens, because fuck logic. “Preseason wins > Regular season wins” – Washington Redskins

The Ravens look to end RGIII’s season and send him back to the 9 to 5 at Goodburger this Saturday at 7:30 PM ET.

[Black Adam Schefter]