Russell Wilson’s High School Hoops Highlight Tape Is A Complete Failure

Russell Wilson’s high school hoops tape is a highlight reel of layups and good intentions. Just watch and you’ll see for yourself…

I’ve always believed the people at And 1 are missing out on a huge opportunity by not reaching out to the marginally skilled but fundamentally sound basketball players of the world.

I’m talking about an And 1 “Glue Guy Tour.” No dunks—just crisp passing and hustle.


Kids across the country would pack in sideways to watch America’s most average ballplayers throw down and put on clinics of defensive footwork and loose-ball diving.

I’ve even selected the tour’s first player: Russell Wilson, who appears to be the poster boy of a decent basketball player, judging by a video of his high school hoops highlights that recently surfaced.

Rolling Stone dug up a “mixed tape” of Wilson’s finest hardwood moments at the Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia.

The highlights, which appear to all be from the same game, shows Wilson doing…well…good basketball things. He threads a nifty bounce pass to a teammate in transition. He also dribbles around in circles, hustles for a loose ball and somehow manages to turn an unguarded layup into a Cirque du Soleil high-wire act.

This is perfect for the And 1 Glue Guy Tour, where dribbling into the lane and hesitating out of fear is normal and good. Can’t risk turning the ball over. Efficiency is key.

Now all we have to do is get Aaron Craft and Matthew Dellavedova on board, and we’ll sell out Madison Square Garden for televised suicide sprints.

(Via Bleacher Report)