Montana State Linebacker Absolutely Destroys Fort Lewis RB

College football is back, which means another year of young quarterbacks learning lessons about the importance of ball velocity—usually to the detriment of their receivers.

Fort Lewis quarterback Jordan Doyle appears to have learned his first hard truth of the season after wobbling out a weak pass during the second quarter of Thursday night’s season opener against Montana State.

The throw was soft and late and left running back PJ Hall taking a monumental walloping from Bobcats linebacker Mac Bignell.’s Chuck Smith tweeted out video of the hit:

Montana State cinematographer Jack Murrey also caught field-side video of the hit. Let it serve as a reminder that clean hits can also erase people from existence:

I…I don’t even know how you survive that. My limbs would be scattered throughout the surrounding counties like treasure on a pirate’s map after a hit like that.

Montana State went on to win 45-14, and Doyle has probably since discovered that he and Hall are no longer friends on Facebook.

(Via Bleacher Report)