Someone Hilariously Edit’s Reggie Wayne’s Wikipedia Page

Temporary Wikipedia page edits have been the internet staple of humor post any kind of incident, especially NFL players. From changes the Patriots’ page filing Eli Manning as “team owner” to players being listed as dead after a huge hit, they’re usually pretty clever. This one for Reggie Wayne is no exemption. The career Colt’s receiver joined the AFC rival Patriots after being released by the Colts, only to ask for a release of his own a few days later, and we still aren’t sure why.

(Click image to enlarge)

Maybe Wayne will rejoin his longtime QB Peyton Manning in Denver or hookup with MVP Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, as they’re in need of some big play WRs as their top two went down with preseason injuries. Not a bad couple options for Wayne.

[Faux Andrew Luck]