Powerade Releases Powerful Jimmy Graham Commercial


Every professional athlete has a story behind how they made it to the professionals. While everyone puts in a lot of hard work along the way, some journeys are more difficult than others.

There has been a trend in this type of media recently, chronicling an athlete’s life, showing the not so glamorous upbringing, contrasting to how we see them today. E:60 has done terrific spots as well as Nike, Adidas, and Gatorade releasing theirs, including athletes like LeBron James, Derrick Rose, and Serena Williams, respectively.

Jimmy Graham has a story to match that group. Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham overcame long odds to get where he is today.


Graham’s journey from group home to NFL stardom is shown in a new Powerade ad. Some may have given up when things got tough, but not Graham. His drive didn’t just get him to the NFL—it got him to the Pro Bowl as well.