EJ Manuel Becomes 1st QB To Lose In 3 Different Countries


Your crazy but true stat of the day…

EJ Manuel has become the first NFL player of thousands to ever play the game to lose in three separate countries.

EJ Manuel has become to first QB in the NFL to do something. No it’s not involving throwing TDs or wins, its losing of course. Losing in more places outside this country than any other QB in NFL history.


Ever since being drafted in the first round of the NFL draft out of Florida State in 2013, the QB has not lived up to expectations. Only playing the Bills Week 7 game because of an injury to Tyrod Taylor (Yes Tyrod Taylor is ahead of Manuel on the depth chart) Manuel racked up his second game lost as a QB outside of the United States. Where you may ask?

Manuel has been QB of team playing in, of course the United States, now the United Kingdom and as some may forget, a game played in Canada as part of the Bills’ Toronto Series. Manuel and the team played at the Rogers’ Centre in Toronto in 2013, where he lost 34 – 31 to the Atlanta Falcons in overtime.


Manuel has a 6-10 record as a starter for the Buffalo Bills, while tossing 19 touchdowns to 15 interceptions, as you can see from the video above, is not the favorite amongst Bills fans.