Patriots Get Robbed Of A Potential TD Because A Referee Accidentally Blew The Whistle

The New England Patriots and their fan-base already has their beef with the National Football League and after this they will have another reason to hate them even more.

During tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots, Tom Brady completed a pass to Danny Amendola, who had tons of room ahead of him, but an inadvertent whistle by a referee blew the play dead and cost the Patriots a touchdown that would have gave them a 17-3 lead.


Instead, the Patriots had to punt the football and the Buffalo Bills scored a touchdown tying the game at 10-10.

The reason of the whistle isn’t a conspiracy theory that deserves it’s own “–gate”, but it was just yet another mistake by a referee. Bills coach Rex Ryan interfered with the side judge, standing in-front of him and nearly making contact with him. That’s a penalty for sideline interference.

But because this is the NFL and referees don’t know the rules, the referee blew the whistle, stopped the play and didn’t throw a flag on Rex Ryan.

It’s been a rough year for the NFL and it’s officiating.


  1. Did you not wait to see how this played out before posting? They gave Amendola the catch (which they shouldn’t have; the pass was in the air when the whistle blew and by rule should have replayed the down), and then DID call sideline interference on Ryan, tacking it on to the spot of the catch. I mean, you’re right that the refs didn’t know the rules, but come on man.

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