Odell Beckham Wears Charlie Brown & Snoopy Cleats During Warmups

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New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. shoe game dozen’t stop when he hits the field on game day.

Beckham grabbed the spotlight a couple of weeks ago with the “Stars and Stripes” cleats he wore in honor of a Salute to Service game. Those cleats were seemingly as good as it gets, but his latest pair aren’t too shabby, either.

Before Sunday’s divisional matchup versus the Washington Redskins, the Giants wideout sported a  pair of custom cleats inspired by Charlie Brown and Snoopy during pre game warmups.


The cleats feature a Snoopy design on the right cleat and Charlie Brown on the right and are complete with a leather step and metal buckle above the laces.






Odell would suffer a uniform violation if he wore these during the actual game.

(Bleacher Report)