Redskins Fan Screams “YOU LIKE THAT!?” In Every Giants Fan’s Face He Sees

It all started a few weeks back, when Kirk Cousins awkwardly yelled “YOU LIKE THAT!?” to reporters heading into the locker room after a comeback win. Now, its’ practically a meme in itself. From Redskins players doing the same, to now fans, nobody Redskins affiliated can get enough.

After a win vs the Giants Sunday, and taking control of the NFC East, one Redskins fan decided to yell it at every Giants fan he saw.

We’re not sure how much Redskins fans are in a position to talk shit sitting below .500, but hey, they’re in first place after being counted out from the start. We also aren’t sure if this would be doing the same if they were playing the Eagles.


Here’s the original video featuring the overly-hyped Kirk Cosuins: