Ravens Win On Walk-Off Blocked FG Returned For a Touchdown!

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.46.13 PM

Incase you’re still watching this ‘was supposed to be the shittiest game in NFL history, ended up being amazing” Monday Night Football game, the Ravens just pulled off one of the craziest plays of his entire season – (stick with me here) a walk-off, blocked potential game-winning FG for a touchdown.

Ravens defensive end Brent Urban blocked the kick with a brace he was wearing on his arm, and safety Will Hill did the rest of the work, taking it to the house after it looked like he may be stopped by a line of traffic midway into his return.

This has to be the most ‘Browns’ way to lose ever.


The Browns had some questionable plays and calls leading up to the potential game-winning FG, including sliding in the field of play when your team needs to conserve time, taking 20 seconds off the clock on one line set up during a hurry-up offense, and setting up a FG with a run for a loss.

With the 33-27 loss, Cleveland fell to 2-9 while Baltimore won consecutive games for the first time all season.