FSU Sorority Girl & Flag-Football Phenom Releases New Highlight Tape Of Her Juking…Everyone

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.41.23 PM
Michelle Roque went from a mere Delta Gamma intramural flag-football player to an internet sensation last year, and she’s back again, filthier than ever.

As a member of the FSU girls intramural flag football champions, Delta Gamma, Roque actually had a 2015 highlight reel made, starring her of course, basically juking the world. It’s actually borderline embarrassing how foolish she makes the girls “trying” to pull her flag look. Rogue posted the video Tuesday to every guy’s awe around the country:

Wet, rainy, foggy—doesn’t really matter. Roque carved up teams through the air and on the ground regardless of weather. She also went cross-field to chase down a dude in a coed game.

If you’ll recall, Roque first came on our radar in 2014 when video of her clowning an entire opposing defense in one play  surfaced on the Internet, which can be seen below.


FSU Delta Gamma completed the three-peat with their championship this season.