Packers Stun The Lions On 65-Yard Hail Mary With No Time Remaining


Never doubt Aaron Rodgers. Never.

After looking dial in the first half and going into the locker room down 17-0 the Packers slowly creeped back into the game by a pair of forced fumble recoveries.

With the Packers receiving the ball for the final time with 30 seconds and change left in the game, Rodgers and the depleted Packers offense with barley any healthy WRs left, needed to drive the major it of the field to kick a FG to tie or score to win. That they did.


After the game seemingly being over, a flag flew into the frame. The Lions were called for a face mask penalty, after a defender slightly grabbed the bars helping tackle Rodgers to the ground. It resulted in a 15-yard penalty but more importantly it extended the game for one more play:

Rodgers tossed an absolute bomb of a Hail Mary with height that didn’t’ even fit in the TV frame in real time, as seen below. Richard Rodgers leaped his huge frame overtop of the reaching hands of Lions defenders and grabbed the pigskin for the game winning score.


The miracle in Motor City essentially ended the Lions season and gave the Packers a crucial win to stay atop the NFC North with the Vikings after going on a skid of losing previous to this week.