Michigan St. Connor Cook Straight-Up Disrespects Archie Griffin, Snatches Trophy Out Of His Hand, Snubs Handshake

Connor Cook has no time to for pleasantries with a mere two-time Heinemann winner…

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Michigan State QB Connor Cook has has a stellar season, but this is defiantly not one of his brightest moments.

While accepting his Big 10 Championship game MVP trophy on stage after beating Iowa, one of the presenters, the legendary Archie Griffin had the glass trophy snatched from his hands while presenting it to Cook, and as Griffin went for a shake, was snubbed by the QB. Cook was seemingly reaching for the microphone right away, which is odd enough in itself.


— Paul Bissonnette (@BizNasty2point0) December 6, 2015

We get he went to Ohio State, but c’mon Connor Cook, that was a, for lack of a better term, the definition of a “dick move”.

Cook did though later apologize during a postgame interview, saying he felt bad after “checking Twitter, and seeing people talking smack.”