Cowboys Fan Gets Stabbed During Redskins Game, Knife Can Be Seen Stuck In Man’s Leg

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Cowboys and Indians trying to kill each other? No folks, this isn’t the Wild Wild West, try a Monday Night Football game!

After a raging brawl broke out inside FedExField after the Cowboys topped the Redskins Monday night, a knife was recovered by stadium police, used in the fight to stab one of the victims.

Video of the incident shows an out-of-control crowd pushing and shoving each other in the concourse area of the stadium, capturing the injured Cowboys fan with the knife in his leg being attended to by a Redskins fan following the game.


The man shooting the footage shows a man in a Cowboys jersey on the ground being assisted by a man in a Redskins jersey. The man taking the video says that the man was stabbed and then shows images of what look like a metal object on the ground. Security personnel can be seen stepping on the object to cover it up.

While a knife was confirmed to have ben recovered, the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department says they did not respond to a stabbing at any point during Monday‚Äôs game at Fed Ex Field.

According to Fox 5 News WTTG, Prince George’s County Police say two people were arrested following the incident. It is not clear what charges, if any, will be filed. Police said it was unclear who was in possession of the knife at the time of the fight.

Redskins communications official Tony Wiley released the following statement:

“We are aware of an altercation that took place at FedEx Field following Monday’s game. We thank members of the Prince George’s County Police Department who responded promptly to break up the altercation and arrested both men involved. Neither sustained injuries that required hospitalization. We will continue to gather more information on the matter and ensure the safety of all fans at FedEx Field.”

(Warning: Video contains graphic images and vulgar language)

Mike Vaughn, the fan who uploaded the video to his Facebook account captioned it:

Wowwwww. This place is a war zone right now. Fights breaking out everywhere. One dude got stabbed.

Video posted online of a separate incident show fans fighting in the stands during the game. Security officers can be seen escorting at least one person the seating area.