Vicious Dead Ball Hit Worse Than Beckhams Was Made By Steelers Player Sunday

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The swirling topic of debate in the world of sports ever since around 3pm Sunday was the hit Giants WR Odell Beckham laid on Panthers CB Josh Norman. Beckham ran full speed at Norman, and leading with the crown of his helmet, nailed Norman under/on the side of his helmet. Beckham has since been suspended 1 game by the NFL, which has been countered with an appeal.

There was a similar play that many may not have even seen that is from first glance, even worse than Beckham’s. After players from each team were on top of  a stagnant football with the play blown down, Steelers’ center Cody Wallace charged at Broncos’ David Bruton, hitting him head on and sending him flying backwards, with no intent on going for the ball.

The hit could have resulted in a severe spinal injury, as most that occur in football are result of a blows that compresses the neck in a similar fashion.


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The Steelers ended up topping the Broncos in their fight for the playoffs, and no similar suspension (which is being pushed for by the Broncos) has been handed down to Wallace yet although he is suspected to be fined.