Dolphins Get Called For The Worst Offensive Pass Interference Call You’ll See

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 3.15.53 PM

The Miami Dolphins have had not too many things go there way this season. You can add this one to the list.

With the team driving and looking to get back in the 15-6 game vs the Colts, Ryan Tannehill threw a TD pass that was negated due to this pass interference penalty called on WR Jarvis Landry away from the play.



The call ended up costly for the Dolphins, as they had to settle for a field goal on the drive instead of the 6 points that was scored on the negated play.

The flag was the first Gene Steratore and his crew have thrown for offensive pass interference this season.

Once again, another week passed with more officiating woes from a multi-billion dollar corporation that can’t seem to secure full-time officials while they make 6 figures annually to begin with.