7-Foot Tall, 440-lb High School Lineman Is An Absolute Monster

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To say that Martin Luther King (Riverside, California) High School senior John Krahn has NFL size would be an understatement. Nobody in the NFL is not even close to being as big as he is.

Krahn stands at a massive 7 feet tall and weighs in at just a mere 440 pounds.

To put it simply, he is much bigger than the high school linemen he goes up against. In fact, he may be the biggest football player ever. According to Stephen Spiewak of MaxPreps, Krahn is believed to be the tallest high school player in the country and is taller than any player in NFL history.

According to Spiewak, Krahn has always been big for his age. He was 6’0″ in sixth grade, 6’5″ as a freshman and 6’8″ (and 330 pounds) as a sophomore. And he’s just continued to grow.

As the highlight reel of Krahn shows, opposing lines have to team up to block him.

Just watch the video and see how fellow high schoolers fare against Krahn.

Here’s his most recent highlight tape:

Here’s a tape from his junior season:


    • I’m glad someone said that. His coach doesn’t seem to know how to Crack open his potential. This guy would be ESPECIALLY great if blocked field goals! He’s WAY too slow to be a D-Lineman. He could probably be a great offensive tackle, but I’m not sure how athletic he’d be against quick D-Linemen.

  1. I don’t wanna discourage the kid but his junior reel is hot garbage. It starts with him getting a penalty then about 10 straight plays of him getting stood up at the line of scrimmage. At his size, he should get a lot more pressure. He’s probably slow as hell so I don’t expect him in the backfield every play but at the very least he should command a double team. They got a little 6ft 230lb guard blocking him by himself.