BREAKING NEWS: Manti Te’o Actually Has A REAL Girlfriend Now, And She’s Hot


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THIS JUST IN PEOPLE, Manti Te’o actually has a real, in the flesh, living, breathing homo sapien actual girlfriend. ..and well, we have to admit, she’s actually hot.

If there’s one this Manti Te’o is synonymous with, it’s the whole fake girls which blew up into the biggest off the field fiasco college football has ever seen. His fake girl Lennay Lekua (lets take a quick moment of silence) was soon found to be a hoax after she apparently died right before the National Championship game Te’o was playing in.

But times have changed and Te’os new arm piece is not only real, but she’s a dime. The only thing fake about this girl is well, you’ll be able to tell. Have a look for yourself…

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The linebacker is actually playing well for Chargers, which we also realize from this she isn’t looking for a ring.