Last-Place Fantasy Football Owner Forced to Recreate Selena Gomez Music Video

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What’s just as good as finishing first in your fantasy football league? How about not being the guy who finishes last. Depending on what kind of fantasy football league you’re in, avoiding a last-place finish can be just as satisfying as winning it.

Just ask the guy in this video.

Deadspin‘s Samer Kalaf tracked down this sad yet hilarious story of a a fantasy football owner named Daniel, who had to recreate a music video for finishing in last place. To make matters worse, said music video was picked by the owners of the teams that made the playoffs. And the song? Hows a little Selena Gomez sound?

“Good For You” was decided on and it combined the perfect embrassment of showers, robes and awkward movements, which we’ll call dancing for now.

Props to Daniel for following through, but just remember, this will be on the internet. Forever.