Throwback Thursday To The Most Perfectly Timed Picture Of All Time

Today is Thursday, so why not throw it back to the greatest picture of all time.

Needless to say, Tom Brady hates the Colts. From seeing Manning in the AFC Championship game for what felt like every single year after year, to Indianapolis being the whistle blowers on there deflate-gate situation that will tamper Brady’s legacy forever, whether he’s truly guilty or not, needless to say, it’s warranted.

This picture was perfectly timed, with Brady, the alleged cheater himself walking past a ginormous sign reading, “Cheaters Exit Here,” with the Mr. Pinnochio as a nice touch. Let’s also give props to the sign in the background, which says “Who drinks flat beer?”



Granted this will never make National Geographic’s ┬ábest or most perfectly timed pictures of the year, but we’re okay with that. We all know this is second to none.