Carson Palmer To Pursue Own Line Of Turnovers This Offseason


GLENDALE, AZ – With the offseason about to be in full swing with just one game left in the NFL season (yes the atrocity of the Pro Bowl does not count), NFL players are back to their usual routines, which include getting arrested, drunk driving, raping women, blowing off their fingers with fireworks and alike.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback and NFL veteran is taking another route though, taking his crack at entrepreneurship.

Palmer is starting his own name brand line of the popular breakfast treat, turnovers, Palmer & Co. The QB told the media that he wanted to keep busy in the offseason, and try to keep his mind off of the horrid end to what was an MVP-caliber season, overshadowed, especially from the final game in Carolina.



“After handing out 6 of my signature turnovers to the Carolina Panthers last week, they seemed to love them and so did the crowd of 70,000 people, I’m confident many more people will love them as well,” Palmer said.

He was asked how smoothly the transition from a QB to a business owner would go, and Palmer responded saying he’s fumbled with orders already and just hoping they don’t get intercepted in the mail on his way customers.

As for the price of a box itself? They’re listed on Palmer’s website for $49.15.