JJ Watt Defends Cam Newton: He Deserves To Dance, “I Dance Too”


‘Sad’ might be the word for the focus of talk leading up to the great game of football’s semicentennial game. Instead of scheming and x’s and o’s, the most pressing topic is that of Cam Newton’s dancing and the criticism which follows is stimulated by race.

This season, the Panthers QB has been dancing a lot. Why? Because he’s been scoring, a lot. An unheard of 35 total touchdowns to be exact. Why it upsets people, some have no idea. Whether it stems from Newton doing it against your team or whether you think it degrades the game, the proportion to which it’s been blown up to is frankly absurd. The simple answer to this? Have your team stop him, and there will be no need to worry about him dancing.

Defensive end and all-pro JJ Watt came to Cam Newton’s defense on Twitter, promptly let people know that it’s not a big deal and that he dances after sacks too. Watt has received no heat for his conduct which shoots down the argument, “Newton dances and hasn’t won anything,” considering Watt hasn’t either by their standards.

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