PornHub Traffic Skyrockets In City That Loses Super Bowl After Game Ends


The world’s second most popular porn site, Pornhub, keeps analytic tabs on how many viewers the site gets per hour, which no matter what hour, must be astronomical, ranked #36 in the world in visitors per day.

Now whoever thought of checking up on this deserves some credit, because he/she was on to something. The findings were actually pretty funny, with the city of the team who loses the Super Bowl’s traffic shooting way u.

For instance last year, numbers everywhere went down because of course, everyone’s (150 million) eyes are fixed on the big game. But after the game, it’s a different story.


For instance last year’s Super Bowl (Super Bowl 49), the traffic in places like Phoenix, where the game was played, returned to relatively normal, while the numbers in Masachusetts (home of the Patriots), went up, but nowhere near the nation’s average at the time, most likely due to the celebrating. Seattle’s statistics on the other hand, skyrocketed, with Seahawks fans looking for a way to stroke their sorrows away.

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Other interesting stats include that traffic wasn’t affected during the half time show, meaning that Katy’s assets just weren’t doing it for those who prefer the sexy realms of the inter webs. However, right after the show’s conclusion, traffic had a small incline. Take that as you will.

On another note, while I may not see the excitement in some guy kicking a ball across a field, I am indeed in the minority as the least amount of people were on the site during kickoff. Here’s a graphic detailing the full stats list for your perusal.