Skip Bayless Made A lot of Stupid Predictions During The 2016 NFL Playoffs


Skip Bayless is an idiot, you know it, I know it, the world knows it.

Almost every time something happens in sports, you can look up tweets of Skip Bayless from years past and most likely you’ll find tweets of him saying the exact opposite.

Well, look no further than his predictions during the 2016 NFL Playoffs, where he nearly got everything wrong.


Lets start on Wild Card weekend, shall we?

Skip Bayless_ Steelers-Bengals Predicitions

Not only did Skip believe the Bengals and Redskins would win, his reasoning behind it are the exact opposite of what transpired during the game.  He claims it’s a bad idea that people were betting on the Packers because of Aaron Rodgers, well that was the exact reason why the Packers prevailed.

Skip Bayless_ Redskins-Packers

Skip then claimed he had the “guts” to pick Kirk Cousins at home over Aaron Rodgers, because, well.. basically he thinks Cousins is better than Rodgers.  I swear, I’m not making this stuff up:

SKip Bayless_ Cousins-Rodgers

Let’s move along to the NFC and AFC Championship Games, shall we? Where Skip went 0-2 on his predictions:

Skip Bayless_AFC Championship Game Predicition SkipBayless_NFC Championship Game Prediction

Skip then predicted that 2016 is the “Year of Cam” and predicted a Panthers victory in Super Bowl 50, did he jinx the league-MVP? Maybe:

Skip Bayless_ Cam Newton Win Super BOwl

SkipBayless_Super Bowl Predicition

Are you ready for the cherry on top? Now, Skip didn’t make this comment this year but like I said, you can easily go back and find Skip Bayless making terrible predictions, like this one he made of Super Bowl 50 MVP, Von Miller:

Skip Bayless_Von Miller

Why is he still employed?