Blonde Badass Host Puts Beyonce On Blast For Super Bowl 50 Halftime Performance

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Tomi Lahren has made headlines before for her passionate rants, and she’s back again, this time blasting Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance.

The host of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network, argued this week that Beyonce’s tribute to Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers at the Super Bowl was unfair to “little white girls” who listen and enjoy her music.


“First it was hands up, don’t shoot,” Lahren complained during her Tuesday show. “Then it was burning down buildings and looting drug stores, all the way to #OscarSoWhite. And now, even the Super Bowl halftime show has become a way to politicize and advance the notion that black lives matter more.”

According to Lahren, Beyonce was “ramrodding an aggressive agenda down our throats, and using fame and entertainment value to do so.”

“Congratulations, Beyonce, you made your statement,” she continued. “The Super Bowl, the most watched event on television. A game that brings Americans of every color, background and political party together. A game where black fans cheer next to white fans.”

“Good for you, you made headlines. You’re just like President Obama, Jada Pinkett Smith, Al Sharpton and so many others just can’t let America heal, keep ripping off the historical Band-Aid. Why be a cultural leader when you can play the victim, right?”

Lahren added: “White people like your music too, white people buy your songs on iTunes, memorize your lyrics and admire your talent and beauty.” “Little white girls want to be like you just as much as little black girls do.”

“But instead of recognizing that, you rather perpetuate the great battle of the races,” Lahren ranted. “Your husband was a drug dealer. For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine.”

“Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home,” she strongly concluded with.