Graphic Shows How Far Behind Broncos Defense Was Compared To ’85 Bears


As the Broncos defense continued to shut down the leagues best offenses, especially though out the post season and into the Super Bowl, talk of just how good they were started to stir. 

The Golden State Warriors at this point in the season on pace to finish ahead of the most coveted team in NBA history (excluding the dream team), the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls who went 72-10. In terms of the best defense to ever grace and NFL field, that podium is stood on by the 19985 Chicago Bears. Talk of If the Broncos were on that level was started by the media along with fans and has even been joined in on by Broncos players themselves, saying that they are the best to ever do it.

Stats don’t life though, and this graphic sure shoots down any talk that the best NFL defense of all time could be topped.


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